Help is available! Whatever the problem or struggle, don’t ever feel that you must deal with it alone. Our services are here to support all of your needs outside of the classroom to make your Bishop’s experience the best it can be.

I don’t have money for food:

The Campus Minister has a food voucher program to assist students who need groceries.  You’ll find contact information on the Spiritual Care web page.

I’m feeling homesick:

You’re not the only one. If you live in Rez, talk to your RA. If that is not helpful or if you live off campus, contact the Counselling office. Our counsellors are here to assist you with transitioning to university life.

I don’t understand a thing in my classes:

Learn about the Peer Tutoring program by contacting srcacad@ubishops.ca.

How do I get involved in campus life?

Join clubs, volunteer, talk to your RAs.

I am spinning my wheels. Can someone help me set goals?

Our Academic Facilitator can help you develop the skills to become more successful in school and life in general.

Everything on campus seems so busy and fast paced. Where can I go for solitude?

Check out the BU labyrinth for a quiet place to think.

 What are my options for housing off campus?

Landlords often opt to post housing options on our web page.

I don’t feel well:

Our health clinic can help you.

I need a job:


I want to improve my job search tools and strategies:

We offer different workshops and career events throughout the year.

My folks think I need a post-graduation plan. Help!

The Career Development and Academic Support office, or the Counselling office can help you explore your options.

I have a confirmed disability. What services are available to me? 

Student Accessibility & Accommodation Services can coordinate services that are available for you.

When do the varsity teams play?

Athletics plays a huge part of student life and student fans boast being the best in the country. Schedules are posted when available. Go Gaiters!

I seem to be struggling with all my responsibilities. Who can I talk to?

We are one of the few Canadian universities with a health clinic, staffed with Registered Nurses and a doctor. They work closely with the Counsellors to ensure students succeed in all walks of their time at Bishop’s.

I’ve been unfairly treated:

If this treatment is in the class, the Ombudsperson may help. For unfair treatment outside of academics, make an appointment to see the Dean of Student Affairs.

I’m interested in getting in shape:

We have a full recreational and intramural program that runs during fall and winter semester. Venues are available for pickup games. A fitness room, pool, squash courts, and indoor track can be used as well as outdoor tennis courts, outdoor jogging enjoyment and bike trails.