Courses & Programs

Courses & Programs

New French Program

Honours in French as a Second Language (60 credits)


These programs are designed for students who wish to specialize in French as a Second Language or Études françaises et québécoises. Often, but not necessarily, students in these programs are planning to pursue their studies at the Master’s level. Each is composed of 60 credits (20 courses) with the combined designations FRE and FRA for Honours in French as a Second Language, and FRA only for an Honours in Études françaises et québécoises. Up to 9 credits (3 courses) in appropriate fields, previously approved by the Department, could be counted as cognates. Students must maintain an average of at least 70%, calculated on the best 60 credits in the Honours discipline (including cognates), in order to graduate with an Honours degree in any Division of Humanities.

Major in French as a Second Language (48 credits)


This program is designed for students who wish to become bilingual, teach a second language (in partnership with the School of Education), or pursue a career where a very good knowledge of French is a strong asset.

Majeure en langue et culture française avec programme d’échange (48 credits)


The Majeure en langue et culture française avec programme d’échange is a program designed for francophone or native-like students wanting to explore and master various cultural aspects of the francophone world. To graduate with this major, students must have completed a minimum of 6 FRA courses (18 credits) at Bishop’s University. These credits must be combined to:

a) French credits taken during an exchange program, over one or two semesters, at a partner university in France or another French-speaking country, or to

b) French credits taken at a partner francophone university in Quebec. Students must register for the major before leaving on an exchange program and seek approval from the Chair of the Department concerning their course selection at a partner university. A maximum of 2 Level 3-Advanced FRE courses could be credited to this major program.

Major in Modern Languages with a French component (60 credits)


The Major in Modern Languages offered by the Department of Modern Languages requires the completion of 60 credits in two languages (30 credits in each language) and French may be chosen as one of the two languages.

Double Major French – Spanish and Education (24 credits in Spanish + 24 credits in French)


Program requirements for students pursuing a Double Major in French-Spanish and Education may be found under “School of Education” in the Academic Calendar. All questions concerning courses and requirements should be referred to Dr. Avril Aitken or Sarah Théberge

Minor in French as a Second Language (24 credits)


This program is intended for students with little or no French who wish to acquire a good working knowledge of the French language. To complete this minor, students must have at least completed FRE 141 at Bishop’s.

Mineure en Études de la langue française (24 credits)


This program is intended for students with a good knowledge of French who wish to improve their grammar and develop a wider knowledge of the francophone culture. Students in this program can focus on the various language skills and/or on culture and literature courses. To complete this minor, the student should choose 8 courses from our “FRA” offering, although a maximum of two (2) FRE Level 3-advanced courses can be accepted in this minor.

For complete details, view the Études françaises et québécoises section of the academic calendar.