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Dr. Amy Svotelis, Director of Research and Graduate Studies

Dear Bishop’s Community,

It is my pleasure to introduce Dr. Amy Svotelis in her new role as Director of Research and Graduate Studies.

Dr. Amy Svotelis

Dr. Svotelis is a proud ’01 graduate of Bishop’s University, having earned a Bachelor of Science – Honours in Biology. She went on to earn her M. Sc. in Anatomy and Cell Biology, and Ph. D. in Molecular Biology from Université de Sherbrooke.

Since 2016, she had been Assistant Scientific Director of the Centre for Research at the CHUS (CRCHUS), part of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS and affiliated with the Faculté de Médecine et sciences de la santé of the Université de Sherbrooke. She was previously Research Coordinator in Orthopaedic Surgery at the CRCHUS, and she taught as a contract faculty in the Biology Department at Bishop’s.

Amy is known for her team approach to leadership in research management. She has played key roles in coalescing groups with whom she has worked and in leading strategic visioning and planning to bring the CRCHUS to new levels of excellence.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Svotelis to Bishop’s,

Miles Turnbull
Vice-Principal Academic & Research

2019 Giving Tuesday Campaign – our generous donors contributed $144,086.08


When Bishop’s launched the 2019 Giving Tuesday campaign, we told you we had an “ambitious goal”, and asked you to help raise $70,000 for student mental health resources on campus.

On December 3rd, the outpouring of donor support forced our team to change our goal throughout the day – several times – with a final goal of $130,000. A week later, total donations made in honour of Giving Tuesday are more than DOUBLE our original target!

Chart showing our total donation of over one hundred forty four thousand dollars

Total of donations: $144,086.08


Here’s a snapshot of your success:

Giving Tuesday 2018Giving Tuesday 2019Increase
DesignationStudent Emergency AidStudent Mental Health Resources
# of donors30036321%
$ donated$62,926.50$144,086.08129%
Stine Lindén-Andersen

Thank you from Stine Lindén-Andersen, Ph.D., Dean of Student Affairs

Dear Gaiters, we are overwhelmed by your generosity and dedication to mental health services on campus. We will be able to make great strides with the funds from Giving Tuesday. My team and I work tirelessly to support students and you have shown us that you stand beside us as we battle stigma. I can’t wait to tell you all about the new initiatives we will build from these funds. A huge purple thank you from us!
– Stine

Mental Health Testimonial

Bishop’s hasn’t just helped me grow into the person that I am today, it is also gotten me through the toughest mental health crisis of my life. I wish I’d known earlier what I know now: where I thought I would meet judgement and dismissal, I found a genuine desire to support and accommodate me.
The Bishop’s Mental Health system (the doctors at the clinic, the service staff at the front desk, the therapists at the counseling office, and all the professors) helped clear the heavy fog weighing me down and made sure I finished my degree without compromising my health. We need to ensure those services continue to be available for students, and every little donation helps!
– Sam Larouche ’16

Sam Larouche

Antoine Grignon

Giving Tuesday 2018

After the dust had settled on the incident, I thought I was going to have to drop out and go back to living with my parents. I had no clothes and no expectations of aid since I wasn’t insured. The school contacted me and offered help with my courses, housing and food. I never expected the school to help me or the other victims. Now I really understand the meaning of bleeding purple; thank you so much to the school and the incredible student body for all the help.”
– Antoine Grignon (current student)

Whether you donated $5 or $500, are a recent grad, an alumnus from 50 years ago, a long-time donor, a first-time donor, a friend of the university, the parent of a student, or anything in between, this was (and will continue to be) a community-wide effort. At the foundation of Bishop’s and its success are its supporters, and we truly couldn’t do it without you… THANK YOU!

Thank you banner

If you have any questions about Giving Tuesday or about mental health programming at Bishop’s, send us an email and you’ll get a personalized message in your inbox.

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Dan Seneker, Bishop’s University’s Director of Student Recruitment and Retention, honoured with Council of International Schools’ T. Michael Maybury Award

On November 21, 2019, at its Global Forum on International Admissions and Guidance in Bilbao, Spain, the Council of International Schools (CIS) honoured Bishop’s University’s Director of Student Recruitment and Retention Dan Seneker for his high level of service and leadership by presenting him with the 2019 T. Michael Maybury Award.

