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Act of archaeological vandalism

Dear members of the Bishop’s community,

I regret to inform you that an act of archaeological vandalism has taken place on a campus site of significance to the Abenaki Nation.

We do not know who is responsible for this, but we have been informed that similar actions have occurred recently elsewhere in the province.

Bishop’s University will not authorise any archeological dig on its property without the prior consent of the Abenaki Nation.

We have been working closely with representatives from the Ndakina Office of the Grand Conseil de la Nation Waban-Aki and the Government of Quebec to secure the protection of the site. The Ndakina Office has issued a press statement related to this discovery.

Vandalism, unauthorized digging and climate change can all result in the desecration and destruction of Indigenous sites, and we hope that this sad event can serve as a stark reminder of our responsibility to act as good stewards of the land on which we gather.

Let us reflect on the words of Odanak Chief Rick O’Bomsawin: “Our link to our ancestors is an essential element of the healing and reconciliation process between our nations. We hope this will help us realize that we still have a lot of work to do.”

We have asked the members of our Security team to be on alert and ask that you advise them if you should see anyone conducting any digging that you consider suspicious.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Response to survivors’ messages on bridge

Dear Members of the Bishop’s Community,

I have listened to the strong reaction to recent public declarations about survivors of acts of sexual violence in our community. I understand and share the anger against sexual violence in all forms, within our campus community or anywhere in a just society.

As an institution, we work to educate and prevent these terrible acts and to promote a culture in which we all believe and stand with survivors. We have processes for survivors of sexual violence to report these illegal acts in a safe environment designed to protect survivors’ privacy that we are constantly working to improve. We seek to do everything in our power to help ensure we offer the right support resources to all survivors of sexual aggression. That is why we are taking an additional step in launching an independent external investigation into last week’s declarations.

This investigation’s priority will be supporting the survivor’s quest for justice. A specialized investigator will be named shortly, and we will share ways of reaching out and communicating with the investigator.

We encourage the survivors who wrote the messages on the bridge to contact the investigator and provide all relevant facts and information to help them get justice they want and deserve.

I know there are many angry voices out there and I look forward to the opportunity to answer your questions in the Town Hall tomorrow at 3:00 PM. I have moved the Town Hall to The Gait to accommodate larger participation. You can also participate online using this link.

As you know, we offer mandatory consent and bystander training for all incoming students as well as offer annual mandatory training for all faculty and staff. The online training It Takes All of Us is available for all in Moodle. Security is present 24/7 and trained in responding to sexual violence on campus. We also work closely with our local police to help keep our community safe. On big events nights, the student service team and the peer supporters offer safety tents on and off campus as a safe place to reach out immediately if something were to happen. We have much more work to do to eliminate sexual violence and rape culture in our community and I look forward to hearing ideas and proposals.

We will keep you updated with other projects in progress as they materialize,

It takes all of us to combat sexual violence,


Stine Lindén-Andersen
Dean of Student Affairs

Response to survivors of sexual violence

Dear members of the Bishop’s Community,

I am writing to address recent public statements from sexual violence survivors among our community. No survivor should feel helpless in the fight against sexual violence!

Since taking on the role of Dean of Students, I have been committed to fight sexual violence in our community. Our guiding principle is that we will always support and accompany survivors of sexual violence as they seek justice.

The Bishop’s University Sexual Culture Committee has organized a silent vigil tonight starting at 7 PM at the signs on the bridge. BUnited our Peer Support Centre will be open from 4 Pm to 8 PM and can be a safe space for any students in need. I encourage you to participate in this important event tonight. I would encourage Professors to plan for some students missing their evening class to participate in the vigil.

We strongly urge all survivors of sexual violence to seek the help of our Sexual Aggression Response Coordinator (SARC), Ms. Dominique Pelletier, who is a clinically-trained social worker. She is available to accompany and support survivors throughout all stages of the disclosure and reporting of sexual aggression.

In addition to the on-campus SARC, survivors can also choose to approach other resources to report sexual aggression such as the Centre d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel (CALACS Estrie), the Lennoxville Women’s Centre, MomentHom – Centre d’entraide pour hommes de l’Estrie, and the Sherbrooke Police.

Our support services for survivors of sexual violence are confidential, and we respect the preference of the survivor throughout every step of the process, including instituting the required accommodations.

There remains a lot to be done to eliminate sexual violence in our society and at Bishop’s University. We have instituted mandatory consent training as part of Orientation week to inform our community that we do not tolerate sexual violence. We also offer bystander training to empower all members of our community to act to prevent acts of sexual violence they may witness. Together with the Sexual Culture Committee, We have more initiatives on the way, such as a review of the University Sexual Violence Policy, and additional measures to make bystander and sexual consent training mandatory for all.

I would welcome every idea for change from those who want to help us improve on this crucial aspect of campus life and next week’s town hall (Tuesday at 3 PM in McGreer 100) will be a welcome occasion to hear the community. If you do not feel comfortable participating in person, there will be an online link made available before the Town Hall. You can also always come to me or to the Sexual Culture Committee with ideas for change.

We are here for any survivor who wants to disclose or report acts of sexual violence, you can disclose to Residence Advisors, the Chaplain, Student Services, the BUnited peer support group, the student Sexual Culture Committee, the Sexual Assault Student Help (SASH) group. My expectation is that every survivors’ disclosure always be met with compassion and empathy, and that we will accompany survivors as far along the path they choose to travel.

We will always make the security of students on our campus and beyond our top priority, and it will take all of us to combat sexual violence.


Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.
Chair of Bishop’s University COVID-19 Task Force
Dean of Student Affairs
Associate Professor of Psychology
Clinical Psychologist
819-822-9600 x 2256

2020-2021 Academic Honour Roll

At Bishop’s University, we value the pursuit of excellence in all that we undertake, and we aim to instill the aspiration to excel in our students and in all other members of our community.

The University congratulates the following students who were part of the Academic Honour Roll based on their success during the 2020-2021 academic year! The Academic Honour Roll includes full-time students whose academic average is 80% or higher in a complete academic year.

