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Applied Research Projects

Consulting 101: Working with the Client Video

Working with the Client: Pre-Project Checklist (PDF)

Working with the Client: Post-Meeting Checklist (PDF)

Working with the Client: During the Project Checklist (PDF)

Working with the Client: Pre-Presentation Checklist (PDF)

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How to do an ELP300 (PDF)

Past EL Opportunities

Core Classes

Dr. Teed’s students in Organization Behaviour had the opportunity to solve a real-life case based on a nation-wide compensation system in front of their eyes. “Problem-owners” visit the class and explain a current business challenge they are facing followed by students attempting to solve the problem using theories they have seen in the course.

Over the past few years, Dr. Rutihinda’s Introduction to International Business course has afforded students the opportunity to hear from international business leaders in a variety of industries from around the world both in the classroom and via video-conferencing.

Developing critical thinking and tackling societal issues pertaining to business is an important aspect of the introductory course in Business & Society. Dr. Palmer’s students were able to weigh in on the controversial topic of legalization of marijuana in Canada from industry experts from Canada and the US.

Guest Speaker

Accounting Concentration

Students in Management Control were faced with the challenge of creating a five-year financial forecast and strategic recommendations for a local non-profit camp. Students were able to meet with the clients, ask questions, then come up with creative solutions to present the board of the foundation.

Giving back to the community is another important facet of experiential education in the Williams School of Business. Prof. Hivert’s senior accounting students were able to use their skills to build a financial toolkit for a local community organization to better track and create financial statements.

Senior accounting students in action

Finance Concentration

Prof. Bequet’s students in Investment & Portfolio Management were treated to a field trip to a local manufacturing firm whereby they were able to get an in-depth look at the company they were studying. They toured the plant as well as learned about the history of the company.

Field Trip to BRP

Small Business Finance students were able to learn the in’s and out’s of raising capital from a teacher turned prosperous entrepreneur. Everything from government subsidies to angel investors were covered in this local company’s road to success.

Small Business Finance students

Global Management & Leadership Concentration

Several groups from Dr. Rutihinda’s Export Management course were able to create an export strategy for (real) local businesses as part of a future expansion strategy. Students met with the client to understand their goals and limitations to come up with the best possible strategy.

Strong alumni support make our business program a truly engaging experience. Students in Leadership in a Multicultural World were able to hear about the first-hand opportunities and challenges of working and living in Asia from two prominent alumni who have spent more than a decade in Asia working in the banking and real estate markets respectively.

Students in Leadership in a Multicultural World

Marketing & Entrepreneurship Concentration

Applied research projects are an integral part of the Marketing Research course. Prof. Thompson’s students had the opportunity to work with local businesses in order to solve a relevant marketing question. Students completed a needs analysis, conducted a survey, followed by presenting strategic recommendations to the client based on the data collected.

Marketing applied research projects

Prof. Cloutier and his Marketing Communication students pitched their Integrative Marketing Communications Plan to their client and a panel of experts for a chance to take home a $500 prize. The project focused on B2B marketing communications strategies for a local manufacturer. The project included a company presentation on campus, a site visit, interviews and the final pitch.

Marketing Communication students