Dan Seneker's portrait photo

The CIS citation described Mr. Seneker as “An innovator and a person that has demonstrated his deep commitment to putting students first. In support of its decision to present Mr Seneker this award, the CIS cited a testimonial that the Bishop’s Director of Recruitment and Retention “embodies the attributes of someone who understands the importance of internationalism, as well as connecting students from across cultures regardless of whether they are coming from halfway around the world, or (…) local indigenous communities.” Another testimony noted that Mr. Seneker “always has time for individual students. (…) always has time to help walk the student through the decision-making process. (…) goes out of his way to personally connect with them and be available for further guidance.”

T. Michael Maybury was a former Executive Director of CIS, the award commemorates a lifetime of achievement in service of promoting international education. Mr. Seneker is the second Canadian recipient of this Award, he was preceded in this regard by Karen McKellin, of the University of British Columbia in 2009.

Honouring academic excellence!

At Bishop’s University, we value the pursuit of excellence in all that we undertake, and we aim to instill the aspiration to excel in our students and in all other members of our community.

The University congratulates the following students who were part of the Academic Honour Roll based on their success during the 2018-19 academic year! The Academic Honour Roll includes full-time students whose academic average is 80% or higher in a complete academic year.

Abran, Amelia
Adebogun, Dorcas
Aitken, Allister
Alain, Cécilia
Aldrich, Jazmine
Allin, Jennifer
Amara, Fiona
Amrani, Mehdi
Armstrong, Stephanie
Arsenault, Ryan
Asan, Sezen
Aubin, Kelly
Aubin, Patricia
Aubin, Stephanie
Audet, Isabelle
Audet, Jeremy
Audet-Bourgault, Gabriel
Authier, Amelia
Ayers, Zachary
Bach, Valentin
Bachand Laberge, Catherine
Bafumi, Jeffrey
Baillie, Loch
Baker, Breac
Baker, Nicole
Banton, Cameron
Bareiro Sanchez, Camila Alexandra
Barker, Maxime
Basmadjian, Adam
Bastianon, Katrina
Bates, Amanda
Bean, Tyler
Beanland, Samuel Alasander
Beaudoin, Joanie
Beauregard, Bianca
Beech, Nathan
Béland, Marylou
Belanger, Amber Sky
Belanger, Cecil
Belanger, Lawrence
Belanger Young, Natasha
Belisle, Christof
Bélisle, Nicolas
Béliveau, Charles-Étienne
Bellegarde Hudson, Emily
Belvin, Shania
Belzil, Grace
Benamer, Elise
Benison, Holly
Berger, Marianne
Bergeron, Florence
Berry, Emma
Bian, Junru
Bigaouette, Jasmine
Bigg, Allison
Bilodeau, Bryanna
Bilodeau, Sarah
Binet-Patoine, Emilie
Birnie, Erin
Bisaillon, Marc-Andre
