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In 2023, Career and Transition Services (CATS) and the Office of EDI collaborated to curate a list of resources that would support equity-deserving students attending Bishop’s University. Four students were hired to create this inventory of on campus and off campus resources.

The following services and organizations are available on campus if you want to learn more about EDI, get involved with EDI initiatives, or want to access specialized supports and services.

Campus Supports and Services

BU International

Studying abroad and relocating to a distant country can be intimidating. The transition to a new environment often involves navigating numerous unknowns and embracing various new experiences. As an international student, you may need to discover new locales, establish new routines, connect with new colleagues and classmates, form new friendships, and learn new languages.

Bishop’s University understands these challenges and is committed to facilitating a smooth transition for international students. The university believes that once students feel at home, they will be ready to seize the remarkable opportunities that the bishop’s experience has to offer.

Bishop’s International provides support and services to incoming international students, as well as to all Bishop’s students interested in international or intercultural experiential learning opportunities, either abroad or on campus. Serving as the primary point of contact with partner institutions worldwide, Bishop’s International collaborates closely with other administrative services, faculties, and schools to develop new international strategic partnerships and promote campus internationalization.

Career and Transition Services (CATS)

Bishop’s University Career and Transition Services (CATS) is committed to helping students with career development, job searches, and internships. They provide professional and specialized services centered on career planning and counseling, in addition to workshops, events, a comprehensive job posting service, and an array of career resources. These career resources include a specialized collection of resources supporting equity deserving students that were curated in a collaboration between CATS and the Office of EDI.

From the moment students join BU, they are encouraged to think about their future beyond university. CATS empowers students to explore potential opportunities, possibilities, and engage critically with their future prospects, ensuring they are well-prepared for life after graduation.

Community Cupboard

Bishop’s University recognizes food insecurity as a pressing concern in contemporary society and seeks to alleviate financial stress for university students by supplying essentials during times of need. There is no requirement for financial proof to place an online order, and all users can be assured of complete anonymity.

The Community Cupboard, situated in the Paterson 100 counselling offices at Bishop’s University, strives to address food insecurity among the student community. Its objective is to offer students in need of groceries, toiletries, and other essential items up to four times per semester through the Community Cupboard online platform. For additional information on accessing the cupboard, please reach out to bunitedpsc@ubishops.ca.

Health Clinic

Bishop’s University recognizes the unique needs and challenges faced by transitioning and transgender individuals. To cater to these specific requirements, the university offers a variety of supportive services and resources. One such service includes hormone therapy shots administered by qualified nurses. Additionally, doctors at the university can refer students to endocrinologists for initiating hormone therapy, as well as provide prescription renewals for hormones if the students are not from the area and have limited access to their regular treating physician.

Furthermore, Bishop’s University is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all students by providing gender-neutral and accessible restrooms on campus. This demonstrates the university’s dedication to ensuring a comfortable, safe, and supportive atmosphere for every member of the community.

Indigenous Student Support Centre (ISSC)

Situated at the heart of our campus in Centennial room 109, the Indigenous Student Support Centre (ISSC) has stood as a beacon of community and camaraderie since its establishment in 2019. This haven is designed to provide Indigenous students with a space that feels like home away from home, creating an inclusive environment on campus.

The ISSC is more than just a space—it’s a sanctuary for relaxation, study, and creative pursuits. From a cozy couch and television for your downtime to a communal table tailored for intellectual endeavors or crafting, it’s equipped to meet a spectrum of needs. We also stock a selection of crafting and beading supplies for those inspired by creativity.

Recognizing the practicalities of student life, the ISSC offers amenities including a refrigerator for your mid-day meals, a microwave, and a variety of resources and hygiene products. Additionally, you’ll find an assortment of snacks and food to keep your energy levels high.

But beyond these amenities, it’s the spirit of fellowship that truly defines the ISSC. It’s a place where meaningful friendships are forged and a sense of belonging is fostered, inviting you into an enriching atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual respect.

Sexual Violence Support Centre

The Bishop’s University Sexual Violence Support Centre (SVSC) located at the BUnited Peer Support Centre is dedicated to addressing issues related to sexual and gender-based violence within the campus community. Catering to students, staff, and faculty, the SVSC serves as the primary point of contact for those affected by sexual or gender-based violence or those seeking guidance on responding to a disclosed incident.

