Dr. Rowe ranked 14 among Canada’s Top Physics Scientists

Dr. Rowe ranked 14 among Canada’s Top Physics Scientists

Dr. Jason Rowe, Canada Research Chair in Exoplanets Astrophysics at Bishop’s University has been ranked #14 among Canada’s Top Physics Scientists by Research.com.

This ranking is based on data collected from Microsoft Academic Graph on December 6th, 2021.

Dr. Rowe’s position in the ranking is based on his scientist D-index (Discipline H-index) which includes papers and citation values. Research.com used a ranking method based on a meticulous examination of 51,056 scientists’ profiles in the discipline of Physics.

Dr. Rowe has a D- index of 124, with 54,286 citations and 314 publications. Planets, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Planetary system, and Exoplanets are his primary areas of study. Dr. Rowe’s CRC research program’s objectives are to discover and characterize a large sample of exoplanets to understand the origins of diversity in the basic properties of planets, including mass, radius, density, and atmosphere. Dr. Rowe searches for extrasolar planets to learn if there may be other planets similar to earth. He leads an outstanding research team composed of top students from Bishop’s University and post-docs and has multiple collaborations and partnerships with top Physics scientists across the country and oversees.

Bishop’s University is proud of having Dr. Rowe as a member of our community and grateful for his commitment to our students, leading them to new horizons of excellence and success.