Student Accessibility & Accommodation Services

Student Accessibility & Accommodation Services

Bishop’s University is proud to be an institution that welcomes and supports a diverse student body and strives to ensure that students have equal opportunities and equitable treatment to take full advantage of their education.

Bishop’s University is committed to providing support for students living with disabilities, and provides reasonable accommodations to students in a supportive, accessible, non-discriminatory, to create an equitable learning environment respecting as mandated by the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

To learn more, please visit the Policy Regarding Student Accessibility and Accommodation.

Is Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services for you?

Do you have an ongoing medical, neurocognitive or mental health condition or disability that impacts your access to learning or activities on campus?

Did you receive academic or other related accommodations at another educational institution?

SAAS offers registered BU students living with disabilities necessary accommodations, advocacy and programming support designed to improve access to all aspects of post-secondary education.

How to Access Services