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This appendix lists the software (installed by ITS) included in the standard configurations.  The content of this of appendix is subject to change on a regular basis.

Desktop or Laptop Computer Standard Configurations

Campus Standard – Windows

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional with Bishop’s specific configuration and security options
  • Bishop’s Configuration (wireless, printers, file & folder access, etc)
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • McAfee Enterprise Antivirus
  • VLC Video Player
  • SPSS
  • Various Utilities (changes frequently based on demand and software licensing)

Campus Limited Support – Mac OS

  • Apple Mac OS 10.11
  • Bishop’s Configuration (wireless, printers*, file & folder access*)
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • VLC Video Player
  • iMovie

* Note: on Mac OS, printer, file and folder access may be problematic.  Users should not assume the smooth experience they have on Windows fully supported computers.

Tablet Standard Configuration – iPad

ITS provides iPads “as delivered” by Apple to end users.  The client is responsible for the setup of their own “App Store” account setup and linking to a personal credit card.  Eligibility of reimbursement for App Store purchases is a client departmental choice but Managers should be aware that the iPad comes with enough software on it that very few software items should need to be added for work purposes, and any additional software that is needed probably has free or very-low-cost versions available.

ITS will assist end users with the configuration of Bishop’s resources (wi-fi, mail and calendars) on the iPad upon receipt.