Copyrights Policies

To find the copyrights form that should be submitted with your course pack, please go to myBU and login with your Bishop’s credentials.

  • Click on “Document Center” in the top horizontal menu,
  • Look under “Department : Print Shop”,
  • Click the Excel document “Copyright Form 2014” to open the Documents ribbon,
  • Click the button “Download a Copy” to download the file to your computer.

Policy regarding the reproduction of copyright material for academic use (PDF)

Print Shop Policies

1 – Copyright and Distribution of Copied Material

All employees of the department must conform to normal legal standards regarding copyright in the way to respect the agreement which has been concluded with the Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities (CREPUQ) and COPIBEC. Universities have to respect copying limits and pay royalties to rightsholders for the reproduction of their works. Therefore, copies material will not be copied or redistributed by any means. Employees should also make it clear to others if necessary that they are required to follow this policy.

Print Shop employees will advise users of proper conduct, and the rights of content owners under the COPIBEC license. Reproductions must be used solely as pedagogical material (anthologies, coursed notes, coursepacks, exam papers and looseleaf handouts) for teaching purposes.

The Print Shop is not responsible for active policing of individual users’ activities.

2 – Services, Stationery and its Distribution on the campus

The Print Shop provide a large variety of stationery and services to their clients (ie, employees and faculty). These supplies include, but are not limited to: office stationery, printer toners & ink, different types of paper, cardboard, and envelopes.

The Print Shop also provide services to students and any customers  on- or off-campus.

These actual services and standard stationery are (or should be) the subject of redefinition in consultation with its committees, the university administration and other stakeholders in the university environment.

3 – General Confidentiality.

The nature of the Print Shop work is such that there is frequent access and exposure to confidential material. A code of confidential, ethical and professional conduct is expected of all Print Shop employees.