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Williams School of Business Alums Shine in CFE Exam Results

The results of the 2020 Common Final Examination (CFE) of chartered professional accountants were released last November 1,183 Quebec candidates succeeded at this national examination, being one step closer to obtaining their CPA designation. Nineteen Williams School of Business alumni did the exam. Bishop’s University is beyond ecstatic to announce that, for the second year in a row, our graduates have excelled and managed to get a perfect score, with all our alumni passing the exam.

Congratulations to:

  • Christos Nikolaos Lembessis ’17
  • Gabrielle Thuot ’17
  • Rachel Abbott ’18
  • Nicolas Côté ’19
  • Christine Gauthier ’18
  • Courteney Magwood ’18
  • Amanda Moore ’18
  • Tyler Jensen Smith, MAcc ’19
  • Maude Archambault ’19
  • Dominic Breton-Veillette ’19
  • Xavier Daigneault ’19
  • Mathieu Demers ’19
  • Elizabeth Gauthier ’19
  • Vincent Porlier ’19
  • Jonathan Rousseau ’20
  • Berthier Tanguay ’19
  • Rebecca Vezina ’19
  • Angus McAlpine ’14
  • Karly Ziebarth ’17

Maude ArchambaultKnowing that the national passing rate is 75%, we can be very proud of Bishop’s Accounting program. Our alumni are unanimous to say that the strong academic foundation they received at Bishop’s was a key part of their success. Maude Archambault ’19 largely attribute her success to her academic experience at Bishop’s: “Dedicated professors, unwavering support from staff combined with personalized and pertinent learning opportunities is what this program offers. It guarantees students the ultimate preparation for the CPA program, exam and professional life. Our professors ensured that we were prepared for a professional career not only conceptually in class, but also allowing us to manage projects with real companies. A CPA program is rigorous and demanding, but my time at Bishop’s was essential in passing the exam.”

Tyler SmithTyler Smith ’19 is immensely grateful for his unique educational journey at the Williams School of Business: “The BBA Accounting at Bishop’s has helped me tremendously in pursuing a Masters of Accounting (MAcc), in preparing for and writing the CPA Common Final Exam (CFE), and in the early stages of my career at PwC. Bishop’s approach of case study-based learning is something I took for granted in the moment, but after speaking to classmates, colleagues and fellow CFE writers realized how unique and special it was, and how fortunate I am. The professors truly engage you and invest in you from day 1 and will support you through your CPA journey.”

Senior Instructor Nathalie Hivert is not surprised by the success of our graduates: “At Bishop’s, we are fortunate to have small classes, which allows us to organize formative projects such as practical work with real companies, learning by project and participation in case competitions. Our students not only develop their theoretical knowledge, but also their practical skills, thus bringing added value to their organization. Bishop’s community is unique. It allows our students to grow and build a solid system of values ​​based on open-mindedness, mutual aid and solidarity. With their technical skills and their qualities of heart, our students and graduates will become CPAs capable of changing the world and making it better.”

Now Available on Campus: Recycling of Procedural Masks

Instead of throwing your masks in the trash, recycle them! Bins were installed throughout campus so that you can properly dispose of the procedural masks given to employees and students at the University. N95 masks can also be recycled in these bins. A local company, whose processes have been verified by Recyc-Québec, will receive, sort, and disinfect the masks and recycle them at 90%. We invite all members of our community to recycle their masks at the following locations:

  • Security Office
  • Building and Grounds Office
  • Reception – McGreeer
  • Main entrance – Johnson
  • Main entrance – Nicholls
  • Main entrance – Bandeen
  • Molson and Paterson residences
  • Library Learning Commons
  • John H. Price Sports and Recreation Centre
  • Health Clinic

Poster showing a hand holding a mask with the text: Done with your mask?

Quebec lockdown extended until February 8, 2021

Happy New Year to Everyone,

We trust that you all had a chance to rest and relax over the break.

As you know, the Government of Quebec has announced that effective January 9 the current pandemic lockdown restrictions are extended until February 8 as well as an overnight curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

We are confident we can continue to collectively offer a stimulating and challenging roster of courses at Bishop’s, while respecting these new restrictions.

For the majority of students and faculty, classes will resume on January 18.

The conditions established when we first entered a Red Zone remain in effect:

  • All classes scheduled to be delivered online will continue to be delivered online.
  • All classes and hybrid ‘sections’ of courses that are currently scheduled to meet in person will begin online, except for the following courses which will continue their in-person offering:





  • Students who have registered for in-person sections of hybrid classes may remain online even if/when the instructor offers the in-person section of the course later this term (depending on public health directives).
  • However, if the region goes into Orange or Yellow, professors could opt to remain online only or to go hybrid, meaning that the course could have an in-person section as well as an online section. However, as indicated above, no student will be required to come to campus, but will be able to continue online if that is their preference.
  • In-person night classes will continue to run despite the curfew. Students enrolled in such classes may obtain a letter of attestation from the course instructor.
  • The curfew prohibits student use of LLC after 7:30 p.m. unless participating in one of the exempted in-person classes listed above. It is not possible to access an online class after 7:30 p.m. from the LLC.
  • Education practica will continue. The School of Education will communicate with students directly about details regarding changes to practicum start dates, etc.
  • Community-based experiential learning, internships and COOP placements will continue unless the host organization is unable to host our students, in-person or virtually. All COVID-19 related safety measures must be respected by the host organization for all internships.
  • All office hours will be virtual.
  • The Arts and Science Help Centre is available at
  • The Library Learning Commons (LLC) is currently open for remote support only. The circulation services at the main service desk will remain open. The Writing Centre will continue to offer its services virtually.From January 18th the LLC will be open for in-person access to support your studies, teaching and research. Only seating for individual study will be available. This includes group study rooms, fishbowls and booths/banquettes. No group work or study will be allowed.The LLC will close at 7:30 p.m. to respect the curfew.Procedural masks will be required while circulating inside all buildings, in all locations in the Library Learning Commons, and by students and professors in classrooms, even while seated. The University will supply procedural masks to everyone.

Anyone entering campus must also complete the daily SAFEGaiter Self-Assessment

Wishing you all the best as we embark on a New Year and semester.

Dr. Miles Turnbull, Vice-Principal Academic & Research

Dr. Claire Grogan, Associate Vice-Principal Academic

Reminder to students to update your address

Your student record can include two types of addresses: a permanent and/or a local address. It is always important to keep your address information up to date. You can future-date an address.

If you’re temporarily living somewhere other than the address recorded as your permanent (perhaps a local Sherbrooke / Lennoxville address), it is to your advantage to ensure this other (local) address is recorded as your mailing address. Otherwise, you may experience unwanted delays in getting important mail.

How to instructional video:

Virtual Centraide Campaign Launch

Dear BU Community Members,

Never has the Centraide motto of “Show your local love” been more critical. In the campus community and beyond, COVID-19 has increased the demand for all that Centraide supports: moving people from poverty to possibility, helping kids, and building community. More than ever, Bishop’s University is proud to support the Centraide charitable fundraising campaign, which supports local organizations such as the Lennoxville Youth Centre and Lennoxville & District Women’s Centre. As in past years, 5% of the donations will return to Bishop’s University to support students in need.

