Write for Success: essay writing followed by a FREE professional assessment and consultation

Write for Success is a new Writing Centre service developed to give new students the opportunity to get valuable tips and advice to improve their academic writing before their first written assignment is due. Write for Success is NOT an exam, and no grade will be assigned to it.

In addition, Write for Success can help students determine which writing course is most appropriate for their writing level.

Who can participate?

Write for Success is targeted to incoming students. However, we will not turn away any Bishop’s student.

How does it work?

To complete the Write for Success assessment, you will write a persuasive essay on Moodle in the comfort of your own space. Writing consultants will read and evaluate your writing and then meet with you online to discuss your essay.

When can I write my essay?

Essay writing will be open on Moodle from September 9 to 17, 2023.

How do I register?

You can register by emailing ewpchair@ubishops.ca before September 9, 2023.

Any questions?

Email: ewpchair@ubishops.ca