It’s time to jump into your purple network!

It’s no secret that networking matters. 85% of jobs are filled through networking, and it’s often part of the job itself. Luckily, your time at Bishop’s provided you with a built-in network of alumni to connect with. Through Bishop’s-led initiatives like the Bishop’s Career Café or JUMP Mentorship, you have a well of alumni right at your fingertips eager to make new connections within the Bishop’s community network.

Bishop’s Career Café

School is where your network begins, and we know that it can be tricky to start on your own and to keep at it. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ten Thousand Coffees to connect aspiring professionals.

All you need to do is find time in each other’s schedules to meet in-person, chat on the phone, or online with videoconferencing software.

Join the Bishop’s Career Café to be matched with fellow students and alumni for career-driven conversation and smart networking.


Student or recent grad? Seek out mentors and start building your network now.

  • Gain a better understanding of what careers are available with your degree.
  • Develop your networking and communications skills through real-world practice.
  • Build your network of Bishop’s alumni based on their industry and interests.


Alumni? Share your valuable life and career advice and grow your network.

  • Help shape the careers of students and young alumni by sharing your career advice and experience.
  • Develop your networking and mentoring skills through real-world practice.
  • Build your network of other Bishop’s alumni and faculty based on your industry and interests.

Whether you’re a student deciding what classes to take or an alum wanting to share your experience, Bishop’s Career Café is the place to do it. Once you sign up to the platform, matches are made each month automatically and optimized to your preferences. Introductions are guided with suggested talking points.

Join Bishop’s Career Café to be matched with fellow students and alumni for career-driven conversation.

The JUMP Mentorship Program

Getting a firm foothold in the working world can feel like swimming upstream for today’s university graduates. The JUMP Mentorship Program was established in 2009 by a small group of dedicated Bishop’s alumni in order to help support new and recent graduates launch, or ‘JUMP start’, their careers.

Our Mission:
The goal of the JUMP Mentorship Program is to help with the student to working life transition by providing a community of support, offering perspective and inspiration for professional development.

Our Vision:
To encourage, energize and open eyes.

Our Program:
There are three core elements to the JUMP Mentorship Program:

  • The Mentoring Relationship
  • The Speaker & Networking Series
  • The Instructive Seminars

The first core element is the mentoring relationship in which Bishop’s graduates from any discipline are matched with seasoned business and professional leaders who operate as sounding boards and guides to graduates in the early stages of their careers. The second core element is the monthly speaker and networking series. The third core element is an instructive series of seminars covering important How-To’s on the mentoring relationship, networking, building a CV, building a career, financial planning, and professional etiquette.

Getting Involved:
The JUMP Mentorship program is available in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. If you think this may be a good program for you, submit an application below and we will be in touch to discuss next steps. (Both those interested in becoming a Mentor and a Protégé should submit an application below)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach the JUMP program team at


Bishop’s alumni chapters are found coast to coast and around the world. Events are organized to keep the Bishop’s spirit alive, and our goal is to provide different events that appeal to all alumni demographics, with a focus on social, cultural, networking and family events. Over the course of a year, chapter volunteers in the major demographic regions and the Bishop’s University Alumni and Development Office work together to provide events covering these main categories.

Visit the events page to see what’s coming up in your area. If you are interested in organizing an event or joining the volunteer team in your region, contact and we’ll connect you!

Existing Chapters

There are currently six active Bishop’s Alumni chapters in Canada:

  • Ottawa Chapter – led by Chad Schella ’94 and Sarah Langham ’13
  • Montreal Chapter – open to applicants
  • Toronto Chapter – led by Carolyn Gagnon ’16
  • Vancouver Chapter – led by Jacob Gerlofs ’19
  • London (Ontario) Chapter – co-led by Liz Abbott ’96 and Tom Majer ’94
  • Eastern Townships Chapter – co-led by Graham Moodie ’69 and Kelly Dean-Feldman ’20
Being a Chapter Leader

The Chapter Leader plays a key role in the Alumni Association’s Executive Committee. You are the Association’s ambassador in your region and are responsible for building and maintaining the enthusiasm of alumni in your community in a way that contributes to the association’s mission of having the most engaged alumni in the nation.

You’ll open career doors for others; you’ll collaborate with local programs like the JUMP mentorship and networking program; you’ll give back to your community and you’ll encourage alumni of all generations to maintain a close connection to one another in a way that contributes to the ongoing success of the University.



  • Identify 1-2 local ambassadors of different generations, to help with the below and ensure that we’re engaging a diverse alumni community.
  • Collaborate with local JUMP leadership to drive mutual success and opportunity. Ensure that young alumni are welcomed to the local community and are set up for success upon graduation.
  • Act as a networking ambassador and open career doors and opportunities for others through mutual connections and introductions. Occasionally attend and speak at local recruiting events, in partnership with admissions.
  • Offer and action unique ideas to engage a diverse community of alumni (virtual events, panel discussions, etc.)
  • Plan and execute all “traditional” events, including our “Welcome Home” Reception for new graduates, “Homecoming Everywhere” and Bishop’s Birthday.
  • Market events and opportunities through word of mouth, your own social media, your local ambassadors, to ensure participation from all generations of alumni.
  • Find and develop unique opportunity(ies) to give back in your local community in a way that connects alumni with purpose (e.g.. a “Run for the Cure” team, a “Relay for Life” team, local shore cleanups, project builds like Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank drives, Ronald McDonald House, etc.)


The Support You’ll Receive:

  • Quarterly calls with the Alumni Association Executive Committee to talk about successes and challenges, to ask for help, as well as discuss upcoming activities and brainstorm opportunities and the ongoing development of the Alumni Association.
  • Event templates to assist with planning and execution. Social media, registration page and email support to drive participation for all events and local activities.
  • Introductions to new graduates to assist in welcoming them to your local community.
  • Introductions to proud alumni to assist in building out a team of ambassadors. Introductions to JUMP leadership to ensure mutual success and collaboration.
  • Executive Committee personal profile on the website, alumni magazine feature and social media announcement to help with your own personal brand and career.
  • Virtual meeting access for any remote events.
  • Tell us what you need! We’re fostering this community together and are always looking for new ideas.


A Successful Candidate Typically:

  • Bleeds Purple
  • Has a desire to make an impact
  • Is an inclusive leader that can engage diverse alumni groups
  • Is creative and high-energy
  • Has excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Is able to host a room and create a welcoming environment for all
  • Will commit enough time to at least plan 4 events, while supporting programs like JUMP

Term Commitment: 2 Years

Reports To: Bishop’s University Alumni Office and Alumni Association President/President-Elect


Additional Comments:
Be creative! Some people plan golf tournaments. Some do ski days. Some find impressive speakers or courses and create learning experiences for all that attend. This role is what you make it.

All Chapter Leaders will be required to submit a brief biography and picture at the beginning of their tenure. This content will be used on our website and social media platforms as a way to introduce the Leaders to the general alumni population.

Starting a New Chapter

We are always looking to grow to Alumni Association to include as much as the Bishop’s community as possible. If you are interested in starting a new Alumni Chapter in your area, please contact us at to learn more about getting your chapter off the ground.

Supporting Bishop’s University

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