On behalf of Principal Goldbloom and this year’s Centraide organizing committee, we would like to invite all members of the Bishop’s community to the virtual Centraide Campaign Launch, November 18th, 10 AM, on Zoom. (To obtain the Zoom link, meeting ID and passcode, please see the email sent to notices.)

We will be joined by Centraide Estrie’s Annual Campaign Director, Marie-Claude Landry.

We look forward to seeing many of you at this event!  It will be recorded for later viewing.

Sonia Patenaude,
Coordinator – Conferences Services – Centennial Theatre

Kerry Hull,
Dean of Science

Denise Lauzière,
Chief of Staff, Principal’s Office

Measures to support student success and relieve stress and anxiety

Dear Bishop’s Community,

The University takes the challenges faced by all members of our community during this exceptional global pandemic very seriously. The University is committed to supporting the entire community as much as possible.

We write to inform you of a series of decisions made by the University’s Senate on October 30, 2020. First, a majority of Senate members voted in favour of the following motion made by the Vice-President Academic of the Students’ Representative Council: The University will extend the availability of the Pass/Fail (P/F) option for all courses for the Fall 2020 semester, in a manner akin to the Spring 2020 semester.

This means that professors will continue with numerical grading for the remainder of the semester. Final grades will be submitted by December 20, 2020. Once grades have been submitted, a student could request to convert a passing numerical grade to a PASS. Numerical grades below the relevant passing threshold will be converted automatically to FAIL on the transcript. This approach will ensure that all students receive a numerical grade but may then choose to opt for a PASS grade if so desired.  As outlined in the Academic Calendar, students must complete all course requirements (e.g., assignments, group activities, quizzes and exams) to the best of their ability to be eligible for this Pass-Fail option. Along with the Students’ Representative Council, the University is committed to ensuring that students are fully aware of the potential negative repercussions of selecting to convert a numerical grade to a PASS. For example, students considering applying for graduate school or a professional program, especially competitive ones, should probably not avail themselves of this option.

The Senate’s decision emerged after serious and thoughtful discussion and wide consultation of students, full and part-time Faculty and teaching Librarians, as well colleagues from other universities in Quebec and in the Maple League. The University believes that the Senate’s decision aligns with Bishop’s beliefs and values about a student-centered approach to a liberal education. We are in the middle of a global pandemic: nothing about this semester is normal or easy for anyone. The Students’ Representative Council’s survey of all students highlights that young people are struggling with issues of mental health and loneliness and are overwhelmed with the realities and workload of studying online. At Bishop’s, we believe that we must remain agile, compassionate and responsive to make decisions to support our students and see them through to graduation.

The University and the Students’ Representative Council believe that a multi-pronged approach to alleviating student stress and anxiety during this exceptional COVID-19 academic year will be most effective. Consequently, the Senate also voted on a variety of other measures to help alleviate student stress and anxiety:

  1. The deadline for withdrawing from courses (the WP deadline) will be extended to the last day of classes;
  2. No student will be required to withdraw from the University or from any program because of their fall 2020 academic results;
  3. The start of the University’s Winter Semester will be delayed by one week to give students an extended break, to facilitate any required quarantining and to allow faculty and staff more time to prepare for the Winter Semester.

The University will continue to help Faculty to identify ways to adapt their teaching and assessment to be flexible and responsive to student needs and stress while maintaining academic standards and the integrity of a Bishop’s degree. We also aim to identify new strategies for supporting students’ technical challenges and for addressing their needs for authentic interaction and engagement in and outside of classes.

Increased support for Faculty will focus on helping them manage the stress and increased workload experienced in this challenging academic year.  Additional measures in support of teaching and learning will be announced soon.

The University and the Students’ Representative Council wish to acknowledge and express profound appreciation for Faculty and staff efforts during this challenging academic year.


Miles Turnbull, Vice-Principal Academic & Research
Georges-Philippe Gadoury-Sansfaçon, Vice-President Academic, Students’ Representative Council

Honouring academic excellence!

At Bishop’s University, we value the pursuit of excellence in all that we undertake, and we aim to instill the aspiration to excel in our students and in all other members of our community.

The University congratulates the following students who were part of the Academic Honour Roll based on their success during the 2019-2020 academic year! The Academic Honour Roll includes full-time students whose academic average is 80% or higher in a complete academic year.

Skip to: Gaiters Academic All-Canadians and All-Stars

2019-2020 Academic Honour Roll



Abdallah, Mouna
Abel, Sara
Aboagye, Deborah
Adam-Gauthier, Émily
Adebogun, Dorcas
Adel, Ghulam Nader
Agourram, Ghita
Ahmadi, Nadim
Ahmadi, Sadruddin
Ahokpe, Oceane Elmira
Aiken, Joshua
Aitken, Allister
Akbari, Rameen
Al-Kisto, Rabeea Idwer Abed
Al-Saedi, Hasan Raad Hussein
Alain, Cécilia
Alexander, Kurt
Alguire-Cartier, Sarah

Aljounde, Mai
Allaire, Owen
Allan, Joshua
Allard, Marie-Pier
Allard, Nadege
Allard, Nathan
Allin, Jennifer
Alloun, Jonathan
Amara, Fiona
Amazit, Salma
Amiri, Shamsulhaq
Amoah, Edna
Amrani, Mehdi
Anderson, Douglas Brenton
Anestis, Chloe
Arata, Anthony
Araujo Braga, Catarina
Arel, Alice

Arendt, Macalister
Arguin, Charles-Étienne
Armstrong, Charlotte
Armstrong, Stephanie
Arppe, Liam
Arsenault, Ryan
Asan, Sezen
Asefa, Makda
Asefi, Madina
Assad, Michael
Atieh, Farah
Aubert, Matthias
Aubin, Patricia
Audet, Isabelle
Audet, Jeremy
Auffrey, Julien
Auger, Evelyne
Authier, Amelia


Babin, Émile
Bach, Valentin
Baig, Mirza Saad
Baillie, Loch
Baker, Breac
Baker, Jackson
Baker, Terrance Owen
Balakrishnan, Tharane
Banton, Cameron
Baragar, Elyse
Barbe, Marie-Eve
Bareiro Sanchez, Camila Alexandra
Barker, Maxime
Barnes, Abby
Barry, Finn
Barton, Dara
Basmadjian, Adam
Bastianon, Katrina
Bayer, Rachel Caroline
Bean, Tyler
Beattie, Marissa
Beaucher, Thomas
Beaudoin, Marie-Pierre
Beaudry, Emily
Beaulieu, Maude
Beaulieu, Sonia
Beaumont, Elizabeth
Beauregard, Bianca
Beauregard, Michael
Bédard, Camil
Belair, Joel
Belair, Shelleigh Ann
Belanger, Amber Sky
Bélanger, Laurence
Belanger, Lawrence
Bélanger, Patrick
Belanger, Samuel
Belec, Andreanne
Belisle, Christof
Béliveau, Charles-Étienne
Béliveau, Elie
Bell, Kimberly
Belzil, Grace
Bender, Georgia
Benison, Holly
Bensahli, Amira