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Adebogun, Dorcas
Agourram, Ghita
Ahn, Kevin
Aitken, Allister
Alain, Cécilia
Albert, Angéla
Alcindor-Limoges, Isadora
Alderdice, Duncan
Alexander, Kurt
Alguire-Cartier, Sarah

Aljounde, Mai
Allaire, Owen
Allard, Nadege
Allin, Jennifer
Amara, Fiona
Amazit, Salma
Amoah, Edna
Amyot, Michael
Anderson, Khalilah
Andrews, Joely

Arendt, Macalister
Armstrong, Charlotte
Aubin, Patricia
Audet, Isabelle Françoise
Audet, Jérémy
Auger, Évelyne
Authier, Amelia
Ayala Valani, Luciano Martin
Ayoub, Luke


Bach, Grégory
Bafumi, Jeffrey
Baillie, Loch Alexander Storm
Baker, Breac
Baker, Maille
Baker, Terrance
Balakrishnan, Tharane
Balodis, Cameron
Banville, Éléonore
Baragar, Elyse
Baratte, Raphaëlle
Bardati, Jaeden
Bardwell, Joseph
Barrack, Liam
Barry, Finley
Barton, Dara
Bashar Doost, Mauladad
Bastianon, Katrina
Bateman, Willa
Beaucher, Thomas
Beaudoin, Amanda
Beaudry, Guillaume
Beaulieu, Maude
Beaunoyer, Christopher
Bégin, Samuel
Bekkers, Myah
Bélair, Shelleigh Ann
Belanger, Lawrence
Bélisle, Jean-Christof
Bélisle, Kellie-Anne
Béliveau, Chantal
Béliveau-Perrey, Charles-Etienne

Belzil, Grace Ann
Bender, Georgia
Benison, Holly
Benoît-Fortier, Mathilde
Benson, Julia
Benyk, Rebecca
Bérard, Ariane
Berger, Marianne
Bergeron, Alexandre
Bergeron, Anne-Julie
Bernard, Ariane
Bernier, Megan
Bibeau, Charlotte
Billingsley-Leblanc, Marshall
Bisaillon-Lemelin, Shad
Bissonnette, Manu
Black, Victoria
Blackburn, Emma
Blades, Teri
Blanchette, Anne-Constance
Bobbitt, Julie
Bogyay, Ava
Bohme, Claire
Boisvert, Antony
Boisvert, Sandrine
Boisvert, Thomas
Bombardier, Anna-Lina
Bondi, Chiara
Bonham, Branden
Boone, Emily
Bouchard-Beausoleil, Mégan
Boucher, Amélie

Boucher, Félix
Boudreau, Sarah
Boudreault, Gabriel
Bourinot, Victoria
Bourque-Labbé, Alexandre
Bourque-Labbé, Bastien
Bourret, Dominic
Bouslimi, Fatima-Zahra
Bousquet, Kelly-Ann
Boutard, Olivia
Boutlbee, Nicholas
Brady, Sophie
Brant, Justin
Brennan, Joshua
Breton-Piette, Bianca
Briggs, Hayden
Briggs, Tameka Uniqua
Brindle, Kolby
Brissette-Forte, Gabrielle
Brooks, Grace
Brophey, Jenna
Brown, Carson
Brown, Morgan
Brus, Keisha
Bryson, Hilary
Buchanan, Jillian
Buchner, Kendra
Burnham, Kelsey
Burton, Camille
Butler, Anne
Byam, Kacie


Cabana, Pénélope
Caimano, Sarah
Cairns, Julianne
Calitri, Chloe
Callaway, Tosha
Cameron, Abbie
Cameron, Frances
Camire, Cora
Campo, Steven
Carasquero, Bishop
Carbone, Giuseppe
Cardinal, Jean-François
Casat, Tyler
Cassar, Matthew
Cayer, Frédéric
Chamberland-Dostie, Annabelle
Chamoumi, Chaimaa
Champagne, Jade
Champagne, Marianne
Charette, Arianne
Charette, Chloé
Charron, Julia

Charters, Lydia
Chatterton-Jerome, Shawna
Chaulk, Leah
Chen, Victor
Churchill-Baugh, Callum
Clavelli Granja, María
Cleveland, Tyler
Cliche, Antoine
Clipperton, Eric
Cloutier, Émilien
Cognet, Emma
Collins, Marissa
Comeau, Vincent
Compos, Jack
Connelly, Meaghan
Cooper, Megan
Cordoba, Maria Jose
Corey, Brianna Elizabeth
Cossette Fortin, Pénélope
Costello, Ryan
Coulombe, Pénélope

Coulombe, Trevor Stone
Courtenay, James
Coutu, Samy-Eve
Couture, Étienne
Couture, Noémie
Cowell, Augusta
Cox, Olivia
Crawford, Abigail
Croes, Kiona
Crooks, William
Croteau, Elliot
Crozier, Mary
Crysler-Martin, Julien Quentin
Cui, Kexin
Cunningham, Brendan Thomas
Cunningham, Sally Jane Louise
Custeau, Rachel
Cyr, Alexe
Cyr, Zachary
Cyrenne-Leclerc, William
Cyr-Morin, Maïthé


Da Silva Domingues, Rafaela
Dagenais Lalande, Antoine
Dagenais, Emmanuel
Dai, Xiaoxuan
Dale, William
Daley, Megan
Dancy, Michael
Daoust, Coralie
Daudé, Jahde
Davidson, Heather
Davidson, Hilary
Davidson-Yee, Elisha
Day, Rhiannon
Dayan-Mandelker, Talia
De Dominicis, Allison
De Grâce, Samuel
Decoste, Bryanna
Del Campo, Tricia
Del Duchetto, Jérémie
Deleporte, Ariel
Delepoulle, Astrid
Deline, Zachary

Delorme, Rosane
Demers, Chloé Jade
Demers, Olivier
Denham, Ivy Julianna
Denoncourt, Guillaume
Derlon, Federica
Desbiens-Laberge, Kim
Descamps, Mathias
Deschambeault, Josee
Deschênes, Rachel
Desjardins, Mathis
Desjourdy, Jacob
Desmarais, Claire
Desmarais, Pascale
Desouza, Elizabeth
Dessureault-Opalewski, Océane
Désy, Johnathan
Diallo, Amadou
Dias, Alicia
Dickens, Jacey
Dicko, Mariam
Digaletos, Amelia

Dimakos, Peter
Dion, Ariane
Dion, Lara
Dionne, Catherine
Dionne, Cédrik
Dodig, Jessica
Doke, Morgan
Doran, Fiona Ann
Dory, Corinne
Doucet, Andrew
Dougherty, Erin
Doyle, Hillary
Doyon, Megan
Doyon, Ulrik
Doyon-Barrieau, Charles-Xavier
Drak Alsibai, Diane
Dufresne, George Ernest Réal Mardon
Dumoulin Moore, Marie-Pier
Dupont, Marta
Dupuis, Nicolas
Dupuy, Kevin