Blacklock, Nicole
Blackman, Emma
Blais, Catherine
Blanchette Guimond, Joannie
Bohinc-Reid, Hayley
Bohme, Claire
Boisvert, Kassandra
Bonham, Branden
Boone, Emily
Bouchard, Laurence
Bouchard, Roxanne
Boucher, Guillaume
Boucher, Laurence
Bourbeau, Laura
Bourque-Labbé, Alexandre
Bourque-Labbé, Bastien
Bourque-Labbé, Philippe
Bouthot, Lydia
Bowen, Hannah
Braithwaite, Scott
Bray, Joshua
Breton-Veillette, Dominic
Breuner, Elizabeth
Brown, Carson Jacob
Brown, Dalton
Brubacher, Sophie
Bryson, Hilary
Buchanan, Lydia
Buck, Jared
Burke, Deborah
Buxton, Rebecca
Buzzell, Vicky
Byrne, Grace
Caimano, Sarah
Calitri, Chloe
Caltagirone, Rachel
Cameron, Abbie
Cameron, Frances
Campbell, Kerry
Campo, Steven
Cantin, Francois
Carasquero, Bishop
Card, Kaitlyn
Cardaun, Clara
Cardinal, Jean-Francois
Caron, Marianne
Caron, Sabrina
Carrier-Coupal, Lee
Carruthers, Derrick
Cattelan, Camille
Cecura, Kristina
Chabot, Guillaume
Chabot-Assayag, Raphaelle
Chamot, Emilie
Champagne, Marianne
Champigny- Rolfe, Erika
Chan, Janan
Charbonneau, Alexandre
Charest, David
Charlebois, Louis-Eric
Charpentier, Jordane
Charron, Julia
Chase, Meghan
Chenell, Jelisa April
Childs, Graham
Chisholm-McCoy, Megan
Christensen, Spencer
Cipro, Megan
Cirka, Madelaine
Clark, Chelsea
Clark, Emily Rose
Clavelli, Maria
Cloutier, Theodore
Coates, Rebecca
Cohen, Morgan
Colomer, Marion
Colton, Andrew
Columbus, Clara
Comtois, Alyson
Connelly, Luke
Contrino, Christina-Jade
Cooke, Aidan
Cooke-Paige, Nikki Marie
Corey, Brianna
Correia, Sabrina
Cossette-Plamondon, Elisabelle
Cote, Maude
Côté, Jeremy
Courte-Rathwell, Vivianne
Cramp, Stephanie
Cresp-Lacroix, Sandrine
Croft, Erika Kathe
Cumming, Sophia
Cunningham, Sally
Cyr, Caroline
Cyr, Zachary
Dai, Xiaoxuan
Daigneault, Xavier
Dalphonse, Makayla
D’Amour, Sabrina
Daoust, Melanie
Daudelin, Siena
Davies, Isabel
Davreux, Ana
Dawson, Thomas
Deamond, Liam
Delas Llagas, Gwen Leeneth
Demers, Alicia
Demers, Mathieu
Denoncourt, Guillaume
Desmarais, Nathan
Devenny, Alana
DeVries, Samantha
Dimakos, Peter
Dion, Stephanie
Dion Larivière, Cassandre
Dionne, Alissa
Dionne, Catherine
Dodig, Jessica
Doran, Fiona Ann
Downey, Charles
Drew, Courtney
Duceppe-Lenoir, Alexandre
Duchesne, Bernard
Dufresne, Thomas
Dumouchel, Alexandre
Dupuis, Elisabeth
Dutil, Eve
Earle, Kieva
Elefterescu, Sara Cristine
Elliot, Sarah
Elliott, Mikayla
Evangelisti, Enzo
Everett, Dillon
Fabre, Allison
Fan, Xuyang
Farkouh, Rezkalla
Fava, Malcolm
Fazeli, Shideh
Fedorowicz, Kamila Anna
Fee, Alysa
Firlotte, Camille
Fisher, Aislinn
Fisher, Samuel
Fitzpatrick, Mark
Forget-Larivière, Rébecca
Forward, Stacey
Foshay, Sheyann
Foster, Victoria
Francoeur, Ocean
Frappier, Joëlle
Frazer, Stephen