Benson, Delaney
Benson, Julia
Bentley, Jack
Bentley, Tyler
Benyk, Rebecca
Berard, Ariane
Berger, Marianne
Berger, Yoan
Bernard, Ariane
Bernardo, Samantha
Bernier, Marc-Antoine
Berrouette, Marie-Evrardine
Berube, Jesse
Bigaouette, Jasmine
Bilodeau, Benoit
Binet-Patoine, Emilie
Binotto, Joshua
Biron, Kassandra
Birota, Kilian
Bisaillon-Lemelin, Shad
Bishop, Noah
Bispham, Heaven
Bissonnette-Gideon, Angelina
Black, Victoria
Blackburn, Emma
Blades, Teri
Blair, Sophie
Blais, Catherine
Blanchette, John-James
Blanusa, Isabelle
Blom, Noémi
Blue, Donald
Boekhoudt, Aleena Kristen
Bogyay, Ava
Bohme, Claire
Boisvert, Marie-Lou
Boisvert, Sandrine
Bombardier, Anna-Lina
Bonham, Branden
Boone, Emily
Bouchard, Roxanne
Bouchard, Sandrine
Boucher, Amélie
Boucher, Bridget
Boucher, Christopher
Boucher, Felix

Boucher, Jérémy
Boucher, Laurence
Boudreault, Ann-Kim
Boudreault, Gabriel
Boultbee, Lauren
Bourbeau, Gabrielle
Bourbeau, Mathieu
Bourget, Marc-Alexandre
Bourque-Labbé, Philippe
Bouslimi, Fatima
Bousquet, Kelly-Ann
Boyer, Michael
Brant, Justin
Brassard-Peck, Bianca
Brassard, Ayden
Brasset-Erickson, Emmanuel
Breton Piette, Bianca
Breton, Ariane
Brien-Brodeur, Thomas
Brigger, Alison
Briggs, Hayden Thomas
Briggs, Tameka
Brind-Boronkay, Selena
Brindle, Kolby
Britt, Austen
Brochu-Lessard, Elyse
Brooks, Elliot
Brooks, Grace
Brophey, Jenna
Brown, Baylee
Brown, Carson Jacob
Brus, Keisha
Bryson, Hilary
Buaiz, Christopher
Buchanan, Jillian
Buck, Jared
Bureau-Pomerleau, Jeremie
Burgos, Wilton
Burke, Holly
Burnham, Cortney
Burnham, Kelsey
Buschman-Dormond, Justin
Butler, Anne
Byam, Kacie
Byrne, Grace


Cabana, Pénélope
Caddell, Sarah
Cai, Jiangyuan
Caimano, Sarah
Cairns, Julianne
Calitri, Chloe
Callaway, Tosha
Camara, Gemma
Cameron, Abbie
Cameron, Anne
Cameron, Frances
Cammalleri, Rosetta
Campbell, Rebecca
Campo, Steven
Canning, Kara
Canning, William
Carasquero, Bishop
Carbone, Giuseppe
Cardaun, Clara
Cardinal, Jean-Francois
Carrier-Coupal, Lee
Casat, Tyler
Castelot, Juliette
Castillon, Pierre-Alexandre
Castor Thadal, Joany
Cattelan, Camille
Cauvet, Samy
Cecura, Kristina
Chabot-Assayag, Raphaelle
Chagnon, Sophie
Chamberland-Dostie, Annabelle
Chamoumi, Chaimaa
Champagne, Jade
Champagne, Jessika
Champagne, Marianne

Champigny- Rolfe, Erika
Chapdelaine Poirier, Mélissa
Charbonneau, Nicolas
Charette, Arianne
Charette, Chloé
Charpentier, Jordane
Charron, Julia
Chartier, Colette
Chatigny, Nohémie
Chatterton-Jerome, Shawna
Chaulk, Leah
Chen, JiangLan
Chenell, Jelisa April
Chiarella, Melissa
Childs, Gabriel
Chisholm-McCoy, Megan
Chouinard, Isabelle
Christensen, Spencer
Churchill-Baugh, Callum
Clark, Andrea
Clarke, Dylan
Clavelli, Maria
Cleveland, Tyler
Clipperton, Eric
Cloutier, Émilien
Cloutier, Roxanne
Coates, Chanelle
Codere-Veilleux, Audrey
Cognet, Emma
Comeau, Vincent
Compos, Jack
Comtois, Alyson
Comtois, Chloé
Connerty, Charlie
Connors, Ian

Cook, Amber
Cooke, Aidan
Cooper, Beth
Cooper, Megan
Corcoran, Benjamin
Cordoba, Maria
Corey, Brianna
Cormier, Noémie-Soleil
Corrigan, Kyle
Cossette Fortin, Pénélope
Cote, Maude
Cote, Sarah
Côté, Sébastien
Cournoyer, Camille
Courte-Rathwell, Vivianne
Courtemanche, Geneviève
Courtemanche, Paul
Courtenay, James
Coutu, Nicolas
Couture-Boisvert, Mari-Eve
Couves, Rebecca
Cox, Olivia
Crabtree, Duncan
Cresp-Lacroix, Sandrine
Crochard, Agathe
Cruz, Felipe
Cui, Kexin
Cullet, Guillaume
Cunningham-Reimann, Stephanie
Cunningham, Brendan
Cunningham, Sally
Custeau, Rachel
Cyr-Morin, Maïthé
Cyr, Zachary


D’Attellis, Alessandro
Da Silva Domingues, Rafaela
Dagenais, Emmanuel
Dai, Xiaoxuan
Dancy, Michael
Dandin, Arnaud
Daoust, Coralie
Daoust, Joshua
Dardon Rojas, Lucia
Dauplaise, Darquise
Davidson-Yee, Elisha
Davidson, Heather
Davidson, Hilary
Davidson, Naomie
Dawson, Thomas
Day, Rhiannon
Dayan-Mandelker, Talia
De Grâce, Samuel
De Luca, Monika
de Morel, Victoria
de Poncins, Judith
De-Zan Buck, Celina
Deamond, Liam
Dean-Feldman, Kelly
Decoste, Bryanna
Del Campo, Tricia
Delas Llagas, Gwen Leeneth
Deleporte, Ariel
Delepoulle, Astrid
Deline, Zach

Demeestere, Pierre Jean
Demers, Chloé-Jade
Demers, Olivier
Dempster, Neil
Denault Pilon, Dominic
Denham, Ivy
Denison, Alyx
Dennis, Rylee
Denoncourt, Guillaume
Depault, Anaëlle
Desbiens-Laberge, Kim
Descamps, Matthias
Desir, Sancia
Desmarais, Claire
Desmarais, Nathan
Desmarais, Pascale
Desouza, Elizabeth
Desrochers, Danielle
Dessureault-Opalewski, Océane
DeVries, Samantha
Di Mauro, Lora
Diallo, Amadou
Dickens, Murray
Dickson, Madison
Digaletos, Amelia
Dimakos, Peter
Ding, Xueyan
Dion Larivière, Cassandre
Dion, Lara
Dionne, Alissa

Dionne, Laurie
Dirksz, Maellendy
Dodig, Jessica
Dong, Zhikang
Doran, Fiona Ann
Dore, Kevin
Dory, Corinne
Dorzilmé, Sébastien
dos Santos Lagarto, Ana Ines
Doucet, Andrew
Dougherty, Liam
Doyon, Megan
Duan, Sitong
Dubé, Sophie-Maude
Dubois, Guillaume
Dubuc, Jérémie
Ducharme, Samuel
Duchene-Droppo, Raya
Duchesne, Bernard
Dufresne, George
Dufresne, Thomas
Dumaresque-Roberts, Katie
Dumont, Eddie
Dupont, Marta Ismeine
Dupuis, Nicolas
Dupuy, Kévin
Durocher, Jacob
Durocher, Justine
Durocher, Megan
Dutil, Eve


