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The alumni recognition program lives to make a direct link between the University’s mission and values. The Bishop’s University mission statement appears in italics below with key values highlighted in bold.  

In 1843 the founders of Bishop’s University declared their intention “to offer to the country at large the blessing of a sound and liberal education.” Today our goal remains the education of individuals, primarily at the undergraduate level, to develop their talents and realize their leadership potential. Intellectual achievement is crucial to our mission and thus the University promotes academic excellence through an emphasis on teaching enriched by scholarship and research. The Bishop’s experience begins with close interaction between professor and student but extends beyond the classroom to provide the basis for critical thinking and effective communication, while also fostering community spirit and lasting friendships. Located in the bilingual setting of the Eastern Townships, Bishop’s offers students from Quebec, Canada, and the International community the opportunity to exercise the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship and to engage in the tolerant and informed dialogue that sustains democracy.

The Alumni Association Executive feels that the values highlighted in the mission statement and the stated expectations of a Bishop’s graduate should form the basis for recognition of the University’s alumni. Values of intellectual achievement, leadership, talent, excellence within a chosen field of endeavour are all worthy of recognition. 

Existing Alumni Awards

Alumna/Alumnus of the Year Award

The Alum of the Year Award honours an alum who has made a longstanding commitment and contribution to the University. The Alumni Association Executive Committee has bestowed this award annually since 1967. 

Young Alumna/Alumnus of the Year Award 

The Young Alum of the Year Award was designed to recognize contributions by an individual in their field of endeavor, whether through community service or professional achievement. 

We want to recognize a recent graduate who continues to embody the spirit of Bishop’s in their corner of the world and celebrate them with their fellow alumni and current students. 

Top 10 After 10

We are proud of the success of Bishop’s graduates, who have become leaders in business, education, science, community, volunteer service… in fact in every walk of life. We would like to honour and share in those successes. By highlighting our graduates’ achievements with prospective and current students, as well as fellow alumni, we will be able to demonstrate the quality of a Bishop’s education and instil pride among members of the Bishop’s community.  

Top 10 After 10, which takes place every two years, is more than a recognition event; the University also wishes to provide networking, professional and personal development opportunities for members of this special group, while also facilitating mentorship among program members and others in the Bishop’s community.  

Esprit de Corps Award

The Esprit de Corps Award is presented to an alumnus or alumna who has made a difference through contribution to Bishop’s, the Alumni Association, a local chapter or the broader community. This award is to recognize those who continue to demonstrate the values and lessons learned at Bishop’s related to compassion for others, community spirit, responsible citizenship, fostering life-long learning and friendships.

The Alumni Association wants to recognize those who are serving in some capacity, in addition to their regular work or hobbies, to make the world a better place. We want to recognize those who continue to shine the spirit of Bishop’s in their corner of the world to let them know that their efforts are appreciated and that fellow alumni are proud of them.  

Athletic Wall of Distinction 

Inaugurated in 1991 the Athletic Wall of Distinction was created to recognize outstanding loyalty and service to the Bishop’s University Department of Athletics.

The Wall of Distinction is the most prestigious award granted by athletics in 3 different categories: athlete, builder, and community support.

Supporting Bishop’s University

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