A focus on research on scholarly teaching

Our Mandate:

  • Support educational practitioners as they identify possible research questions, design systematic studies of teaching and/or learning, and disseminate their research to the educational community.
  • Provide resources for researchers as they design projects through workshops and retreats
  • Build communities of practice and connect researchers as they explore interconnected themes and research questions
  • Promote perceptions of SoTL as a valuable research endeavour
  • Encourage SoTL research through various vehicles/opportunities of dissemination
  • Engage in research around teaching and learning as members of the TLCI
  • Draw attention to opportunities for internal and external funding


  • SoTL Retreat
  • SoTL Flash talks during Research Week
  • SoTL Community of Practice
  • SoTL brown bags
  • Create and maintain an inventory of SoTL activity across the university and chart its growth/evolution
  • Design and disseminate a newsletter
  • Organize colloquia at national and international conferences
  • Act as a liaison with the Research Office to support the development of grant applications related to the field of teaching and learning