The Bishop’s University Foundation Supports Three New Student Funding Opportunities for Research

The Bishop’s University Foundation Supports Three New Student Funding Opportunities for Research

Thanks to the Bishop’s University Foundation, Spring 2020 was rich in new internal merit-based funding competitions, both for undergraduate and graduate students. The Foundation, through those awards, creates opportunity for our students to make their Bishop’s experience the most meaningful it can be, and supports them along their journeys.

Two internal competitions this Spring focused on the growing graduate student community at BU. The Graduate Merit Awards, valued at $5000 each, aimed to support returning high-performing students wishing to pursue their graduate training at Bishop’s. The Graduate Students Committee awarded five scholarships to this year’s applicants. Congratulations to Farnaz Orooji (Computer Sciences), Javad Omidvar (Computer Sciences), Medhi Zoghinia (Computer Sciences), Simin Li (Computer Sciences) and Yan Jiang (Computer Sciences). The Graduate Entrance Scholarships also aimed to support high-performing students enrolled in a thesis-based graduate program at BU. The contribution of the Bishop’s University Foundation has allowed for the creation of this program to an amount of $10,000 per scholarship, with $7,500 from the institution and $2,500 from the thesis supervisor. The Graduate Students Committee wishes to congratulate both awardees, Samuel Gagnon-Hartman (Physics and Astronomy) and Yan Jiang (Computer Sciences). If you missed this competition, please note that another round just started, and will be ending on July 31, 2020, 16:00. See the Internal Funding Competitions web page for more information.

The Research Training Awards provided an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to undertake a 12-16 weeks paid summer research internship. Those grants were valued at $6,000 per internship, of which a $3,000 contribution from the supervisor was required. Through this program, students will gain hands-on research and training experience, while building their research skills, project management skills and knowledge. Another considerable impact of this program is to provide employment to students during the pandemic. The Senate Research Committee would like extend their congratulations to Annabelle Chamberland-Dostie (Psychology), Anne-Frédérique Naud (Politics and International Studies), Cécilia Alain (English), Evelyne Verrette (Politics and International Studies), Isaac McNeil (History and Global Studies), Isabelle Chouinard (Environment and Geography), Kassandra Johnson Desnoyers (Education) and Xinyang Wang (Computer Sciences) for their successful applications.

In addition to these awards, Bishop’s University’s dedication to providing a vibrant and diverse educational experience will be supported by a more diverse overall funding package available to our students in the coming years.

The Bishop’s University Foundation raises and manages funds to help advance the University’s goal: the education of individuals to develop their talents and realize their leadership potential.