Edwards, Stephanie
Egloff, Stephanie
Eine, Victoria
El Hout, Taha
Elliot, Sarah
Elliott, Liam

Elliott, Mikayla
Elvidge, Erin
Emslie-Matthews, Mason
Epp, Erin
Erickson, Brynn
Essel, Fanny

Estrada, Victoria
Ethier, Francine
Evangelisti, Enzo
Evans-Kummer, Elsa
Evans, Cassandra
Exume, Eslly


Fabre, Allison
Fahey, Maximin
Faille, Taylor
Fan, Xuyang
Faqiry, Khalida
Farley, Madelyn
Fasan, Olivia
Fata, Daniela
Fathy, Karim
Fava, Malcolm
Fearnley, Jaclyn
Fedorowicz, Kamila Anna
Fee, Alysa
Ferdowsi, Saba
Finkelstein, Maya
Firlotte, Anna

Firlotte, Camille
Firth, Sam
Fiset, Frederick
Fisher Nasr, Tyler
Fisher, Aislinn
Fisher, Samuel
FitzGerald, Juliet
Fitzsimmons, Caleb
Fizet, Geoffrey
Flax, Felix
Flour, Marius
Foley, Liam
Forget-Larivière, Rébecca
Forgues, Marc-Antoine
Forward, Stacey
Foshay, Sheyann

Fournier, Nicolas
Fournier, Sebastien
Fowler, Charlotte
Frady, Etienne
Francoeur, Ocean
Francois, Cedric
Franklin, Aarron
Fraser, Bailee
Fraser, Kennedy
Frazer, Stephen
Fredriksen, Kaitlyn
Fried, Jessica
Frith, Joshua
Fry, Zach
Fuller, Molly Sawyer


Gabelus, Metchline
Gadoury-Sansfaçon, Georges-Philippe
Gagné, Amélie
Gagnon -Coulombe, Keven
Gagnon, Alyson
Gagnon, Jennifer
Gagnon, Xavier
Galasso, Janik
Gallan, Haley
Gallant, Candyce
Garcia, Donna Julia
Gardner, Hayley
Gardner, Jahsara
Gariépy, Eliott
Gauthier-Bisaillon, Raphaëlle
Gauthier, Henry
Gauthier, Rose
Gauthier, Suni
Gauvreau, Rachel
Gelinas Gagne, Charlotte
Gelinas, Emile
Gellatly, Megan
Gendron, Eric Charles
Gendron, Félix
Gendron, Gabrielle
Genesse, Marie-Emmanuelle
Germain, Leanka
Gervais, Myriam
Ghorbal, Manel
Gibbs, Nicholas
Gibson, Josiane

Gibson, Kaitlyn
Giglio, Zoe Rose
Giguère, Charles-Benoit
Gilbert, Julia
Gilbert, Sara
Gilbert, Victoria
Gile, Shawna
Gillim, Zachary
Gillis, Connor
Gingras, Jessica
Girouard, Julie
Giroux-Dion, Samantha
Giroux, Philippe
Givens, Hugo Joseph
Glover, Taia
Gnani, Pireetha
Gobeil, Justin
Godard, Samantha
Godbout, Savannah
Godman, Hugh
Godward, Amie
Goerke, Jack
Goettke, Klara
Gomes da Silva, Nicholas
Goni, Nicole
Goold, Claire
Goold, Sydney
Gordon, Alexander
Gosselin, Mathieu
Gouin, Delby
Gould, Holden

Goupil, Louis-Dimitri
Gowanlock, Evelynn
Goyette, Sophie
Graddon, Alexa
Graham, Jack
Graham, Theresa
Grainger, Morgan
Grainger, Robyn
Grandsard, Sarah
Grant, Adam
Gravel, Philippe
Gray, Meaghan
Gray, Tyler
Greene, Jordan
Greenwood, Natasha
Greggain-Geneau, Bailey
Grégoire, Philippe-Olivier
Grenier, Philip
Griffiths Julien, Zachary
Grout, Justin
Gruninger, Faustine
Grynfeltt, Edward
Guay, Philip
Guerut, Matthis
Gueye, Fadel Moustapha
Guinto, Kate-Lynn
Gunter, Emma
Guo, Yubo
Gupta, Sakshi
Gutierrez Perez, Carlos Andres


Haché, Léontyne
Hackett, Katherine
Haddad Sharma, Jay Kumar
Hadden, Sebastian
Hafid, Safia Thibodeau
Halliday, Isabella
Hamdard, Aamir Khan
Hamilton, Tom
Handfield, Catherine
Hanes, Spencer
Harrington, Daniel
Harris, Michael
Harrison, Andrew
Hart, Morgan
Hatashita, Kira
Hatch, Alessia
Haughian-Shillingford, Griffin
Hawladar, Zarif
Hayhurst, Quinton
He, Xinyi

He, Xuan
Hebert, Casey
Hebert, Patrick
Heidinger, Michael
Heins, Mehana
Hellerud, Rachel
Helmer, Kaileigh
Henderson, Roy
Heneghan, Maggie
Henry, Dale
Henshaw, Brianna
Herring, Tyler
Hewett, Amber
Hewitt, Olivia
Hill, Bethany
Hines, Ashique
Hobbes, Carson
Hodgson, Alexandra
Hoekstra, Joshua

Holder, Maya
Holmes, Mackenzie
Hong, Yi
Horan, Kim
Hornibrook, Hannah
Hossain, Juthi
Houde, Sandra
Houle, Mackenzie Rose
Hudon, Rébéka
Huebchen, Emma
Hughes, Anna
Hughes, Azalea
Hughes, Keagan
Hui, Mathew
Hulton, Noah
Hunt, Noah
Huntley, Danielle
Hurtado Vazquez, Afrika
Hutchings, Lauren


Iannitto, Rocco
Ider, Mohammed Adnane
Innocent, Merly

Ireland, Morgan
Irvin, Tyanna
Itani, Fares

Ivey, Brylie
Iwanicki, Natalie
Izmaylova, Oleksandra


Jackson, Brittany
Jacobs, Alanna
Jacobs, Andi
Jameson, Haley
Janusonis, Isabella May
Jarmoc, Justin
Jarvis, Kate
Jasani, Manisha

Jean, Estefanie
Jesso, Jayme
Jiang, Shiji
Jin, Wei
Jin, Yitian
Jobin, Nicolas
Johns, Patrick
Johnson-Desnoyers, Kassandra

Johnson, Kayla
Johnson, William
Johnston, Richard
Joncas, Noah
Jonkman, Jabez
Jose, Jithin
Juhel-Salvaggio, Luca
Jutras-Bouvette, Mariane


Kaeser-Reiss, Nikolaus-Paul
Kalafut, Nathan Henry
Kalil, Maia
Kaller, Jaclyn
Kallio, Christopher
Kane, Sarah
Kaplan, Sophie
Karuretwa, Oceane
Kauffeldt, Devlin
Kauffeldt, Taylor
Kaufman, Tomas
Kearney, Patrick
Keck, Jake
Keddy, Claire
Keefe, Brenna
Keller, Barbara
Kelley, Brendan