Sexual Violence Response Advisors (SVRAs) at the SVSC work diligently to support survivors, victims, and 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals, advocating on their behalf throughout any university procedures they choose to pursue. This may include enhancing personal safety, implementing better practices, and raising awareness. The SVRAs’ approach to education, support, and advocacy is grounded in non-judgmental, intersectional, trans and queer positive, survivor-centered, and trauma-informed principles. To accommodate the diverse Bishop’s community, SVRAs offer services in both English and French.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Bishop’s University is committed to making higher education accessible to all individuals, regardless of any ongoing medical, neurocognitive, or mental health conditions or disabilities that may impact their participation in campus learning or activities. This includes addressing temporary situations that could create barriers to academic success, such as concussions, broken limbs, or grief, as well as accommodating those who have previously received academic or related support at other institutions.

For registered students with disabilities, Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at Bishop’s University provides accommodations and assistance tailored to enhance access to all aspects of post-secondary education. The university takes pride in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, ensuring equal opportunities and equitable treatment for all students to fully benefit from their educational experiences.

For further information, please contact accessibility@ubishops.ca or visit the Student Accessibility Services website.

Student’s Representative Council EDI Fund

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Fund at Bishop’s University is designed to support current and returning students who are engaged in projects that promote EDI values, by offering financial aid and fostering a stronger community. Projects that emphasize personal growth and knowledge mobilization are highly encouraged.

Knowledge Mobilization plays a crucial role in EDI-related projects, as it ensures that the insights gained from these endeavors are shared within the Bishop’s community. This not only amplifies the impact of the projects but also promotes collective learning and growth among community members. The EDI Fund is a collaborative initiative between the Student Representative Council (SRC) and Bishop’s University, showcasing their joint commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse campus environment.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Bishop’s Christian Students’ Association

Bishop’s Christian Students’ Association. is a vibrant community dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for students of Christian faith, as well as those intrigued by Christian values and teachings. Our aim is to foster spiritual growth, promote dialogue, and encourage unity among students at Bishop’s University.

It is not just about shared faith; it’s a platform that nurtures friendships, instils values, and facilitates discussions on how Christian principles intersect with daily life. We extend our arms to the whole student body, inviting everyone to participate in our range of activities like community outreach programs and social events.

We welcome students from all walks of life, regardless of their religious affiliation. Whether you’re seeking a deeper understanding of Christianity or looking for a space for spiritual exploration. We offer an inclusive, respectful, and engaging environment. Here, every voice matters, every question is valued, and every individual is encouraged to explore, learn, and grow.

Email: christianstudents@ubishops.ca

Instagram: @buchristianstudents

Facebook: BU Christian Students Association

Discord: https://discord.gg/XZe7A7buyP

Bishop’s University Pride Alliance

Bishop’s University Pride Alliance, often known as BUPA, is a vibrant collective of BU students who convene regularly to deliberate on matters and developments relevant to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. BUPA is an embodiment of inclusivity, offering a safe haven for everyone within the BU community, irrespective of their backgrounds.

 Through the lens of inclusivity and diversity, BUPA orchestrates various events and activities that not only celebrate the uniqueness of every individual but also foster unity among all BU students. The Alliance is a podium where every voice is valued, diversity is applauded, and the bond of fellowship is strengthened. At BUPA, we believe in the power of unity in diversity, forging an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

Caribbean African Students Association (CASA)

The Caribbean African Student Association (CASA) at Bishop’s University creates a welcoming space and platform for African, Caribbean, and Black students to discuss issues, propose solutions, and enjoy camaraderie. CASA is dedicated to uniting students from diverse backgrounds and engaging in various social activities with both its members and the larger Bishop’s community.

The association’s objective is to educate one another on historical, political, social, and economic issues that affect people worldwide. While the primary focus is on promoting and educating about African and Caribbean cultures, CASA embraces diversity by attracting and including students from different backgrounds. The club strives to dismantle stereotypes based on ignorance through education and mutual understanding, emphasizing that differences make individuals unique but not superior to one another.