Fredericks, Abigail
Fredriksen, Kaitlyn
Frith, Joshua
Fry, Zach
Fuller, Kristen
Gadoury-Sansfaçon, Georges-Philippe
Gafner-Bergeron, Sarah Maria
Gagne, Coralie
Gagnon, Katia
Gallant, Eleanor Marie
Gardner, Hayley
Gauthier, Elizabeth
Gauthier-Bisaillon, Raphaëlle
Gelinas Gagne, Charlotte
Gendron, Eric Charles
Gendron, Gabrielle
Gerlofs, Dennis
Germain, Eva
Gervais, Myriam
Ghorbal, Manel
Gibbs, Nicholas
Gignac, Isabelle
Gilbert, Julia
Gilbert, Tyler
Gilbert, Victoria
Giulione, Rachel
Godin, Amy
Goettke, Klara
Gosselin, Mathieu
Gould, Holden
Graddon, Alexa
Graham, Brittany
Graham, Theresa
Grainger, Sydney
Greene, Jordan
Grenier, Philip
Guarnaccia, Stephanie
Guay, Kevin
Guay, Stephanie
Guimont, Laurence
Guo, Yubo
Haddad Sharma, Jay Kumar
Handfield, Catherine
Harris, John
Hatch, Alessia
Hebert, Casey
Hebert, Patrick
Hébert, Andréanne
Herring, Tyler
Hickey, Dana
Hill, Bethany
Holmes, Mackenzie
Hone, Aaron
Honegger, Christy
Howarth, Andrew
Hoy, Gillian
Huebchen, Emma
Hughes, Anna
Hunt, Noah
Huntley, Danielle
Hurry, Aliosha Menka
Hurst, Emma
Hutchings, Taylor
Hutchison, Rowan
Inglis, Matthew
Janevski, Katherina
Janusonis, Isabella
Jiang, Shiji
Johnson, Frédéryk
Johnson-Desnoyers, Kassandra
Jonckheere, Emma
Jones, Jonathan
Josey, Nicole
Jouneau, Saskia
Jutras-Bouvette, Mariane
Kaeser-Reiss, Nikolaus-Paul
Kalafut, Nathan Henry
Kaller, Jaclyn
Kallio, Christopher
Karras, Michael
Keddy, Claire
Kelly, Connor
Kennedy, Liam
Keramidas, Maiko
Kheradsud, Maryam
Kidd Monette, Olivia
King, Erin
Kish, Nicola
Klinck, Emma
Kobelt, Mary-Francis
Koukounarakis, Luisa Elpitha
Kounna, Samia
Krallis, Melina
L’Abbe, Sebastien
Labbé, Rachéle
Laberee, Adam
Labrecque, Danyka
Lachance, Chloe
Lafontaine, Samuel
Laforest, Miguel
Lajeunesse, Rosalie
Lalonde Gagne, Mélanie
Lambert, Danika
Lambert, Duncan Carson Daniel
Lamoureux, Alexandra
Lampron, Emily
Landry, Katrina
Langlois, Krissy
LaPierre, Paige
Laplante, Jakob
Laroche, Amy
Larocque, Cameron
Larose, Ariane
Larose, Rachel
Larose, Virginia
Lassonde, Marianne
Latonio, Gelsey Dominique
Layer, Alexandra
Le Brun Robles Gil, Anne Sophie
Lea, Marisa
Lebeau, Alexandra
Leblanc, Benjamin
Leblanc, Élizabeth
Leblanc, Sebastien
Leboeuf, Julie
Leclerc, Stephanie
Lee, Ella
Lefebvre, Isabelle
Leger, Elizabeth
Léger-Goodes, Terra
Lemieux, Sara-Maude
Lemyre-Roy, Anny
Levac, Stephen
Levasseur, Jasmyne
Léveillé, Francis
Lévesque, Mélanie
Li, Gengxuan
Li, Huanyang
Liu, Liu
Liu, Mingxin
Liu, Yang
Lizotte, Simon
Lloyd, Clara
Logan, Danica
Lugar, Maia
Luo, Ruili
Lussier, Alexandre
Luu, Sophie Hoang Tran
Mabika, Madora
MacDonald, Aidan
MacDonald, Liam
MacDonald, Shayne
MacLennan, Erin
Maduro, Rebecca
Maher, Emmett
Mahoubi, Layla
Mai, Jackie
Mailhot, Nicolas
Majdell, Brodie
Major, Melissa
Maloy, Christopher-James
Manfred, Sarah
Maranger, Eric
Marceau, Alexandre
Marceau, Philip
Marceau, Samuel
Marcil, Alix
Marshall, Skylar
Martel, Simon
Martin, Anthony
Martin, Victor
Martinez Gosselin, Isabelle
Mastine, Trinity
Mathys, Alexander
Matthews-Hanna, Isaac
Matuzonyte, Marta
Maxwell, Ryan
McAnuff, Sean
McArthur, Grace
McBean, Gregory John
McCartney, Claire
McClure, Taylor
McCrea, Courtney
McGovern, Olivia
McKeown, Halley
McLean, Alyssa
McLean, Grace
McNamara, Rachel
McNutt, Katheryn
Melley, Marie Eve
Ménard, Taylor
Menn, Renee
Merai, Mouadh
Merovitz, Malou
Merrithew, Taylor
Messina, Corentin
Metcalfe, Taylor
Metcalfe Hurst, Adam
Michelet, Chloe
Milliard, Yoan
Mills, Edward John Grant
Mojsej, Sarah
Moleski, Catherine
Molloy, Tanya
Molloy-Vickers, Danielle
Mongiardo, Veronica-Assunta
Moore, Jennifer
Morais, Jennifer
Moreau, Kevin
Morin, Chelsea
Morissette-Marois, Angélica

