Bishop’s Library is a member of the Partenariat des bibliothèques universitaires du Québec (PBUQ). The PBUQ’s mission is to promote cooperation between university libraries in Quebec and to develop projects, activities, services, and platforms to better meet the needs of the university community in the province. Students, faculty and staff at all participating PBUQ institutions, including Champlain College are now able to borrow regular circulating materials from all other participating institutions. These categories of borrowers (students, faculty and staff) from the participating institutions are referred to below as BUQ borrowers. For more information, see the Shared Service Platform website.

Library Cards

A valid student, staff or faculty ID card, from a participating PBUQ institution, serves as your library card. Cards for local borrowers are issued at the Library Services Desk, in the main lobby of the Library Learning Commons (LLC). Please note that a valid identification must be presented in order to receive a library issued ID card.

Library cards must be presented for each transaction. A library card is to be used by the registered owner only and should not be loaned to others. Any fines incurred are the responsibility of the card owner. The library is not responsible for loaned, lost, or damaged cards. For the user’s protection, all lost or stolen cards should be reported to the Library Services Desk of your home institution.

Loan Periods

Circulating Items:

BUQ borrowers:

30-day loan with automatic renewal, unless:

  • a hold or recall has been placed on the item,
  • your library account is expired, or
  • your library account is block.

Note: Any item may be recalled.

Alumni and Local borrowers:

14-day loan with possibility of 2 renewals.

Loan Maximums:

BUQ borrowers: 100 regular circulating items, excluding course reserves.

Alumni and Local borrowers: 10 regular circulating items.

Quick Reference Chart

General Books, CDs, DVDsReserves: OvernightReserves: For Use in Library Only
Loan period30 daysDue the next day at closing2 hours
Fine rates$0.50 / day$0.25 / hour$0.05 / minute
Maximum fine per item$20$60$60
Lost item chargeReplacement valueReplacement valueReplacement value

Limits for BUQ Borrowers:

All circulating items: 100 items
Holds: 50 items


BUQ Borrowers: 30-day loan with automatic renewal, unless:

  • a hold or recall has been placed on the item,
  • your library account is expired, or
  • your library account is block.

Note: Any item may be recalled.

Once an item is returned to the Library Services Desk, regardless of the due date, the loan is completed.

Placing Holds

BUQ borrowers may place a hold on material which is signed out by another user. Placing a hold on an item prevents the material from being renewed. Returned items will be held at the Library Services Desk for 7 days for general books. There is a maximum of 50 requests per borrower. A borrower cannot place a hold on an item that is signed out to themselves or currently available (unless the available item is located in storage). Instructions for placing holds can be found in this guide.

Returning Library Materials

Reserve and overdue materials must be handed directly to a staff member at the Library Services Desk to be considered returned.

Regular returns can be deposited in:

  • The return slot at the Library Services Desk,
  • The external book return outside of the front door of the LLC, or

At a participating PBUQ institution’s Library

Overdue & Fine Rates

All items are to be returned to the Library by their due dates. Users are responsible for returning library materials by the date stamped on the date due slip. The fine on an overdue item continues to accumulate at the rates listed on this page until the item is either returned, declared lost to the Library Service Desk by the borrower, or has reached the maximum fine for the item. Fines are paid at the Library Services Desk during operating hours or online by through your Sofia Account.

  • General materials which include books, videos and compact discs are assessed at a fine of $0.50 per day per item, until it reaches a maximum fine of $20.00. These materials are invoiced after 47 days overdue.
  • Overdue Reserve Materials – Overnight Loans are assessed at a fine of $0.25 an hour. These materials are invoiced after a fine of $60 has accumulated. The fines continue to accumulate when the library is closed.
  • Overdue Reserve Materials – 2-hour Reserve material is assessed at a fine of $0.05 a minute plus a $25.00 fine if removed from the library. These materials are invoiced after reaching a $60 fine. The fines continue to accumulate when the library is closed, to a maximum of $60 per item.

Lost Material

The borrower should report losing a library item to the Library Services Desk. The fine on overdue material continues to accumulate at the rates listed on this page until the item is either returned or reported lost to the Library Services Desk by the borrower or reaches the maximum fine for that item.

If a lost item is returned within 6 months of the due date, the invoice and replacement costs will be waived. The borrower is responsible to pay the remaining overdue fine.

Damaged Material

The borrower will be charged for any damage incurred to library material while the material is signed out to the borrower. Charges are assessed according to the condition of the material and may include the replacement cost of the item or the re-binding charge, a fine of up to $75.00, and an invoicing fee.

Misuse of Library Resources

Users contravening library regulations or behaving inappropriately will be asked to present their library card to the library staff and an Incident Report will be filled out.

Mutilation, defacement, or attempted theft of library materials may result in a fine of up to $75.00, payment for the replacement of the material (if deemed appropriate), and a $30.00 invoicing fee. Charges will be assessed for each item depending on the circumstances.

The University Librarian will receive a copy of the Incident Report, and will decide on the appropriate action required. If the severity of the incident results in a fine, the user will receive a letter from the University Librarian via email which will indicate the amount of the fine.


In the event that users feel the charges levied by the library are not warranted they have the right to appeal. Library users have 30 days within which to launch an appeal and are advised to come forward as soon as possible and speak to the Circulation Coordinator in order to clarify the reason for the charges. At that time, if the user is not satisfied with the explanation, the user may make an appointment with the University Librarian to discuss the fine and/or charges. Second and all subsequent incidents may not be appealed.

The user’s borrowing privileges will be suspended until the fine and/or charges are paid in full or the appeal process has been completed and a decision has been reached by the University Librarian.

Fine appeals will not normally be considered under the following conditions:

  • Lack of familiarity with the Borrower Regulations, as these are available at the Library Services Desk and on the Library website and widely distributed.
  • If a library item:
    • is not date stamped as returned, and;
    • has not been electronically discharged, and;
    • has not been sensitized back into the Library.
  • Items are not received by the owning library.
  • Fines/charges have occurred on a loaned library card.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges are suspended until all fines or other charges are paid. Outstanding fines are transferred to the University Business Office at the end of each semester. Students must pay all outstanding fines before library privileges are restored.


The library makes reasonable attempts to send notices for overdue items, recalled items, and items that have been placed on hold by other library users. These notices are sent by email to all users. Library users are responsible for keeping the library updated about where notices should be sent. Failure to receive a notice does not excuse a fine.


For further information, contact us at 819-822-9600 ext. 2605, or by email.