Kelly, Connor
Kennedy, Liam
Keramidas, Maiko
Kervarec, Inès
Khurshid, Nayab
Kidd Monette, Olivia
Kilbourne-Olver, Paris
Killeen, Amanda
Kim, Yeomin (Andrei)
King, Taylynn
Kinsman, Kate
Kirk, Autumn
Kirkey, Cameron
Kish, Nicola
Klein, Dana
Klemmer, Suzanne
Kobersy, Jeff

Kola, Mikyla
Kone, Sabrina-Binta
Korji, Joy
Kotler, Marrah
Kouacou, Kerian-Emmanuel Wilfried
Kounna, Samia
Kousaie, Cédric
Kozicki, Daniel
Krallis, Melina
Kramer, Karina
Kredl, Samuelle Andee
Kroll, Justine
Kuhar, Eva
Kunz, Grace
Kurkimaki, Simon
Kwass, Owen
Kyle, Kayla


L’Abbe, Sebastien
L’Heureux, Gabrielle
Labbé, Émilie
Labbé, Gabrielle
Laberee, Adam
Labrecque, Danyka
Labrenz, Caleb
Lachance, Chloe
Lacombe, Lory
Lacombe, Marie-Philippe
Lacroix, André
Ladouceur, Ulrik
Ladry, Joel
Lafave, Taylor
Lafave, Tia
Lafleur, Claudia
Lafond, Chantal
Lafontaine, Samuel
Lafrance, Alexia
Lafreniere, Simon
Lagloire-O’Connell, Samuel
Lague-Lauzon, Dave
Lahbat, Mariya
Lamarche, Gaston
Lamb, Trisha
Lambert, Danika
Lambert, Lindsey
Lamontagne, Charli
Lamontagne, Emil
Lamontagne, Frédérique
Lamoureux, Alec
Landry, Béatrice
Landry, Jessica
Landry, Katrina
Lane, Samantha
Langevin, Sufia
Langlois, Dominique
Langlois, Krissy
Langlois, Marie-Christine
Langlois, Philippe-Alexandre
Lapenna, Jessica
LaPierre, Georgia
Laplante, Jakob
Lapointe Lassonde, Philippe

Lareau, Louis-Philippe
Larocque, Cameron
Larouche, Frédérique
Laurie, Jessica
Laurin, Selina
Laursen, Noah
Lauzon, Maya
Lavallee, Gabrielle
Lavallee, Sabrina
Lavigne, Léa
Lavoie-Vézina, Kim
Lavoie, Francis
Lavoie, Shayna
Laws, Crystal
Lawton, Ewan
Layer, Alexandra
Le Berre, Vincent
Le Brun Robles Gil, Anne Sophie
Leblanc, Élizabeth
Leblanc, Kate
Leblond, Marianne
Leboldus, Sage
Leborgne, Audrey
LeClair, Genevieve
Leclerc, Stephanie
Lecours, Alexandre
Lee, Ella
Lee, Karen
Lefebvre, Isabelle
Legaré, Jordan
Légaré, Megan
Léger-Goodes, Terra
Leger, Elizabeth
Legge, Madeline
Lemay, Maude
Lemieux, Alex
Lemieux, Samuel
Lemieux, Sara-Maude
Lemus-Rivero, Eugenio
Lemyre-Roy, Anny
Leonard, Vanessa
Lepage, Paul Antoine
Leroux-Boucher, Sandrine

Leroux, Savannah
Leseigneur, Charlotte
Lessard-Tetrault, Juliette
Lessard, Miguel
Lestage, Frederique
LeTouzel, Kayla
Leung, Wing Shu
Levac, Stephen
Levasseur, Jasmyne
Levesque, Natacha
Levesque, Saffron
Ley, Jacob
Li, Mei-Jing
Li, Qian
Li, Yifeng
Lim, Hanel
Lima Cambron, Karine Mila
Lintz, Jessica
Lisson, Hannah
Littlejohn, Mathew
Littlejohn, Nicole
Liu, Chenchen
Liu, Liu
Liu, Sile
Liu, Yang
Liu, Yu
Liu, Yuexiang
Liu, Yuxin
Llopiz, Thomas
Lloyd-Leclerc, Alan
Lloyd, Clara
Locke, Kathleen
Locke, Noah
Loomis, Courtney
Lord, Jean-Sebastien
Lowe, Benjamin
Lowry, Cole
Lu, Yanming
Lu, Yiqi
Lugar, Maia
Luo, Ruili
Lupien, Nathan
Lushman, Emma


MacCulloch, Lauren
MacDonald, Aidan
Macdonald, Benjamin
MacDonald, Caileigh
MacDonald, Liam
MacDonald, Sara
MacDonald, Shayne
MacDonell, Cassie
MacEwen, Rhiannon
MacIntosh, Jessica
MacLean, Gillian
MacLean, Hayley
MacLeod, Dillon
MacPhee, Lauren
Maduro, Rebecca
Mafé, Vivienne
Maher, Emmett
Maher, Gabrielle
Maheu, Louis-Charles
Maheux, Maika
Mailloux Chagnon, Brandon
Mailloux-Chagnon, Romy
Majdell, Brodie
Major, Shelby
Maloy, Christopher-James
Manfred, Sarah
Manno, Domenico
Marchand-Dion, Amy
Marchand, Morgana
Marcil, Alix
Marcotte, Louis-Charles
Marhue, Sofia
Markhauser, Katherine
Marleau, Julianne
Maroun, Sacha-Maria
Martel, Catherine
Martel, Simon
Marteniuk, Sydney
Martin, Anthony
Martin, Victor
Martineau, Alexis
Martinez Gosselin, Isabelle
Martins, Anne-Marie
Massicotte, Drew
Massicotte, Matthew
Mastine, Trinity
Matheson, Mackenzie
Mathieu, Kaleb
Matthews-Hanna, Isaac
Matuzonyte, Marta
Maxwell, Ryan
Mayol, Charlotte

McAlpine, Alec
McBain, Elizabeth
McCabe, Alyshia
McCarthy, Hannah
McCormack, Elise
McCracken, Zachary
McCrea, Courtney
McCue, Matthew
McDonald-Bryan, Shayne
McDonald, Sandi
McDougald, Grace Gail
McFadden, Caitlin
McGovern, Meghan
McGovern, Olivia
McIntosh, Annabelle
McIntosh, Avery
McKague, Jack
Mckee, Milia
McKenna, Keidi
McKenzie, Holly
McKeown, Halley
McKinnon, Kyle
McLean-Dumont, Jade
McLean, Abigail
McLean, Hannah
McLenaghan, Ian
McNeil, Isaac
Mcneill, Andrew
Mcniven, Norman
McNutt, Katheryn
McQuirter-Kelly, Grace
McWilliams, Kaila
Mebtoul, Anass
Mebtoul, Yahya
Meesschaert, Benjamin
Meleras, Abigail
Melley, Marie Eve
Meloche, Simon
Ménard, Joelle
Ménard, Taylor
Menn, Renee
Merovitz, Malou
Merrithew, Trinity-Ann
Messier, Marc-Etienne
Metcalfe Hurst, Adam
Mianscum-Spencer, Zachary
Michelet, Chloe
Michiels, Haley
Migneault, Mireille
Miller, Connor
Milliard, Yoan
Mills, Edward John Grant