Morrell, Ember
Morrow, Erica
Morton, Theo
Mueller, Kurt
Mumford, Spencer
Munafo, Christian
Munafo, Claudia
Munro, Anya
Murphy, Giselle
Myrie, Alexandria
Nadeau, Sabrina
Nadeau, Spencer
Nascimento, Melissa
Neeser-Carazo, Raquel
Neilson, Andrew
Nettel, Stefan
Nierlich, Kyle
Noël, Valérie
Nolet, Juliet
Norgren, Michaela
Norris, Emily
Olma, Alexandra
Osborne-O’Donnell, Hannah
Ouellet De Carlo, Matthew
Ouimet-Fieldsend, Helen
Ouzilleau, Marie-Laurence
Owen, Llinos
Page, Olivia
Paradis, Pier-Olivier
Parent, Aurélie
Parent, Karrie
Parsons, Daena
Pasche, Adrien
Passos, Juliana
Paterson, Curt
Patrick, Granton
Patrick, Virginia-Paige
Pepin, Uma
Perez, Willys
Perreault, Sabrina
Peters, Hannah
Pettigrew, Charlène
Phillips, Andrew
Piercy-Asselin, Alexander
Pohl, Ethan
Poirier, Kelly
Poirier, Sandryne
Popowich, Neala
Porlier, Vincent
Poulin, Mélina
Prince-Finkelstein, Anna
Quattrocchi, Theo
Quenum, Akouavi Julite Irmine
Quilty, Kelsey
Quinn, Kathleen
Quraeshi, Alexia
Racicot, Sara
Racine, Gary
Ramsay-Bilodeau, Alex
Rao, Anita
Rao, Juhi
Rausch-Larouche, Justin
Rawn, Serena
Reid, Corine
René, Charlotte
Ricard, Isabelle Anne
Ricaud, Perline Marie
Richard, Dominick
Richard, Gabriel
Rioux, Ann Elizabeth
Roach, Anneka
Roberge, Jade
Robertson, Sydney
Rodgers, Alexandre
Romano, Olivia
Rougeau-Forgues, Vikki
Rousseau, Jonathan
Rousseau, Pascale
Roy, Courtney
Roy, Luke
Roy, Melina
Roy, Myriam
Roy, Sandrine
Ruan, Xiaojie
Russell, Mackenzie
Saint Hilaire, Hortense
Salfi, Lily
Salvail, William
Sathananthan, Anchala
Saulnier-Cyr, Jade Shushu
Sauvageau Deguise, Kim-Lee
Savard, Marc-Olivier
Savoie, Sebastien
Schlitt, Justin
Schoen-Schoeffel, Christian Raphael
Schricker, Lily
Sciortino, Vincenzo
Seale, Angelina
Seguin, Hugo
Serrano, Miranda Martine
Sévigny, Camille
Seward, Mark
Sheldrick, Taylor
Shen, Xueyun
Sheppard-Perkins, Eva
Shields, Charles
Siegler, Alma
Simpson, Keisha
Simpson, Teagan
Small, Ryan
Smith, Lilly
Smith, Rachael
Smith, Tyler
Smodis McCune, Victoria
Sparr, Jared Derek
Spieth, Sara
Stalker, Gabrielle
Stapleton, Alexandre
St-Arnaud, Charles
Starnino, Victoria
Steele, Mason
Stevens, Vanessa
Stewart, Molly
St-Laurent-Hamel, Corinne
Stowe, Skye
St-Pierre, Emile
Sukhdeo, Joshua
Sullivan, Camille
Sultan, Jacqueline
Sun, Amelia Yuman
Sun, Fuli
Sureau, Amanda
Sweeney, Molly
Sweeney, Sarah
Sydor, Cassandra H.
Sylvester, Lynsey
Szabo, Karl
Tailleur, Olivier
Talbott, Darcie
Talmaciu, Carla
Tang, Siulok
Taylor, Lauren
Taylor, Shannon
Tendon, Yannick
Teolis, Owen
Terp-Magnan, Marie-Sophie
Tessier, Annie
Thibault St-Jean, Chanèle
Thibodeau, Katrine
Thom, Madelaine
Thompson, Patrick Andrew
Tissot, Liam
Tobin, Connor
Tomasik, Keisha
Tomaszewski, Alasdair
Toomey, Noah
Tourigny Fleury, Alexandra
Toussaint, Lydia
Toutant, Maxx
Trembath, Lindsey
Tremblay Hogan, Krissie
Trepanier, Jacques Emilio
Trinque, Allison Jessica
Trudeau, Jessica Rose
Tulloch, Lauren
Turcotte, Noémie
Turcotte-Van de Rydt, Christophe
Turgeon, Benjamin
Vachon, Geneviève
Vachon, Justin
Vaillant-Gamelin, Alex
Vallee, Etienne
Van Alphen, Amir
van Beerschoten, Madison
Vandekerkhove, Philip
Vaudry, Chad
Vautour, Loric
Vaux, Isabelle
Veilleux, Anabelle
Veilleux-Malone, Anna
Verret, Emilie
Verville, Eric
Vervroegen-Thomas, Zion
Vickers, Merrin
Victor, Célia
Viens, Noémie
Viles, Jonas
Vincent, Isabelle
Wadlow, Madeline
Walker, Caitlin
Walton, Zoe
Wartman, Kayley
Watters, Erin Rose
Wechsler, Jacqueline
Welch, Kobie
Willis, Rebecca
Wilson, Christina
Winter, Alisha
Witty, Anik
Wong, Leilani
Wood, Hailey
Yee, Brianna
Young, Erica
Yuan, Min Cong
Zagar, Caitlyn
Zhang, Shihan
Zhang, Yue
Zheng, Daoping
Zheng, Shuxin
Zmuda, Sandra
Zuppel, Katia