Earle, Kieva
Edgar Holmes, Schuyler
Edwards, Stephanie
Elkas, Myriam
Elliott, Liam Douglas Brian

Elvidge, Erin
El-Wahidi, Amira
Enns-Wind, John
Essel, Fanny

Ethier, Francine
Evangelisti, Enzo
Evans, Cassandra
Evans, Nicolas


Faille, Taylor
Fan, Xuyang
Faraoni, Donovan
Fasan, Olivia
Fata, Daniela
Fathy, Karim
Fava, Malcolm

Fawcett, Jennifer
Fee, Alysa
Ferland, Claudia
Fernandez Rodriguez, Julies
Fernandez, Laura
Fortin, David
Forward, Stacey

Foster, Makayla
Fouque, Maude
Fowler, Sarah
Francoeur-Pereira, Ocean
Fréchette, Valéry
Friesen, Benjamin
Frith, Joshua


Gadoury-Sansfaçon, Georges-Philippe
Gagnon, Alyson
Gagnon, Joëlle
Gallan, Haley
Gallichon, Ocean
Gamache, Patricia
Gandey, Maya
Gardner, Hayley
Gardner, Jahsara
Garz, Miranda
Gaudreau, Laurence
Gauthier, Amelia
Gauthier, Henry
Gendron, Eric Charles
Gerrish, Caitlyn
Gervais, Myriam
Giard, Rébecca
Gibbs, Nicholas
Gibson, Meghan

Gilbert, Maxime
Gilbert, Rosalie
Gilbert, Victoria
Gingras, Jessica
Giroux-Dion, Samantha
Glover, Taia
Gobeil, Justin
Godbout, Savannah
Goddard, Junia
Godman, Hugh
Goerke, Anna
Goodsell, Jayden Grace
Goold, Claire
Goold, Sydney
Gosselin, Mathieu
Gosselin, Renée
Gould, Holden
Gowanlock, Evelynn

Goyette, Sophie
Graham, Jack
Graham, Theresa
Grant, Adam
Greene, Jordan
Greggain-Geneau, Bailey
Grégoire, Philippe Olivier
Griffiths-Julien, Katya
Griffiths-Julien, Zachary
Grobbecker, Kaylei
Grout, Justin
Gruninger, Faustine
Guanzon, Brooke
Guennouni, Youssra
Guérut, Matthis
Guichenal, Elisa
Gupta, Sakshi
Gutierrez Rivas, Karen


Haché, Mathieu James
Hackett, Katherine
Hadden, Sebastian
Hafid, Safia
Halliday, Isabella
Halverson, Lily
Hamilton, Thomas
Hamon, Morgane
Hampton-Pettigrew, Allisha
Handfield, Catherine
Hanes, Spencer

Harris, Michael
Hatch, Alessia
Hatfield, Tyler
Haughian, Alyssa
Haynes, Mattie Ruth
Hazan Jepsen, Sophie Rachel
He, Xuan
Hébert, Casey
Hepworth, Sarah
Hewett, Amber
Holmes, Mackenzie

Homet, Caroline
Hong, Yi
Houle, Johnathan
Houle, Mackenzie
Hu, Junwen
Hudon Laflamme, Jaël
Huebchen, Emma
Huff, Katherine
Hughes, Azalea
Hunt, Noah


Iannitto, Rocco
Ider, Mohammed Adnane
Ingleby, Zoe

Innocent, Merly
Ireland, Morgan Cathy
Irwin, Braedyn

Ivey, Brylie
Izmaylova, Oleksandra Vasylivna


Jacobs, Alanna
Jacobs, Andi Marie
Jacques, Marie-Love
Jameson, Haley

Jobin, Nicolas
Jodoin, Kaya
Johnson, William
Johnston, Richard

Judd, April
Jutras, Karl-Philippe
Jutras, Madison


Kaeser-Reiss, Nikolaus-Paul
Kagayano, Tupendane Esther
Kalafut, Nathan
Kalil, Maia
Kaplan, Sophie
Kardos-Machado, Sasha
Karras, Michael
Keck, Jake
Kelly, Connor
Kennedy, Liam

Kenny, Noal
Khatiz, Ariane
Khurshid, Nayab
Kidd-Monette, Olivia
Kinder, Kristen
King, Taylynn
Kirk, Autumn
Klemmer, Suzanne
Koné, Sabrina-Binta

Kotler, Marrah
Kousaie, Cédric
Krallis, Melina
Kramer, Karina
Ksibati-Mathieu, Jana
Kuepfer, Anika
Kuhar, Eva
Kydd, Kelsea
Kyle, Kayla


Labbé, Bernadette
Labbé, Émilie
Labbé, Gabrielle
Laberge, Anne
Labrecque, Danyka
Labrenz, Caleb
Lacombe, Lory
Lacombe, Marie-Philippe
Lacroix, André
Ladouceur, Ulrik
Lafleur, Claudia
Lafond, Chantal
Lagüe-Lauzon, Dave
Lahbat, Mariya
Lamb, Trisha
Lambert, Olivier
Lamontagne, Elsa Marina
Lamoureux, Alec
Lampron, Catherine
Landry, Béatrice
Landry, Jessica
Lane, Samantha
Langevin, Sufia
Langlois, Jessica
Langlois, Marie-Christine
Langlois, Philippe-Alexandre
Lapierre Pageau, Frédérique
LaPierre, Georgia
Lapierre, Louise

Lapointe, Cedric
Larouche, Frédérique
Laursen, Noah
Lauzière, Gabrielle
Lavallée, Gabrielle
Lavoie-Vézina, Kim
Layer, Alexandra
Le Clair, Genevieve
Leblanc, Kate
Leblanc, Yann
Leblond, Marianne
Lee, Ella
Lee, Karen
Lefebvre, Isabelle
Legaré, Jordan
Légaré, Megan
Leger, Elizabeth
Leger, Logan
Legge, Madeline
Leggett, Melody
Lemelin, Jasmine
Léonard, Carolanne
Leonard, Vanessa Kaylyn
Lepage, Paul Antoine
Leroux, Savannah
Leroux-Boucher, Sandrine
Lesiak, Erica
Lessard, Jolène

Lessard, Miguel
Lessard-Tétrault, Juliette
Letendre Jauniaux, Mélanie
Lettner-Frost, Anja
Leung, Wing Shu
Levac, Stephen
Levasseur, Jasmyne
Lévesque, Virginie
Lhoste, Marine
Li, Qian
Li, Yifeng
Lintz, Jessica
Litjens, Christopher
Littlejohn, Mathew
Liu, Liu
Liu, Sile
Liu, Yu
Llopiz, Thomas
Lock, Jeremy
Locke, Noah
Long, Emily
Longo, Sienna
Loupiac, Gaby
Lowry, Cole
Lu, Yanming
Lugar, Maia
Lum, Monica
Lyon, Connor