Mincic, Luka
Miron, Dani Chan Roussy
Mojsej, Sarah
Moleski, Catherine
Monaghan-Cossette, Florence
Mongiardo, Veronica-Assunta
Monroy Lara, Kimberly Janely
Mooney, Claudia
Moore-Iseroff, Alicia
Moore, Cedrik
Moore, Danielle
Moore, Lindsay
Morales, Danna
Morariu, Gabriel Valentin
Moreau, Kevin
Morel, Frederique
Morency, Caroline
Morgan, Annabelle Laura
Morin, Chelsea
Morisson, Benjamin
Morley, Tanis
Morrison, Jill
Morrison, Margaret
Morrone, Gianni
Morrow, Erica
Mouligne, Antoine
Moussenguet, Louve Mestone
Mueller, Kurt
Mulherin, Linus
Mulligan, Gwendolyn
Mullin, Amanda
Mumford, Amanda
Munafo, Christian
Munoz Gomez, Natalia
Munro, Anya
Munro, Luke
Munro, Megan Emma
Muravsky-Bernier, Alex
Murphy, Ashley
Murphy, Claire
Murphy, Giselle
Murphy, Jack
Murphy, Matthew
Murphy, Quinn
Murphy, Tyler
Murray, James
Murray, Sarah
Musto, Olivia
Mwamba, Oswald Salumu
Myers, Arianna
Myrtil, Penelope


Nadeau, Sabrina
Narugano, Denise
Naud, Anne-Frédérique
Naylor, Sabrina
Needham, Caitlyn-Emily
Neeser-Carazo, Raquel
Neilson, Andrew
Nesbitt, Hayley

Newsham, Gabrielle
Ngoma, Jean-Pierre
Nguyen, Laurence
Nguyen, Minh Khue
Nguyen, Natalie
Nichol, Natalie Mary-Lynn
Nicholls, Jessica

Nielsen, Mary
Nierlich, Kyle
Noble, John
Noel, Daniel
Noël, Valérie
Nolan, Timothy
Nolet, Juliet


O’Connell, Danica
O’Reilly, Tanya
O’Shea, Aidan
O’Brien, Jaclyn
Oatway, John
OBrien, Kalin
Ogbit, Dima

Olah, Ashley
Onyango, Sarah Maria
Orantes-Mendoza, Kathya
Ordoñez, Juan
Ortiz Cornejo, Tatiana
Ortiz, Micaela Kestrel
Osborne-O’Donnell, Hannah

Osbourne, Kaitlin
Ostin, Celeste
Oswick, Ryan
Ouellet, Kayla
Ouimet-Fieldsend, Helen
Owen, Llinos
Ozkumova, Berkay


Paczynski, Timothy Bernard
Page, Jack
Page, Olivia
Page, Shelby
Pageau, Lilianne
Painchaud, Alexandre
Palin, Melvin
Palmer, Meagan
Papin, Joséphine
Paquette, Sarah
Paradis, Pier-Olivier
Parent, Karrie
Parker, Jarett
Parnell, Kendra
Parsons, Jessica
Partridge, Samantha
Parzych, Samantha
Pascale-Blanchard, Kyla
Patrick, Breanna
Patrick, Granton
Patrick, Hannah
Patrick, Virginia-Paige
Patterson, Cora
Paul, Elisabeth

Paul, Jennifer
Paul, Katsitsaiéri
Payes, Judith
Pead, Marina
Peirson, Sarah
Pelkmans, Nick
Pellerin, Antoine
Pelletier, Hannah
Pépin, Camille
Pepin, Paul-Lou
Pepin, Uma
Perak, Victoria
Perez, Amaya
Perin, Katia
Perras, Rachelle
Perreault, Sabrina
Peters, Hannah
Peterson, Brianna
Phendler, Eric
Phillips, Andrew
Piana, Claire
Piché, Béatrice
Pico, Mariana
Piercy-Asselin, Alexander

Pigeon, Nicholas
Piggott-Nardozza, Mélanie
Plourde, Rosie
Pohl, Laura
Poirier, Amélia
Poirier, Kathy
Poirier, Kelly
Poirier, Raphael
Poisson, Matthew
Poitras, Kelvin
Poland, Bailey
Poole, Graham
Pothier, Marc-Antoine
Poulin, Julianna
Poulin, Mélina
Pountcheva, Alexandra
Price, Mandy
Priest, Liam
Prince-Finkelstein, Thea
Prince, Maxwell
Proulx, Nathalie
Provencher, Rosalie
Prudhomme, Sammy
Pugganwala, Fatima


Qiu, XueYuan
Qiu, Yang
Querengesser, Jenna
Quraeshi, Alexia


Racicot, Sara
Rahman, Shabrina
Rainsford, Matthew
Ramirez Moreta, Santiago Martin
Ramroop, Kira
Rao, Anita
Rao, Juhi
Ravel, Guillaume
Rawn, Serena
Ray, Candice
Redivo, Caio
Rehman, Olivia
Reichard, Jenna
Reid, Valerie
Reilly, Bradon
Restall, Samantha
Reveilhac, Sébastien
Reynolds, Mackenzie
Rhodes, Bailey
Ribeiro, Anna
Richard, Andreanne
Richard, Audrey
Richard, Gabriel

Richard, Maude
Richardson, Katie
Richmond, Hayden
Riley, Alexa
Ringuet, François-Xavier
Rioux, Ann Elizabeth
Rioux, Philip Edmond
Ritchie, Samuel
Rivera-Baires, Melissa
Rivera, Andrea
Roberge, Jayson
Robertson, Emma
Robinson, Carrie
Robinson, Jason
Robson, Kelsey
Rochefort, Nadia
Rodgers, Alexandre
Rodrigue, William
Rogers, Sophie
Rohac-Grenier, Mikaela
Rohr, Taylor
Rokov, Branko

Romano, Olivia
Roque, Korynn
Ross-Blevis, Bayla
Ross-Labrie, Valerie
Ross, Conall
Rossiter, David
Rothney, Bethany
Rousseau, Lily Madeleine
Rousseau, Pascale
Rowe, Hannah
Roy, Courtney
Roy, Guillaume
Roy, Melina
Roy, Natasha
Roy, Olivier
Royer, Samy
Rozon, Lloyd
Ruan, Xiaojie
Ruby, Quinn
Russell, Mackenzie
Rutherford, Andrew
Ryan, Westin


Sa, Sifan
Sabourin, Charlotte
Sabourin, Josie-Anne
Sadid Janali, Ali
Said Allaoui, Anastasia
Saintelmy, Ted-Olivier
Salameh, Sharbel
Sallans, Adam
Salvail, Coralie
Salvail, William
Salvatori, Maria
Salverda, Bryce
Sampson, Chelsy
Samson, Kate
Sathananthan, Anchala
Saulnier-Cyr, Jade Shushu
Sauve, Robyn
Savard-Bergeron, Gabriel
Savard, Malika
Savoie, Brandon
Schlitt, Justin
Schnurr, Gabriel
Schricker, Lily
Schwartz, Kate
Sciortino, Vincenzo
Scott, Trevor
Scrabbi, Sabrina
Seale, Angelina
Seguin, Hugo
Seiler, Ryann
Seip, Nicole
Seitz-Lavoie, Tamra Rose
Serrano, Miranda Martine
Sévigny, Camille
Seward, Mark