Academic All-Canadians and All-Stars

The following student-athletes achieved Academic All-Canadian or Academic All-Star status. The University is very proud to have so many student-athletes who excel in the classroom and in their athletic pursuits!

Archambault, Maude – Women Basketball
Aubin, Stephanie – Woman Rugby
Baker, Breac – Lacrosse
Belanger, Jessica – Woman Hockey
Bohme, Claire – Woman Rugby
Bray, Joshua – Men Rugby
Burke, Deborah – Woman Hockey
Calitri, Chloe – Woman Soccer
Cronin, Finnian – Men Rugby
Davin, Alexia – Woman Rugby
Demers, Mathieu – Football
DeVries, Samantha – Woman Rugby
Dodig, Jessica – Woman Soccer
Fitzpatrick, Mark – Golf
Fogg, Jonah – Men Basketball
Fredericks, Abigail – Woman Soccer
Fredriksen, Kaitlyn – Woman Soccer
Howarth, Andrew – Men Basketball
Hutchison, Rowan – Woman Rugby
Jacobs, Alanna – Woman Soccer
Kelly, Connor – Men Basketball
Kennedy, Liam – Football
Lambert, Duncan – Men Basketball
Leclerc, Stephanie – Woman Rugby
Lee, Ella – Woman Soccer
Maher, Emmett – Men Rugby
Mahoubi, Layla – Women Basketball

Majdell, Brodie – Football
Marceau, Samuel – Lacrosse
McArthur, Grace – Woman Rugby
McGillis, Aidan – Woman Soccer
McGovern, Olivia – Golf
Merovitz, Malou – Woman Soccer
Morton, Theo – Men Rugby
Neilson, Andrew – Lacrosse
Ouellet De Carlo, Matthew – Football
Parsons, Meagan – Woman Rugby
Quinn, Kathleen – Woman Rugby
Reynolds, Aidan – Lacrosse
Robson, Kelsey – Woman Rugby
Rousseau, Jonathan – Football
Saulnier-Cyr, Jade Shushu – Woman Hockey
Seward, Mark – Lacrosse
Shields, Charles – Men Rugby
Stevens, Vanessa – Woman Soccer
St-Pierre, Emile – Men Rugby
Szabo, Karl – Lacrosse
Tissot, Liam – Men Basketball
Toutant, Maxx – Football
Vervroegen-Thomas, Zion – Men Basketball
Welch, Kobie – Men Rugby
Whitfield, Zoe – Golf

Highway 410 backfill on Bishop’s land

Dear members of the Bishop’s community,

As work is underway to complete the Highway 410 extension, significant quantities of earth are being moved near Bishop’s University. The University has come to an agreement with the Highway project contractor, Couillard Construction Limited, to accept a large quantity of backfill on its land — about 546,000 tons or the equivalent of 25,000 truckloads.

In exchange for Bishop’s accepting this backfill, the contractor will begin constructing a 1.5 km path from campus to the future site of the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems program farm, near Glenday Road. This agreement will allow Bishop’s to significantly decrease the total cost of this project, and to advance the previously scheduled completion date of 2023. We estimate this path would have cost Bishop’s about $700,000 in total. Under this agreement, the total expense for Bishop’s to complete this project will be much lower.

The portion of Bishop’s property identified to accept the earth moved by the contractor is not currently visible from campus, and is adjacent to the future highway. Its surface area is the equivalent of roughly three or four football fields (about 20,000 M2 or 215,000 ft2), and estimates suggest once all the earth will be placed on this site, it will cover the area to the height of about eight feet.

We will be monitoring the process closely from an environmental perspective, ensuring that commitments made regarding the non-contamination of earth accepted are enforced according to the Ministry of Environment standards. It is expected that once all the earth is moved to this location, this area will resume being used as a pasture or hay field to feed animals, as is currently the case.

