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There are four distinct levels of support that ITS can provide to end users, depending on the specific configuration of the users’ desktop or laptop computers. It is simpler and more efficient for ITS to provide “full support” to standard configurations than to provide a reduced level of support (“limited support”, “barely supported” or “not supported” (actually best possible effort)) to non standard configurations because ITS has tools and expertise to automate their initial configurations and facilitate their support.

Full Support (also called managed computers):

  • Includes all features listed in the “Limited Support” section below.
  • Default access to the Bishop’s network is enabled and access to shared drives is pre-defined.
  • After proper validation by ITS, the computer will also be updated automatically with:
    • new operating system patches to prevent security issues.
    • new anti-virus files to prevent infections.
    • software updates when required to fix existing bugs.
    • configurations to adapt to the Bishop’s environment when required.

Limited support:

  • ITS buys the computer and pre-installs the Bishop’s standard configurations and software before delivery to the end user.
  • ITS proceeds with required actions if problems happen while covered by the warranty.

Barely supported:

  • ITS buys the computer and delivers it to end user.
  • ITS proceeds with required actions if problems happen while covered by the warranty.
  • ITS can be involved in the initial configuration and software installations but an installation fee will be charged to the end user since it has to be done manually with a significant effort. Also, if subsequent troubleshooting, outside of ITS regular scope with Bishop’s standard configurations, is required, there might be applicable charges.

Not supported (actually “Best Possible Effort”):

  • A “not supported” tag means that ITS cannot be involved in the preparation, software installation, and support for one of these reasons:
    • it is a computer running the Linux operating system;
    • it is a device not commonly used inside the Bishop’s community, so ITS Client Services does not have or cannot maintain the necessary expertise.
  • In such cases, ITS client services will provide the best help possible to the user, but what can be done is very restricted when compared to the service offered when the support level is “Full” or “Limited”.