Sezlik, Sebastien
Shahani, Kabir
Shahin, Antoun
Shan, Emma
Sharpe, Scotia
Shaw, Jack
Shea, Kaitlyn
Shea, Valerie
Sheldrick, Taylor
Shen, Qianru
Shen, Xueyun
Shi, Ce
Shields, Charles
Sholdice, Fallon
Shufelt, Trisha
Shut, Artur
Siciliano, Amaiquen
Sidhoum, Kawther
Sidhu, Simran
Simard, William
Simo Tchomgue, Michele Ornella
Simon-Dufour, Charles-André
Simon, Sarah
Simons, Kyra
Simons, Ryan
Skinner, Madilyn
Slawich, Michelle
Smith, Adam
Smith, Ryan
Smodis McCune, Victoria
Sneyd-Dewar, Jordan
Snyders Dykeman, Isabella
Soliman, Ahmad Amin
Somersall, Sabrina
Sommerville, Hannah

Soper, Nicole
Soper, Rachel
Soucy, Félix
Soucy, Jean-Reno
Sparr, Jared Derek
Spieth, Sara
Squires, Emilie
St-Arnaud, Charles
St-Hilaire, Rose-Marie
St-Laurent-Hamel, Corinne
St. Germain, Victoria
St. Laurent, Michelle
Stapleton, Alexandre
Starnino, Victoria
Stemp, Caleb
Stevens, Eliza-Jane
Stevens, Vanessa
Stockill, Jaidan
Story, Emma
Stranberg, Isiah
Struss, Rebecca
Su, Qirui
Sullivan, Camille
Sun, Amelia Yuman
Sun, Zhaoqi
Sureau, Amanda
Surrette, Caroline
Sweeney, Sarah
Swennen, Jesse
Swett, Samantha
Swiatkowski, Hannah
Swift, Hailey
Sydor, Cassandra H.
Synnott, Geneviève
Szabo, Karl


Taillefer, Isabelle
Tailleur, Olivier
Talmaciu, Carla
Tang, Siulok
Tardif, Mylena
Tavares, Cristina Maria Jose
Taylor, Madeline
Taylor, Patrick
Tchouen, Odette Charlene
Tebbit, Amy
Tendon, Yannick
Teolis, Owen
Tessier, Annie
Tharmapala, Sharanha
Theberge, Elizabeth
Theriault, Emily
Therrien, Océane
Therrien, Rosalie
Thibault, Benjamin

Thibodeau, Mikael
Thom, Madelaine
Thompson, Blake
Thompson, Kennedy
Thompson, Patrick Andrew
Thompson, Rielly
Thornhill, Jordan
Tidman, Hope
Timmins, Alexandra
Tissot, Liam
Titus, Lauren
Toguri-Laurin, Maxime
Tomasik, Keisha
Tomaszewski, Alasdair
Toomey, Noah
Torres-Rivas, Adrianna Nicole
Tousignant, Sandrine
Toussaint, Lydia
Toussaint, Marie-Laurence

Treagus, Emily
Tremblay, Alexann
Trempe, Justine
Trepanier, Jacques Emilio
Trepanier, Jade
Tromeur, Paul
Trottier, Guillaume
Trumble, Emma
Tsitouras, Michael
Tuck, Carlie
Tucker D’Hollander, Lysander
Tully, Jonah
Turcotte-Van de Rydt, Christophe
Turcotte, Jessyca
Turcotte, Noémie
Turgeon, Eve
Turk, Shawn
Turmel, Joanie


Utrosa, Samuell


Vachon, Geneviève
Vaillancourt, Katrina
van Beerschoten, Madison
van Galder, Sarah
Van Orman, Kess Mariel
Vandal, Victoria
Vanegas Aguirre, Jeimy Julieth
Vaux, Isabelle
Veale, Agatha
Veenstra, Nick

Veilleux-Malone, Anna
Veilleux, Anabelle
Veilleux, Pier-Antoine
Vela-Colina, Katharine Nicole
Veneziano, Mia
Vermette, Angélie
Véronneau, Sarah
Verville, Eric
Vervroegen-Thomas, Zion

Verzhak, Nikita
Victor, Célia
Viens, Noémie
Viles, Jonas
Vincent, Isabelle
Virk, Tejpal
Voorneveld, Jacobus
Vosinek, Tyler
Vowles, Devin


Wade, Alexandra
Wagner, Francesca
Wagner, Peyton
Walker-Levesque, Jessica Tracy Norma
Walker, Caitlin
Wallace, Hannah
Wallace, John
Wallett, Tyler
Walton, Zoe
Wang, Xutianrui
Wang, Zackary
Wapachee, Gabriel
Waplak, Jake
Wareham, Jennifer
Watson, Sara
Watson, Thomas
Watters, Erin Rose
Weary, Robert
Webster, Harriet

Webster, Leo
Weibel, Zachary
Weinstein, Rachel
Welch, Juliette
Welch, Kobie
Welsch, Ophelia
Wen, Zhiyao
West, Ruby
Westington, Jack
Whebby, Hannah
Whelan, Drew
Whissell, Eric
White, Nick
Whitteker, Morgan
Wildgen, Anna-Celeste
Wildgen, Benjamin
Williams, Corey
Williamson, Amanda
Wilson, Cameron

Wilson, Caroline
Wilson, Christina Baily
Wilson, Rachel
Wilson, Ryley
Wilson, Sydney
Windle, Sarah
Winn, Mara
Winter, Alisha
Wiseman-Beese, Alexander
Witty, Anik
Wojciech, Audrey
Wolf, Matthew
Womelsdorf, Leah
Wood, Hailey
Woodall, Atticus
Wudrick, Kathleen
Wulder, Hendrik
Wyers, Jenna
Wylie, Brendan


Xia, Lei
Xia, Xuanpin
Xu, Lang Rui
Xu, Liyao


Yang, Zihan
Yarrow, Emma Elizabeth
Yates, Jaimee

Ye, Weijie
Young, Erica
Young, Logan

Youssef, Sherif
Yuan, Liran
Yuan, Min Cong


Zeevat, Rene
Zhang, Jingwen
Zhao, Ruanqin

Zhao, Wenxue
Zhao, Xinyu
Zheng, Shuxin

Zhou, Nan
Zhu, Huishan
Zimmer, Adrien

2019-2020 Bishop’s Gaiters Academic All-Canadians and All-Stars

The following student-athletes achieved Academic All-Canadian or Academic All-Star status. The University is very proud to have so many student-athletes who excel in the classroom and in their athletic pursuits!