When making our decision to move forward with the agreement, we took into careful consideration the impact of the alternative; the contractor would have had to dump the backfill at another site in Coaticook. By accepting this arrangement, Bishop’s will contribute to greatly reducing the environmental footprint of this portion of the project as well as reducing the nuisance the circulation of heavy machinery in our local Lennoxville community. We estimate this agreement will prevent 317 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. This is the equivalent to removing about 79 cars from the road for one year or the amount of emissions planting 1865 trees would remove from the atmosphere over their natural lifetime. Moreover, keeping the earth near the construction site will decrease the operation of heavy machinery on streets and roads near Lennoxville by 5,850 hours, reducing both noise pollution and risks of accidents.

Moving forward, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please direct them to David Lacroix, Manager – Capital Planning & Projects

Malicious/misleading domain name

It has been brought to our attention that emails purporting to be from Bishop’s University’s procurement department have been circulating, requesting quotes from potential vendors for goods and services. These emails can be recognized fairly easily as they do not emanate from Bishop’s University’s own official domain name, which is: “” Bishop’s University does not issue official communications from other domain names, and has notified the competent authorities of this situation. We wish to encourage safe Information Technology practices and recommend vigilance.

Centraide Campaign Launch, Oct. 8

Dear Community Members,

Bishop’s University is proud to support the Centraide charitable fundraising campaign, and hopes to raise $ 16,000 to support local organizations such as the Lennoxville Youth Centre and the Lennoxville & District Women’s Centre.

On behalf of Principal Goldbloom and this year’s Centraide organizing committee, we would like to invite all members of the Bishop’s community to the campaign launch in the Centennial Lobby on October 8th, 2019, at 1:00 PM.

Several individuals who have benefitted from Centraide support will briefly share their experiences, and we will be joined by Centraide Estrie’s Director General Mrs Marie-Hélène Wolfe and Centraide Annual Campaign Director Nadia Choubane.

In partnership with Centraide, five per cent of donations raised through the Bishop’s Centraide campaign are allocated to help Bishop’s students who require assistance. This fundraising effort highlights Bishop’s commitment to foster a welcoming and inclusive community and engagement in university life.

We look forward to seeing many of you at this event! There will be refreshments.

Kerry Hull,
Co-Interim Dean, Arts and Sciences

Sonia Patenaude,
Coordinator, Centennial Theatre

Divinity House announcement – Memo from the Principal

To the Bishop’s Community,

Earlier today at an event held in the McConnell Agora of the Library Learning Commons, Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education and Higher Education, announced that the Government of Quebec, through an additional capital grant from the Plan quinquennal des investissements universitaires (PQI), will provide $5.9M of the $6.9M needed to renovate and re-equip Divinity House and transform it into an Indigenous Students Gathering Space and Resource Centre.

As you know, Divinity House which is 127 years old was vacated four years ago because it is structurally unsound. We have been facing the deeply demoralizing prospect of having to demolish the building. This would have been an incalculable loss to the historical and architectural heritage of Bishop’s.

Fortunately, thanks to the determination of many people and the support of the Quebec government, the building will once again play a central role in the life of the University.

Our vision is that the Centre will not only provide a space for Indigenous students but will also be a place where Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and community members can gather to learn with and from one another.

This vision was developed based on consultations with Indigenous students from Bishop’s University and Champlain Regional College and with representatives from Indigenous communities with whom we have established relationships. We have also been inspired by best practices at other universities in Canada.

We are particularly pleased with the dialogue we have begun with the leaders of the Abenaki community of Odanak, the original stewards of the land on which our campus is located.  We are at the beginning of a reconciliation journey in which the Bishop’s community has much to learn.  We are grateful to Chief Richard O’Bomsawin and the members of his community who have generously participated in a process of education and reconciliation with us.

Our consultations about what to include in the building and how to design it will continue as we consider how best to transform our aspirations into reality.

We have established an Executive Committee for the project which will be led by Dr. Trygve Ugland. David Lacroix and Maria Ines Calvo, of our Buildings and Grounds Department, will be the Project Managers.

Following a public call for tender, the architectural firm ARCHITEM and the engineering firms CIMA+, EXP and St-Georges Structures et Civil have been selected to carry out the project. ARCHITEM is an award-winning firm with experience in renovation of heritage buildings which is known for its creative approach to interior design.

The community consultation process will resume in the next few weeks in parallel with the 3d scanning of the existing structure. We intend to launch the call for tenders for construction in the spring of 2020. Construction will start in late summer or early fall of 2020. The construction work is expected to take about a year to complete, and the Centre should be ready for occupancy in September 2021.