Mac Isaac, Ethan
Mac Queen, Hannah
MacCulloch, Lauren
MacCulloch, Madison
MacDonald, Aidan
MacDonald, Shayne Walter
MacDonell, Cassie
MacIntosh, Jessica
MacKenzie, Alexandra
MacPhee, Lauren
Maduro, Rebecca
Maher, Emmett
Maheu, Louis-Charles
Major, Shelby Elizabeth
Makarios, David
Manzoor, Aiman-Sajid
Marchand-Dion, Amy
Marcoux, Maverick
Markhauser, Katherine
Marleau, Julianne
Maroun, Sacha-Maria
Marquez-Pacheco, Virginia Rufina
Marshall, Skylar
Martel, Alexandre
Martel, Simon
Martin, Miguel
Martineau, Alexis
Mastine, Trinity
Matthews, Makayla
Matuzewiski, Mikaela
Mc Bain, Elizabeth
McAlpine, Alexander
McArthur, Grace
McCafferty, Sophie
McCarthy, Meghan
McCormack, Elise

McCracken, Zachary
McCrea, Courtney
McCune, Victoria Smodis
McFarlane, Shane
McGrath, Jaime
McGregor Farrenkopf, Emma
Mcilory, Dexter
McIntosh, Avery
McIntyre, Marina
McKenzie, Holly
McKeown, Halley
McKinney-Therrien, Alex
McKinnon, Delaney
McLean, Abigail
McLean, Hannah
McLean, Katherine
McLean, Samuel
McWilliams, Kaila
Melley, Marie Eve
Ménard, Taylor
Menn, Renee
Mercier-Bouvette, Mathilde
Merovitz, Malou
Merrithew, Trinity-Ann
Metcalfe Hurst, Adam
Micari-Lawless, Kieran
Michiels, Haley
Migneault, Roxanne
Mikhail, Irène
Miller, Connor
Mojsej, Sarah Madison Kirby
Moleski, Catherine
Monaghan-Cossette, Florence
Monette, Élodie
Mongiardo, Veronica-Assunta

Monroy Lara, Kimberly Janely
Moore, Danielle
Morales Velarde, Danna
Morariu, Gabriel
Morency, Caroline
Morgan, Annabelle
Morgan, Rachel Amalia
Morin, Alycia R.
Morin, Sophie
Morin, Tristan
Morin-Dulude, Xavier
Morissette, Laurie
Morrison, Erik
Morrison, Jasmine
Morrison, Margaret
Morrone, Gianni
Morrow, Erica
Mota Gamon, Michelle
Moussa, Armen
Mueller, Kurt
Mulherin, Linus
Mullin, Amanda
Munafo, Christian
Munafo, Claudia
Munoz Gomez, Natalia
Munro, Anya
Murphy, Giselle
Murphy, Jack
Murphy, Matthew
Murphy, Quinn
Murphy, Thomas
Murray, James
Musto, Olivia
Myers, Arianna
Myrtil, Penelope


Nadeau-Germann, Annabelle
Nadjem, Lokmen
Naud, Anne-Frédérique
Naylor, Sabrina
Needham, Caitlyn-Emily
Neeser-Carazo, Raquel

Nesbitt, Hayley
Newsham, Gabrielle
Ngo, Ha Quoc Hung
Nguyen, Natalie
Nichol, Natalie
Nicholas, Kailey Tye

Nicholls, Jessica
Noble, John
Noël, Daniel Kenneth Norman
Noussi Daveh, Dorice Verice
Nugent, William


Oatway, John
O’Brien, Ann
O’Brien, Jaclyn
O’Brien, Kalin
O’Connell, Danica

Olivares Hernandez, Adriana
O’Neill, Emily
Onyango, Sarah
Ordonez Nino, Juan
Ostin, Céleste

Oswick, Ryan
O’Toole, Liam
Ouellet, Alexandre
Ouimette, Zoé


Page, Shelby
Papin, Joséphine
Paquette, Marianne
Parceaud, Monica
Parker, Jarett
Parr-MacDonald, Jackson
Parsons, Jessica
Patrick, Breanna
Patterson, Cora
Paul, Jennifer
Paul, Katsitsaiéri
Paul, Mackenzie

Peirson, Sarah
Pépin, Camille
Pépin, Martine
Perak, Victoria
Perras, Rachelle Lee
Philibert, Elisa
Phillips, Andrew
Piana, Claire
Piché, Béatrice
Piché, Jasmine
Piggott-Nardozza, Mélanie
Plourde, Meggen

Poirier, Raphaël
Poitras, Kelvin
Porter, Andrew
Pothier, Marc-Antoine
Poulain, Noé
Poulin, Julianna
Poulin, Maclean Allan Robert
Poulin, Mélina
Pountcheva, Alexandra
Poupart, Jordan
Prober, Emara
Pytka-Jones, Ruth


Querengesser, Jenna
Quiroga Urrego, Juan David
Quraeshi, Alexia Magda


Rahman, Shabrina
Ravel, Guillaume
Ray, Candice
Reichard, Jenna Elizabeth
Reid, Valerie
Rema, Axa
Restall, Samantha
Ribeiro, Anna
Richard, Alexandre
Richard, Audrey
Richard, Maude
Righetti, Catherine Eugènie Hélène
Riley, Alexa
Rioux, Philip Edmond
Ritchie, Samuel
Rivard, Alyssa
Rivera Pizana, Andrea

Rivera-Baires, Melissa
Rivet, Alexandre
Roberge, Jayson
Roberts, Brittany
Robertson, Emma
Robineau-Pépin, Élie
Robinson, Carrington
Robitaille, Marie Michèle
Robson, Kelsey Mikaela
Rodrigue, Vicky
Rohac-Grenier, Mikaela
Roman, Megan
Romano, Olivia Sarah Justine
Rosin, Tomas Pablo
Ross, Conall
Rosteius, Renée
Rousseau, Gabrielle

Rousseau, Lily Madeleine
Rousseau, Michaël
Rousseau, Pascale
Rowe, Hannah
Rowlett, Eve
Roy, Léa-Maude
Roy, Mélina
Roy, Natasha
Roy, Taylor
Roy-Hebert, Jackson
Rozon, Lloyd
Ruddy, Stella
Russell, Mackenzie
Ruta, Leea Rebeca
Rutherford, Amy
Rutherford, Andrew
Ryan, Westin


Sabourin, Charlotte
Said Allaoui, Anastasia
Salameh, Sharbel
Sallans, Adam
Salloum, Sandy
Salvail, Coralie
Salverda, Bryce
Samson-Elliott, Kate
Sanogo, Anthony
Santilli, Lucia Amanda
Saulnier-Cyr, Jade
Sauve, Robyn
Savard, Marc-Olivier
Savard-Bergeron, Gabriel
Schlitt, Justin
Schricker, Lily
Schulz-Courtemanche, Paul
Sciortino, Vincenzo
Scott, Micah
Scrabbi, Sabrina
Seale, Angelina
Seiler, Ryann May
Seip, Nicole
Serrano, Miranda
Seward, Mark Zachary Lambert

Shahin, Antoun
Shammas, Bashar
Shammas, Majd
Sharma, Scott
Sharpe, Scotia
Shea, Kaitlyn
Sheldrick, Taylor
Shin, Aki
Sholdice, Fallon
Shut, Arthur
Sica, Tobia
Siciliano, Amaiquen
Silva, Traci
Simard, William
Simoes, Marcus
Simon-Dufour, Charles-André
Simons, Kyra
Simpson, Regan
Simpson, Thomas
Sims, Magnolia
Skinner, Madilyn
Skipper, Matthew
Slawich, Michelle
Smith, Adam

Smith, Ryan
Sneyd-Dewar, Jordan
Snyders Dykeman, Izzy
Soper, Rachel
Soucy, Félix
Sparr, Jared
Spieth, Sara
Spoerry, Virginia
St.Laurent, Michelle
Stapleton, Alexandre
St-Arnaud, Charles
Starnino, Victoria
Stockill, Jaidan
St-Onge, Mage
Storey, Danielle
Story, Emma
Su, Huijun
Sun, Zhaoqi
Swetlikoff, Katarina
Swett, Samantha
Swieca, Joel
Swift, Hailey
Sylvester, Matthew
Szabo, Karl


Tardif, Myléna
Taylor, Madeline
Tebbit, Amy
Tellier, Amy
Tessier, Annie
Tétreault, Gabrielle
Théberge, Elizabeth
Théôret, Marie-Camille
Theriault, Emily
Therrien, Océane
Therrien, Rosalie
Thibault, Noémie
Thompson, Kennedy
Thompson, Patrick

Thompson, Rielly
Thornhill, Jordan
Tidman, Hope
Timm, Charlotte
Timmins, Alexandra
Tissot, Liam-Pierre Mathieu
Tomaszewski, Alasdair Arnott
Toomey, Noah
Toppa, David
Tousignant, Laurence
Tousignant, Raphaëlle
Tracy, Rafaëlle
Treagus, Emily
Tremblay, Alexann

Tremblay, Guillaume
Tremblay-Dionne, Jérémie
Trempe, Justine
Trépanier, Jacques
Trépanier, Jade
Trickey, Samantha
Trumble, Emma
Tsitouras, Michael
Tuck, Carlie Megan
Turcotte, Nicolas
Turgeon, Eve
Tutino Richard, Juliana
Twigg, Sarah-Jane


Utrosa, Samuell Emerson-McCulloch


Vaillancourt, Katrina
Vaillancourt, Marianne
Valsan, Catrina
van Beerschoten, Madison
Van Dystadt-Aguiar, Isabella
Vanderwee, Robert
Vandzura, Paige

Vaux, Isabelle Jayne
Veenstra, Nicholas
Veilleux, Anabelle
Veilleux-Malone, Anna
Veneziano, Mia
Vermette, Angélie
Verrette, Evelyne

Vervroegen-Thomas, Zion
Villanueva Carrasco, Catalina
Vincent, Isabelle
Voggenreiter, Claudia
Voorneveld, Jacobus
Vosinek, Tyler


Wade, Alexandra
Wallace, Hannah
Wallace, John
Wallett, Tyler
Wang, Xicheng
Watson, Sara
Watters, Erin
Weary, Robert
Webster, Leo
Weinstein, Rachel

Welch, Juliette
Welch, Kobie
Whalley, Emily
Whebby, Hannah
Whelan, Drew
Whitteker, Morgan
Whyte, Jeffrey
Wild, John
Wild, Josephine
Wildgen, Benjamin

Williamson, Amanda
Wilson, Cameron
Wilson, Ryley
Windle, Sarah
Winter, Alisha
Wiseman-Beese, Alexander
Witty, Anik
Wood, Hailey
Wulder, Hendrik
Wyers, Jenna Ann


Xu, Langrui


Ye, Qingqing
Young, James
Youssef, Sherif


Zhang, Jingwen
Zhao, Wenxue
Zhao, Xinyu
Zhou, Nan
Zulauff, Maude

2020-2021 Bishop’s Gaiters Academic All-Canadians and All-Stars

The following student-athletes achieved Academic All-Canadian or Academic All-Star status. The University is very proud to have so many student-athletes who excel in the classroom and in their athletic pursuits!

Aboagye, Deborah / Women’s Basketball
Aguiar, Isabella / Women’s Rugby
Andrews, Joely / Women’s Soccer
Ayoub, Luke / Men Rugby
Babin, Émile / Football
Baker, Breac / Lacrosse
Baker, Jackson / Men Rugby
Bakopanos, Victoria / Women’s Hockey
Baragar, Elyse / Cheerleading
Barlow, Sam / Men Rugby
Beaudoin, Marie-Pierre / Women’s Soccer
Belanger, Jessica / Women’s Hockey
Béliveau, Elie / Women’s Soccer
Benoit-Fortier, Mathilde / Women’s Soccer
Bissonnette, Ian / Lacrosse
Bissonnette, Manu / Cheerleading
Boucher, Felix / Golf
Boudreault, Gabriel / Golf
Brennan, Joshua / Football
Briggs, Tameka / Women’s Rugby
Cabana, Pénélope / Women’s Soccer
Calitri, Chloe / Women’s Soccer
Chabot, Christopher / Lacrosse
Chamberland-Dostie, Annabelle / Women’s Rugby
Clapinson, Samuel / Men Rugby
Collins, Marissa / Cheerleading
Corrigan, Kyle / Men Rugby
Cossette, Félix / Football
Courtenay, James / Men Rugby
De Wit-Huissteden, Olivia / Women’s Rugby
Dean, Spencer / Football
Desmarais, Pascale / Women’s Hockey
DeVries, Samantha / Women’s Rugby
Dodig, Jessica / Women’s Soccer
Ducharme, Samuel / Football
Dupont, Marta / Women’s Rugby
Dupuy, Kévin / Football
Elkas, Myriam / Women’s Rugby
Elliott, Liam / Golf
Epp, Erin / Women’s Rugby
Fava, Malcolm / Golf
Fecteau, Gabrielle / Women’s Hockey
Firth, Sam / Lacrosse
Flores-Desrochers, Salma / Women’s Soccer
Fontaine, Krystele / Women’s Hockey
Franklin, Aarron / Football
Gagnon, Joëlle / Women’s Hockey
Gauthier, Amelia / Women’s Rugby
Gauthier, Henry / Men Rugby
Gervais, Myriam / Women’s Rugby
Gillis, Connor / Lacrosse
Goodsell, Jayden / Women’s Rugby
Gray, Cal / Football
Guerut, Matthis / Men’s Basketball
Harrison, Andrew / Men Rugby

Hayhurst, Quinton / Men Rugby
Helmer, Kaileigh / Cheerleading
Jacob, Carl / Men’s Basketball
Jutras, Karl-Philippe / Football
Kabunda, Jael / Women’s Basketball
Kelly, Connor / Men’s Basketball
Kelly, Jake / Football
Kennedy, Liam / Football
Kola, Mikyla / Women’s Rugby
Koné, Sabrina-Binta / Women’s Basketball
Kousaie, Cédric / Football
Kozicki, Daniel / Lacrosse
Kuepfer, Anika / Women’s Hockey
Kyle, Kayla / Women’s Soccer
Labrenz, Caleb / Men Rugby
Lacombe, Lory / Women’s Hockey
Lapenna, Jess / Women’s Rugby
Laursen, Noah / Football
Lebeau, Nicolas / Men Rugby
Leblanc, Kate / Women’s Soccer
Lee, Ella / Women’s Soccer
Leggett, Melody / Women’s Rugby
Lemieux, Alex / Football
Leroux, Savannah / Women’s Rugby
Leslie, Luc / Men Rugby
Levesque, Saffron / Cheerleading
Locke, Katie / Women’s Hockey
Lowe, Benjamin / Golf
Lowry, Cole / Men Rugby
MacCulloch, Madison / Women’s Hockey
MacDonald, Finley / Men Rugby
MacIntosh, Jessica / Cheerleading
Majdell, Brodie / Football
Marcotte, Louis-Charles / Golf
Marier, Sophie / Women’s Rugby
Martel, Mitchell / Football
Mather, Marshall / Men Rugby
McArthur, Grace / Women’s Rugby
McCafferty, Sophie / Women’s Rugby
McCormack, Elise / Women’s Hockey
McIntosh, Annabelle / Women’s Rugby
McKenzie, Holly / Women’s Soccer
McLean, Hannah / Women’s Rugby
McNeil, Isaac / Lacrosse
McRae, Shannon / Women’s Rugby
Mellor, Liam / Men Rugby
Merovitz, Malou / Women’s Soccer
Metivier, Zahra / Women’s Soccer
Miller, Faith / Women’s Hockey
Morin, Alycia / Women’s Soccer
Murray, James / Men’s Basketball
Nadjem, Lokmen / Football
Neilson, Andrew / Lacrosse
Oatway, John / Men Rugby
O’Brien, Jaclyn / Women’s Soccer

O’Brien, Kalin / Women’s Soccer
Ostin, Celeste / Women’s Rugby
Oswick, Ryan / Football
Ouellet, Kayla / Women’s Rugby
Palin, Melvin / Football
Partridge, Samantha / Women’s Rugby
Patterson, Abbey / Women’s Hockey
Perras, Rachelle / Women’s Rugby
Piché, Jasmine / Women’s Soccer
Pitcher, Ashley / Women’s Soccer
Prévost, Alexandre / Football
Ramroop, Kira / Women’s Rugby
Rea, Benjamin / Men Rugby
Richard, Alexandre / Men Rugby
Richard, Andréanne / Cheerleading
Richmond, Hayden / Golf
Rivard, Frédérique / Women’s Soccer
Robson, Kelsey / Women’s Rugby
Rousseau, Gabrielle / Women’s Hockey
Roy, Taylor / Men’s Basketball
Royer, Samy / Football
Sabat, Chris / Football
Sanogo, Anthony / Men’s Basketball
Saulnier-Cyr, Jade Shushu / Women’s Hockey
Scott, Erika / Women’s Rugby
Seward, Mark / Lacrosse
Sharma, Scott / Men Rugby
Shea, Kaitie / Women’s Rugby
Shillingford, Griffin / Football
Sholdice, Fallon / Women’s Hockey
Shufelt, Trisha / Women’s Rugby
Siciliano, Amaiquen / Women’s Basketball
Simons, Kyra / Women’s Soccer
Simpson, Regan / Women’s Soccer
Skipper, Matthew / Men Rugby
Sneyd-Dewar, Jordan / Men Rugby
St. Laurent, Michelle / Women’s Rugby
Subranni, William / Football
Szabo, Karl / Lacrosse
Theoret, Marie-Camille / Women’s Hockey
Thibault, Noémie / Women’s Hockey
Thornhill, Jordan / Men’s Basketball
Tissot, Liam / Men’s Basketball
Tracy, Rafaëlle / Cheerleading
Ulliac, Anne-Marie / Women’s Soccer
Veneziano, Mia / Women’s Rugby
Vervroegen-Thomas, Zion / Men’s Basketball
Vidovic, Jessica / Women’s Basketball
Voorneveld, Jacobus / Golf
Vosinek, Tyler / Lacrosse
Wallace, John / Men Rugby
Welch, Kobie / Men Rugby
Whalley, Emily / Cheerleading
Wulder, Hendrik / Lacrosse
Zeevat, Rene / Football

Bishop’s University to plant 10,500 trees as part of its 2020-2024 Sustainable Development Action Plan

Coinciding with National Forest Week (September 19-25), Bishop’s University will initiate the first phase of its tree planting project with the planting of 10,500 trees throughout the campus as part of the University’s 2020-24 Sustainable Development Plan.

Under the supervision of newly appointed Sustainable Development Advisor, a team of student volunteers from the University’s Environmental Club, and the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems program have begun the process of digging the soil to plant some 500 trees today near the Peter Curry Marsh, one of nine plantation zones identified on the campus.

Bishop’s University Principal and Vice-Chancellor Michael Goldbloom and Dr. Hugh Scott, Chair of the Tree Care and Biodiversity Working Committee, addressed the objectives of the project and provided historical context for what will be the largest tree planting at Bishop’s, the cost of which is shared by Tree Canada and the Bishop’s University Foundation.

Tree Canada is providing 60% ($31,500) of the project budget and Bishop’s University Foundation the remaining 40% ($21,000).

Principal Goldbloom stated: “Environmental sustainability is a key objective of the University’s Strategic Framework and of our Campus Master Plan. The 10,500 trees that will be planted will help us ensure that our campus will remain a home for wildlife and a haven for recreation while contributing to the sustainability of our planet.”

In partnership with Tree Canada, Bishop’s University plans to reforest previously lush sections of the campus by the end of Fall 2021 as part of its commitment to attain carbon neutrality by 2030.

Tree consultant Vincent Lemonde of Le monde des arbres has worked closely with the Tree Care and Biodiversity Working Committee to identify the plantation areas as well the species of trees for the project. Six native species have been selected in keeping with the University’s sustainable development goals: yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis), bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa), white pine (Picea glauca), red maple (Acer rubrum), tamarack (Larix laricina), and balsam fir (Abies balsamea).

The tree planting program is a manifestation of Bishop’s commitment to operate in an ecologically and socially responsible manner by becoming carbon neutral by 2030 as stated in the University’s Sustainable Development Policy.

Bishop’s University is situated on a unique, 550-acre campus which features many beautiful natural habitats. The University is committed to ensuring the sustainability of the traditional Abenaki land and ecosystems under its stewardship, which can be strained by natural causes such as river flooding, and nearby human activity such as agriculture, transport and other uses.

The tree planting project will benefit both the campus community and the local community, contributing to the sustainability of our ecosystem through carbon sequestration to help reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions; water retention and absorption to help mitigate recurring flooding risks on the site; the restoration of fragmented forest cover to allow wildlife to circulate more safely; and the rehabilitation of forest habitat previously lost to human activity.

Tree Planting Group

Patterson Webster – History Made Visible: The Story of Glen Villa Art Garden

Wednesday, September 15, 2021
7:00 p.m. ET – Centennial Theatre (free event; registration is required*)

In this lively presentation, Patterson Webster describes her 25-year journey as she transformed a beautiful but conventional country property into Glen Villa Art Garden, a 750-acre landscape garden that explores ideas about what a garden is, or can be.

Using the history of the property as a framework and her own outstanding photography as illustration, she shows how the use of words can deepen and enrich the experience of a landscape.

Through engaging stories and personal anecdotes, she describes what prompted her to create a garden based on ideas rather than aesthetics. She will explain why she felt compelled to go beyond the garden into fields and forests by creating Timelines, a 4-km trail that interrogates assumptions and accepted ideas about history, memory and our relationship to the land.

*Seating in Centennial Theatre is limited. Registration is required for this free event and attendees must present proof of vaccination. Register at

COVID-19 Update

Dear Community, 


I am sure you are all as eager as we are to start the 2021-2022 school year. We have been busy making preparations for a safe and engaging year. We are still working out the details of the new government rules, but below are the general guidelines we are working on. 


This past week we received the new general guidelines for vaccine passports from the Quebec government (Quebec’s Vaccine Passport).


The vaccine passport will go into effect next Wednesday September 1st, but please note we are developing a system to support those coming from outside of Quebec during the first weeks where they may not have access to Quebec proof of vaccines. Therefore, if you are not from Quebec and do not yet have Quebec proof of vaccine, worry not, we will be able to give you access with the proof you have for the first two weeks*.  


In accordance with Quebec rules and guidelines, proof of vaccines will be required in the following places: 


The gym: we are working on the details, but it will not be possible to work out in the sports centre without proof of vaccine.  


The Gait: all bars are covered by the vaccine mandate from the Quebec government. 


Food outlets on campus: Only those with a vaccine passport will be able to sit down in our food venues including: the new food offering in the student centre, Tim Hortons, The Bus Stop, The LLC café, and Dewies dining hall. We are working on offering take-out options.   


Playing on a sports team: in order to play on any sports team, you must show proof of vaccination.   


Participating in Orientation Week: Only those vaccinated will have access to all events, there will be a few educational events open to all. 


Those choosing not to get vaccinated: The Quebec government has declared that university education is essential, therefore you will have access to your classes and to the library. You will have access to some take-out food that you can eat outside or in your room in residence. The best way to prevent harm form COVID-19 to you and others is to get vaccinated, click here to make your appointment today. 


Those with medical exemptions: If you are not able to receive the vaccine due to medical issues, you will be exempt from the Quebec government vaccine passport. You will need to contact Kendra Brock, the manager of our health clinic to make sure we can support your safe return to campus.


  • What if I have received the vaccine outside of Quebec: You will need to transform your proof into a Quebec QR code (make an appointment here). We hope to be able to provide this service on campus, but it is not yet confirmed. If you have any proof of vaccine when you arrive on campus, we will be able to grant you access for the first two weeks even without the Quebec vaccine passport. 


It is important to note that currently the Quebec government vaccine passport does not apply to those working in the venues.

We will communicate more details next week.

Together we can ensure a safe return to BU.



Stine Linden-Andersen, Ph.D.

Dean of Student Affairs

Associate Professor of Psychology, Clinical

Bishop’s Convocation: Class of 2021 celebrations begin on August 29th

On Sunday, August 29, 2021, at noon (12:00 p.m. EDT), Chancellor Daniel Fournier will preside over Bishop’s University’s 193rd Convocation beginning with a virtual ceremony in which degrees will be conferred on 810 graduating students.

The virtual ceremony will include many of the elements of a traditional Convocation, with a recognition of each graduate and addresses by Valedictorians Sally Cunningham ’21 and Sabrina-Binta Koné ’21, the Chancellor, the Chair of the Bishop’s Council, Yolande James and me.

We invite graduating students and their families and friends to join us for this online event to celebrate the individual and collective achievements of the Class of 2021 and to reflect on the unique challenges everyone has experienced this year. We encourage you to join us virtually for this important occasion no matter where you may be. (We look forward to seeing photos of graduation celebrations around the world.)

The virtual ceremony will be streamed on the University’s website and social media channels on Sunday, August 29th at noon (12:00 p.m. EDT). The ceremony will conclude at approximately 2:00 p.m. You can tune in by visiting any of the links below:

The virtual ceremony will be a celebration full of joy, humour, camaraderie and inspiration that will reflect the values and character of our University. I encourage you to stay tuned to the very end of the proceedings which will include a uniquely Bishop’s conclusion.