Christensen, Spencer
Comtois, Alyson
Doyon, Megan
Levesque, Saffron
Murphy, Ashley
Patrick, Virginia-Paige
Richard, Andreanne
Vickers, Merrin


Ducharme, Samuel
Hughes, Keagan
Kennedy, Liam
Kousaie, Cédric
Laursen, Noah
Majdell, Brodie
Oswick, Ryan
Royer, Samy
Shillingford, Griffin
Trottier, Guillaume


Boudreault, Gabriel
Richmond, Hayden


Baker, Breac
Lagloire-O’Connell, Samuel
Neilson, Andrew
Seward, Mark
Szabo, Karl
Vosinek, Tyler

Men Rugby

Corrigan, Kyle
Harrison, Andrew
Hoekstra, Joshua
Lowry, Cole
Mellor, Liam
Oatway, John
Page, Jack
Shahani, Kabir
Wallace, John
Welch, Kobie

Men’s Basketball

Babin, Émile
Kelly, Connor
Naji, Yassin
Tissot, Liam
Vervroegen-Thomas, Zion

Woman Hockey

Belanger, Jessica
Charette, Arianne
Cunningham-Reimann, Stephanie
Desmarais, Pascale
Locke, Kathleen
MacCulloch, Lauren
Pelletier, Hannah
Perras, Rachelle
Saulnier-Cyr, Jade Shushu
Sholdice, Fallon

Women’s Basketball

Cordoba, Maria
Koné, Sabrina-Binta
Siciliano, Amaiquen

Women’s Rugby

Chamberland-Dostie, Annabelle
DeVries, Samantha
Epp, Erin
Gervais, Myriam
Horan, Kim
Kola, Mikyla
Lapenna, Jess
Leclerc, Stephanie
Leroux, Savannah
McLean, Hannah
Merrithew, Taylor
Partridge, Samantha
Quinn, Katie
Robson, Kelsey
Shea, Kaitie
Shufelt, Trisha
St. Laurent, Michelle
Veneziano, Mia

Women’s Soccer

Cabana, Pénélope
Calitri, Chloe
Dodig, Jessica
Heins, Mehana
Jacobs, Alanna
Kyle, Kayla
Lee, Ella
Moore, Lindsay
O’Brien, Jaclyn
O’Brien, Kalin
Simons, Kyra
Tavares, Cristina


Dear Bishop’s community,

The members of the Bishop’s Indigenous Cultural Alliance (ICA) have raised concerns about the allocation of space in Kwigw8mna.

Trygve Ugland, Secretary General and Vice-Principal Government Relations and Planning, who is the Project Director for Kwigw8mna, Stine Linden-Andersen, Dean of Student Affairs, Annick Corbeil, Manager of Student Life and I met yesterday with several members of the ICA.

We listened carefully to their concerns and agreed to meet again to propose ways to address them.

We are committed to continuing a respectful dialogue. I am very pleased that Dr. Abel Bosum, Grand Chief of the Grand Council of the Crees (Eeyou – Istchee) and a member of Bishop’s Board of Governors has agreed to partner with all of us as we seek a way forward that we can all embrace.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Consider staying in Lennoxville for Thanksgiving

Dear students,

As you know we are in the midst of a second wave of COVID-19. For the last several days there have been close to or more than 1,000 new cases a day in Quebec.

Thus far, we have not had any cases amongst the Bishop’s community. While there may be some luck in that, it is also because of the serious efforts everyone has made, and continues to make, to respect the rules that we have put in place.

Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and I’m sure that under normal circumstances, many of you would be planning to head home for the weekend.

The challenge that we face is that large areas of Quebec have been designated red zones, where there is significant propagation of the virus. These include Montreal and Quebec City.

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, has urged all Canadians to be extra cautious and to limit movements and gatherings this weekend, especially in provinces like Quebec and Ontario where infection rates are highest.

Bishop’s is one of the Eastern Townships’ institutions involved in the 28-Day Challenge – Break the COVID Wave – a mobilisation effort to reduce non-essential social contact to curb the virus’ propagation.

So my hope is that for your own health, for that of your family and for the safety of the Bishop’s community you will not travel unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so.

The SRC has planned some fun Thanksgiving activities this weekend.

  • An outdoor fitness session to get you moving,
  • trivia events,
  • a trip to Foresta Lumina’s sound and light show,
  • and discounts for local activities

are a few examples of what the SRC has planned to help you make the most of the weekend. Visit the SRC’s social media channels for more details.

The BUnited Peer Centre will also be open.

We all have a significant investment in being able to continue to enjoy the on-campus life that we have.

Even if our activities have been limited this year, we have been able to offer more in-person experiences than at many other institutions and I know how much everyone wants to preserve this.

We must continue to work together for the good of our shared community.

With best wishes for a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Joint Board and Senate Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Dear Members of the Bishop’s Community,

The Joint Board and Senate Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion held its first meeting on Tuesday, September 8.

I am pleased to inform you that Dr. Jenn Cianca will Chair the Task Force and Nikki Baribeau and Sufia Langevin will be the Vice-Chairs.

The Task Force’s mandate is to make recommendations in the following areas:

  1. Hiring, promotion and retention objectives and practices for faculty, research chairs, staff, librarians and management
  2. Training for faculty, research chairs, librarians, staff, managers, students and governors
  3. Governance
  4. The academic curriculum including research programs and activities
  5. The University’s policies, procedures and guidelines.

The Task Force is also charged with making recommendations as to what data should be collected, how it should be collected and communicated and what metrics should be used to measure the University’s progress.

The Task Force will identify any structural or systemic barriers, injustices or biases at the University and to make recommendations about actions to dismantle these barriers and advance equity, diversity and inclusion at Bishop’s.

The Task Force is composed of:

Two members of the Board of Governors named by the Board

  • Abel Bosum, Grand Chief, The Grand Council of the Crees
  • Tova White’92, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Giant Tiger

Two faculty members of Senate named by Senate

  • Darren Bardati’94, Full Professor, Environment and Geography
  • David Webster, Associate Professor, History and Global Studies

Five students representing the :

  • Caribbean African Student Association: Sarah Maria Onyango, 3rd year Education student
  • BU Pride Alliance: Genève Juneau, 3rd year Psychology student
  • Indigenous Cultural Alliance: Nikki Baribeau, 4th year Education student
  • Students’ Representative Council (SRC), at least one of whom is a member of a racialized minority group:
    • Sabrina Kone, 5th year Business Administration student
    • Sufia Langevin, 2nd year student in Education and Social Studies

Two members of the Bishop’s Council named by the Council

  • Junior Sirivar ’99, Partner and Co-Chair International Arbitration, McCarthy Tétrault
  • Heather Thomson, Retired Campus Minister

One faculty member or librarian named by Faculty Council

  • Jenn Cianca’01, Associate Professor, Classical Studies

One manager named by the Managers’ Council

  • Theresa Gagnon, Manager, Counselling, Career and Student Accessibility

One member named by the Association of Professors of Bishop’s University (APBU)

  • Layachi Bentabet, Full Professor, Computer Science

Two members of the Administration named by the Executive Committee

  • Nick Andrews, Associate Vice-Principal Human Resources
  • Stine Linden-Andersen, Dean of Student Affairs

One member of the staff named by the Staff Council

  • Monika Mitchell, Administrative Assistant, Building and Grounds

The Principal

  • Michael Goldbloom, Principal and Vice-Chancellor

The Committee may name up to two members

  • Chérif Nicolas, Head Coach, Football
  • Heather Lawford, Full Professor, Psychology and Canada Research Chair

The Principal may name one member

  • Yolande James, Chair, Bishop’s Council

Supported by: Maëli Émond, HR Advisor and Denise Lauzière, Chief of Staff.

The Task Force will make a preliminary report to the Board and Senate on or before November 30, 2020. It may propose that its mandate be extended or that other structures be established in order to ensure that meaningful progress is made and monitored.

The striking of this Task Force does not preclude actions being taken to advance equity, diversity and inclusion while the Task Force is pursuing its work.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Principal and Vice-Chancellor