CASA offers a home away from home where members are accepted with open arms and supported throughout their time at Bishop’s. It represents a family that transcends borders, providing unwavering support and a sense of belonging for all its members.

Instagram: @ubishopscasa

Facebook: BU Caribbean African Student Association

Website: https://ubishopscasa.square.site/

Disabled and Neurodivergent Students Association (DANS)

The Disabled and Neurodivergent Students Association is a community of students sharing similar realities. Their mission in to promote mental health, unmasking, acceptance of one’s disability and learning to be proud of it, and de-stigmatisation of disability and neurodiversity. They have strived to create a community and a safe space for disabled students at Bishop’s University to instil a sense belonging. DANS advocates to fight systemic ableism in higher education to make it more inclusive and accessible. “DANS welcome everyone, disabled and neurodivergent students, diagnosed or not, and allies too of course.”

Indigenous Cultural Alliance (ICA)

The Indigenous Cultural Alliance (ICA) is a student-led association whose overall goal is to bring awareness of the Indigenous community on campus and to create a safe space for learning between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. The ICA functions as a network & platform to facilitate culture and knowledge sharing at BU and Champlain College. If you are looking to be a part of the ICA, you can sign up on club day, find out and contact the leads of the club, or reach us on our social media platforms:

ICA on Facebook

ICA on Instagram

Muslim Students Association

The Muslim student association supports and advocates for Muslim students at Bishop’s University. They’re an intimate community for Muslims on campus to gather and socialize. They also host various events that are open to everyone including students, staff and faculty to provide an opportunity to socialize and get to know each other. Keep a lookout on their social media accounts for their weekly Friday prayer schedules at the mosque.


EDI Committee

The Bishop’s University Students’ Representative Council’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Committee (EDI committee) is steadfast in its commitment to fostering a harmonious and inclusive campus community. The committee’s mission transcends advocating for diversity and fairness; it also serves as a platform for open dialogue, allowing every member of the student body to express their concerns and ideas.

Initiatives propelled by the committee are centred around promoting equal opportunities, celebrating individuality, and embracing a myriad of perspectives. We don’t just champion diversity and equity; we inspire understanding, mutual respect, and a sense of belonging among all students.

As an open forum, the committee welcomes and encourages participation from all students. This is a space where every voice matters, where every concern is taken into account, and where the collective action of the student body is galvanized to create a truly equitable and inclusive academic environment. You can find out more about this committee and their meeting times by contacting the SRC.

Indigeneity and Race Research Axis

Building on the successes of the former Indigeneity axis of the Crossing Borders cluster, the Indigeneity and Race Research Axis (IRRA), will be addressing questions relative to self-identification, recognition and/or marginalization of groups occupying, having occupied or willing to occupy a specific territory, to explore concepts of race and indigeneity. Composed of Dr. Mary Ellen Donnan (Sociology), Dr. Jean Manore (History), Dr. Dawn Wiseman (Education), Dr. Vicki Chartrand (Sociology), Dr. Linda Morra (English), Dr. Jerald Sabin (Politics and International Studies), Dr. Avril Aitken (Education) and Dr. Lisa Taylor (Education), IRRA will also welcome a Canada Research Chair in the near future. This Team’s objectives align perfectly with Bishop’s ongoing efforts relating to reconciliation with indigenous communities in Canada.

Senate Ad-Hoc Committee on Reconciliation and Decolonization

The committee works with the research findings and recommendations of the Reconciliation and Decolonization at BU report and, in consultation with the various programs and departments, pursue ways of developing opportunities for Indigenous students, improving the culture at Bishop’s for these students, and fostering cross-cultural learning opportunities.

Senate Committee on Student Accommodation and Accessibility Services

This Committee originated as an ad hoc committee of Senate mandated to formulate a University policy on students with Special Needs. Once Senate adopted the policy (October, 1993), its members recommended that, in order to fulfill one item of the policy statement “Bishop’s University will endeavor to continue to work towards the removal of barriers to students with disabilities”, the Committee meet on an annual basis to review and identify gaps in services to students with disabilities and make recommendations where appropriate. This, then, is the current mandate of this Committee.

If you know of or are part of an EDI related campus organization, club, or committee that isn’t shared here, please contact us at edi@ubishops.ca to share the details!