Jaeden Bardati, Bishop’s Graduate 2023: Accepted in the PhD Physics Program at Caltech

Jaeden Bardati, Bishop’s Graduate 2023: Accepted in the PhD Physics Program at Caltech

jaeden_bardati“What could satiate your curiosity more than discovering the most fundamental rules by which our universe is bound to follow?”

Jaeden has always been curious and interested in math, but his interest in physics did not flourish fully until he came to Bishop’s University. Through his classes, extra-curricular research, and interactions with the physics & astronomy community at Bishop’s, he realized that (Astro)physics is the subject for him.

The close-knit community and excellent research opportunities at Bishop’s played a significant role in his acceptance into graduate school. Due to the small department size, it is quite common to interact with the professors and graduate students which allowed him to see first-hand what graduate school was like, along with discussing physics outside of the regular curriculum with the great minds working at Bishop’s.

If he could give one piece of advice to aspiring graduate students (particularly in physics & astronomy), it would be to get into research as early as possible and find a good faculty member to mentor them through it. Small liberal arts universities, such as Bishop’s University, are best for this as they give more research and mentorship opportunities. Jaeden had the good fortune of doing research directed by Dr. John Ruan, whom he considers to be a great mentor and to whom he owes a lot for his success thus far.

Student Jaeden Bardati is deeply grateful to have been accepted into a fully-funded California Institute of Technology PhD Physics program along with a few other graduate programs including the PSI master’s program at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. He is eagerly looking forward to immersing himself in physics and embarking on this next chapter of his life with enthusiasm and determination. He chose Caltech largely because of its strength in gravitational wave research and theoretical astrophysics in general.

Big news before leaving for his new adventure:

Jaeden and Dr. John Ruan are currently in the process of submitting a scientific paper for publication, in collaboration with Dr. Haggard (McGill University) and Dr. Tremmel (Yale University) in which he is the first author. Their research will help astronomers locate black hole mergers after obtaining a gravitational wave signal from future low-frequency detectors such as the space-based ESA mission: Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA).


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