Stephen Lloyd ’89, who chaired the Divinity House Task Force, has agreed to lead the effort to raise the additional $1M required to complete the project. Just over $100,000 has already been committed, and we will be focusing our approaches on graduates who lived in Divinity, individuals, foundations and corporations that have an interest in Indigenous issues, and members of the Bishop’s community who hold Divinity House dear to their hearts.

We will keep you informed as this exciting project proceeds.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Principal & Vice-Chancellor

Professor Reena Atanasiadis appointed Dean of Williams School of Business

Dear Bishop’s community,

I am very pleased to advise you that Professor Reena Atanasiadis has been appointed Dean of the Williams School of Business effective August 1st, 2019.

The Search Committee was chaired by Dr. Miles Turnbull and included Dr. Hafid Agourram, Professor Marlène Canuel (Contract Faculty), Mr. Kent Carson (external member of the Board of Governors), Dr. Nathalie Hivert, Dr. Robert Palmer, Dr. Cranmer Rutihinda and Dr. Calin Valsan.

Reena Atansiadis

Professor Atanasiadis earned a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA with distinction at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business. She is a Senior Lecturer with permanence at the John Molson School of Business, where she has been employed since 2003.

She is the Graduate Program Director for Concordia’s MBA in Investment Management, the Academic Director of the Van Berkom JMSB Small Cap Case Competition and the Academic Director of the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program.

During her tenure at the John Molson School of Business, she introduced Behavioural Finance to the MBA program and served as Director of International Accreditation.

Professor Atanasiadis is an award-winning teacher and has been very successful in attracting significant private donations to Concordia.

Prior to becoming a professor, she had an impressive 15-year career in the investment banking and wealth management industry.

Professor Atanasiadis has been a member of Concordia’s Senate and has served on several search committees assisting with the recruitment of department chairs and program directors.

Please join me in welcoming Professor Atanasiadis to Bishop’s.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my admiration and appreciation to Dr. Francine Turmel for her leadership as Dean of the WSB over the past five years.

Francine’s accomplishments are numerous, including a significant review and revision of the undergraduate Business curriculum, a new graduate certificate in Business designed for graduates of the Humanities and Social Sciences, and constructive contributions to the Board of the Dobson-Lagassé Centre.

Francine played a key role in attracting a significant donation from the Banque Nationale to support experiential learning in Business. She also played an important leadership role in signing several DEC-BACC agreements with Cégeps across the province.

Francine was also responsible for reviving and leading our annual Centraide campaign, which was an eloquent manifestation of her character and values.

It has been a pleasure to have Francine as a colleague and I am very grateful to her for her dedication and significant contributions to Bishop’s.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Principal & Vice-Chancellor

Doolittle’s co-op

Fall 2019 Update!

Reminder that the Doolittle’s Coop Bookstore is temporarily located in the Modular Complex next to the Sports Centre until renovations in the SUB are completed. Doolittle’s Coop website.

Doolittle's co-op

Good day, Bishop’s and Champlain Campus Communities.

The Bishop’s Co-op board of directors has lots of exciting news to share with you!

Please welcome your new bookstore manager: Miguel Levesque

  • We are thrilled to welcome Miguel to the position of General Manager; he started his position on Monday, May 6th.
  • Miguel studied at Champlain for a period of time, so is familiar with the campus, and brings to the Doolittle’s co-op a vast experience in purchasing, sales and human resource management in the retail industry. His implication with event planning will also be an asset for the administration of the newly-created co-op.
  • Miguel’s office is temporarily situated in Mackinnon 106 until further notice. He can be reached at

The official name of the co-op has been selected:  Doolittle’s co-op!

  • This name embraces the longstanding history of the Doolittle’s name on campus in the form of the student-operated convenience store, and reflects the co-op’s desire to maximize the benefits for students and other members with the newly-merged convenience store and bookstore.
  • The next step is to choose a logo. Stay tuned!

The co-op bookstore will open in its temporary location beside the sports centre in mid-June.

  • More information will follow once the precise opening date is confirmed.
  • Please note that the existing bookstore will close on May 24th 2019, so there will likely be a period of time where there will be no bookstore available on campus.
  • We would like to extend our thanks to Follett for collaborating with the University to provide an exceptional bookstore experience over the last nearly twenty years.

For any questions or inquiries you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact Miguel or visit the Doolittle’s co-op website.

We, your co-op board members, are truly thrilled to see this exciting initiative coming to fruition.

Alexandra Medalsy
Stine Linden-Andersen
Isabelle Goyette
Kylie Cote
Erin Mallory
Adam Basmadjian