Why Become a Monthly Donor?

Monthly donors help us plan ahead and support BU students when they need it the most. Your monthly gift helps pave the path forward and provides a reliable and sustainable source of funding for the university and its biggest asset, its students!

We are a community of passionate, committed and like-minded givers who believe that every BU student should have equal opportunity to thrive!  We currently have 220 members, and our goal is to have 300 members by the end of 2023. 


After filling out one online form, your gifts will be automatically processed each month for you. Set it and forget it! You will receive one cumulative annual tax receipt at the end of the year.


Giving monthly breaks down a larger annual donation into smaller installments. Monthly gifts reduce administrative time, processing, and mailing costs for BU, meaning your gift can go further. (It’s environmentally friendly too!).


You can direct your donations to a specific area that is meaningful for you. You can change the amount of your monthly donation at any time by contacting our team.

What Our Monthly Donors Have to Say

Photo of monthly donor against white background

“Donating monthly has become a seamless and convenient way to give back to a couple of programs at Bishop’s that made a material impact on my university experience. It’s truly been gratifying to pay it forward. The monthly contributions keep me connected to BU and the goings on throughout campus, while also keeping tabs on what’s happening throughout our great alumni network. Bishop’s is such a unique place and doing what we can to preserve the qualities that make it so distinct is part of what makes us all Gaiters. Raise A Toast!”

– Arash Madani ’02

“My Bishop’s student experience was exceptional. My time at Bishop’s as an employee has been and continues to be equally as exceptional. I am fortunate to be able to walk around our beautiful campus daily and see the same excitement and passion on our students’ faces that I also felt during my time at BU. It only makes sense that I would give back to the institution that continues to give to me, and the easiest way to do that is through payroll deductions. My donation is deducted directly from my pay, and at the end of the year the charitable donation credit that I can claim on my income tax is already included on my work tax forms. It’s a win-win!”

– Kylie Cote ‘99

Photo of monthly donor, Kylie, with her family dressed in purple Bishop's gear in front of the alumni house.

Photo of monthly donors, Bob and Ronna, sitting at a table

“Ronna and I transitioned to monthly giving many years ago. We wanted to increase our annual donations without having to wrestle with the timing issue. Monthly giving provided an easy way to increase the annual amount without feeling the squeeze of a one-time cash management decision. We both benefited during our years at BU through scholarships, as a direct result of donations, and we wanted to give back. We continue to see many life-long friends from Bishop’s and participate in many alumni events. It is a family and institution that “keeps on giving”. Raise a toast!”

– Bob ’80 and Ronna ’82 Egan


Why is it better to become a monthly donor rather than give a one-time gift?

Your monthly donations will be a reliable source of support for students at BU. Small monthly gifts, spread out over the year, make a BIG impact! Your gift, no matter the size, can make all the difference to a student in need. Whether you choose to support student scholarships or bursaries, a specific faculty of the program, or one of our many student-service programs, you are creating a lasting impact. 

Where does my money go?

That is completely up to you! The Bishop’s Monthly Giving program allows you to support the things that are meaningful to you from Student Financial Aid to Mental Health Resources. You can even suggest a new area where you would like us to direct your gift when you fill out the online form. 

When will my donation be deducted?
  •  If you set up your monthly gifts online, your gifts will be transacted to your credit card on the 1st or the 15th of each month.  
  •  If you set up your monthly gifts by telephone, you will be able to choose to have your monthly gifts made to BU through your credit card or bank account on either the 1st* or 15th* of each month. Your statements will show that your gifts are transacted on or around the 1st or 15th of each month due to holidays or weekends. 
When will I receive my tax receipt?
  • Tax receipts are sent in February of each year.
  • If you have not received your tax receipt by March 4, you can request a duplicate receipt. Please contact us by phone at 819 822-9660 or by email at alumni@ubishops.ca​. Duplicate receipts may take up to 14 business days to process.
What about the tax receipt for additional gifts I make?

We are so grateful for any additional gifts you make throughout the year.  We will send you a receipt for these donations separately, upon reception. 

How can I update my contact or payment information?
  • To update your contact information, please fill out this form: Contact Information Update
  • To update your payment information, please contact us directly at 819-822-9660.
Can I cancel or modify my donation?

Of course! You can modify or cancel your monthly donation at any time. There are two ways to do this: