Bishop’s University Research Awards 2021

Bishop’s University Research Awards 2021

The Senate Research Committee at Bishop’s University has awarded the 2019-2020 Research and Creative Activity Award and the 2020-2021 Emerging Scholar Award to two outstanding researchers in their respective fields: Dr. Jade Savage, of the Department of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Dawn Wiseman, of the School of Education.

The objective of the Research and Creative Activity Award is to recognize the outstanding professional accomplishments of the University’s finest researchers, scholars and creators. The award is designed to recognize someone that is well-established in their field and in the mid- to late stage of their careers. Dr. Jade Savage’s research activities have contributed to the advancement of biodiversity science by addressing questions related to the taxonomy, distribution, and ecology of arthropods. A member of the Department of Biological Sciences since 2004, she has published thirty peer-reviewed articles, supervised numerous graduate and undergraduate students and secured major uninterrupted external funding. Dr. Savage is an internationally recognized expert on muscoid flies and contributed to a better understanding of Canadian insect pests and parasites. She also created the eTick citizen science initiative, a web platform that invites the public to participate in the monitoring of ticks in Canada by submitting tick photos for identification by trained personnel.

The objective of the Emerging Scholar Award is to recognize the outstanding researchers and creators whose work has made a significant impact on their disciplines or fields. The award can be for work done in a single year or over a number of years. The award is designed to recognize someone who have not yet had the opportunity to establish an extensive record of research achievement, but are in the process of building one. Dr. Dawn Wiseman’s research activities revolve around the ways that Indigenous and Canadian ways of knowing, being, and doing circulate together in education, teaching practices, and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) teaching and learning from kindergarten through post-secondary levels. A member of the School of Education since 2018, her research, teaching and service has contributed greatly to the scholarly community, to public and private education in Quebec, and to research-driven initiatives and conversations across Bishop’s. Dr. Wiseman is committed unlearning colonialism through research that makes a difference in K-12 classrooms, teacher education, and post-secondary STEM.

Dr. Jade Savage


Dr. Dawn Wiseman