If you are unable to watch on August 29th or simply wish to watch the ceremony again, the video will be posted on the Bishop’s website and linked via our social media channels for viewing afterwards.

As we announced last June, we will hold a two-part Convocation to honour the Class of 2021. The first part is the virtual ceremony on August 29th. The second part, which will be on campus in June 2022, will include a traditional in-person event with a formal ceremony in academic regalia in which each student who is present will cross the stage to be acknowledged by the Chancellor, the Principal, their classmates, their professors, their families and their friends.

We look forward to celebrating Convocation with you.

Be safe
Be resilient

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Convocation Update

Dear members of the Class of 2021,

We hope that you are healthy, safe and in good spirits.

As you know, when we decided to postpone your June 2021 Convocation, we hoped to hold an on-campus event in August, and we committed to letting you know our plans by July 1st.

Regrettably, it now appears that we will not be able to hold an in-person ceremony in August 2021.

Although the public health guidelines have been relaxed somewhat in recent weeks, the current rules in the Eastern Townships would severely limit the number of people who could be welcomed in the Denver Gym. (For example, the audience would have to be divided into independent sections of no more than 250 people, each of which would have to have separate entrances, exits and sanitary facilities. Students and guests who do not reside at the same address would have to sit at least 1.5 metres apart and graduating students would have to be masked when crossing the stage.)

Furthermore, it is likely that many graduating students and their families would not be able or be willing to travel to Lennoxville in August and the celebrations that are normally held in conjunction with Convocation would also likely be curtailed.

It is possible that the rules may be further relaxed by the end of the summer, but it is also possible that the spread of the Delta variant may result in further restrictions.

For these reasons and based on the recommendation of Quebec’s public health authorities, we have decided to hold a two-part Convocation which will begin with a virtual ceremony on Sunday, August 29th, 2021 and conclude with in-person ceremonies for the graduating classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022 from Friday, June 3rd to Sunday, June 5th, 2022.

The Convocation schedule will be as follows:

  • Sunday, August 29th, 2021, noon – 1:30 p.m. EDT: virtual ceremony for the Class of 2021
  • Friday, June 3rd, 2022: in-person Convocation ceremony for the Class of 2020
  • Saturday, June 4th, 2022: in-person Convocation ceremony for the Class of 2021
  • Sunday, June 5th, 2022: in-person Convocation ceremonies for the Class of 2022

The virtual ceremony will include some of the elements of a traditional Convocation with a recognition of each graduate and addresses by the two Valedictorians, the Chancellor and the Principal.

Our intention is to make the in-person Convocation period between June 3rd and 5th, 2022 one of the largest celebrations in Bishop’s history.

Your Convocation next spring will include a traditional in-person event with a formal ceremony in academic regalia in which each student who is present will cross the stage to be acknowledged by the Chancellor, the Principal, their classmates, professors, families and friends. We will bestow Honorary Degrees, and honour a Distinguished Professor Emeritus, a Turner Teaching Award winner, an Alumnus/Alumna of the Year and the winners of major student awards.

The formal ceremonies are its centrepiece, but there are many other important aspects of a Bishop’s Convocation. By holding the in-person ceremonies next June we want to give you the opportunity to celebrate with your friends and families and with the faculty, librarians and staff who have supported you during your time at Bishop’s.

With that goal in mind, we will hold two Chancellor’s Graduation Dinners, one for the Classes of 2020 and 2021 on Friday, June 3rd, and one for the Class of 2022 on Saturday, June 4th.

We will also organize additional events where the Classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022 can gather and celebrate together.

There are many components to work out for both portions of the Convocation and the details of the ceremonies next June may need to be modified once we know how many members of the Classes of 2020 and 2021 will be present.

We hope that you will understand why we have decided to proceed in this way and we look forward to celebrating your Convocation with you.

Please put both the August 29th, 2021 and the June 2022 dates in your calendar.

With warm best wishes to all of you.

Be healthy
Be resilient

Daniel Fournier

Michael Goldbloom, C.M.
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

New members to Bishop’s Board of Governors

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new members to Bishop’s Board of Governors: Suzie O’Bomsawin (External Governor) and Dr. Samia Mihoub (Internal Governor, Staff Council).

Suzie O’Bomsawin is Director of the Ndakina Office of the Grand Conseil de la Nation Waban-Aki which represents and supports the Abenaki Councils of Odanak and Wôlinak. Ms. O’Bomsawin is responsible for matters relating to territorial consultations and issues concerning natural resources affecting the ancestral territory of the Abenaki.

Suzie O’Bomsawin

Ms. Obomsawin is a resident of the Odanak community. She is involved with an array of organizations dedicated to First Nations interests. For example, she was one of the spokespersons of the First Nations Quebec-Labrador Youth Network from August 2011 to August 2015. She also chaired the board of directors of the Odanak Historical Society, an umbrella organization for the Musée des Abénakis until April 2021. In addition, she is a member of the Quebec Native Women Association and helps to organize various cultural events in her community. Since June 2019, she has been a member of the Indigenous Advisory Committee of the Canadian Impact Assessment Agency.

Ms. Obomsawin has been a member of the Board of Directors of Sépaq since 2015, where she is the Chair of the Governance and Ethics Committee, a member of the Audit Committee and a member of the Sustainable Development Committee.

Ms. O’Bomsawin holds an integrated bachelor’s degree in economics and politics (2007) and an MBA in international development (2010) from Université Laval. In 2020, she completed a Certificate in Corporate Governance (ASC) at the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés of Université Laval.

Dr. Samia Mihoub is a Grant Officer in Bishop’s Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Before joining Bishop’s in 2018, Dr. Mihoub worked at Université de Sherbrooke for almost 10 years where she started as a contract faculty. She subsequently occupied different administrative positions in Research and Graduate Studies at the faculties of Medicine, Science, Education, and the School of Management. Her roles at UdeS evolved from research and academic coordination to program evaluation and strategic planning.

Dr. Samia Mihoub

In her role as a research administrator at Bishop’s, Dr. Mihoub supports Faculty to obtain research funding and helps them manage the funds and comply with the agencies’ requirements. Very involved in her community, Dr. Mihoub has volunteered in a variety of associations. Her most significant community engagement was at the Service d’Aide aux Néo Canadiens de l’Estrie where she served as an interpreter for Syrian Refugees for almost 3 years.

Dr. Mihoub holds a M.A and a Ph.D. in Communications obtained at Université Paris-Assas and Paris-Diderot and a M.A in Administration obtained at Université de Sherbrooke. Her Ph.D. dissertation focused on cyberactivism under authoritarian regimes.