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The Strategic Framework for Bishop’s University articulates our collective vision, mission and values, and sets out our priorities and objectives for 2019-2024. This ambitious framework is the result of extensive consultation and reflects the contributions and ideas of people across our campus and beyond.

The framework’s primary objective is to guide our future decisions and actions. It will inform the overall planning and budget allocations of the University, and it will provide guidance to faculty and staff in all academic and administrative units when undertaking their own planning activities.

The implementation of the framework depends upon engagement and commitment from every sector of the University. It challenges all of us to think strategically about the plans and activities in our own areas, and our roles in translating the priorities into concrete actions. Guided by the framework, detailed plans will be created in a number of areas, and tools will be developed and used to assess and report on progress. Annual reports on implementation of the Strategic Framework will be submitted to the Board of Governors, Senate and the wider University community.


Our goal is to offer Canada’s foremost undergraduate education.

We aspire to be the institution of choice for outstanding young people seeking academic excellence in a community that instills curiosity, confidence, courage and a sense of responsibility in its students.


At the heart of the Bishop’s experience is close interaction between professors and students, within the classroom and beyond, in scholarship, research and creative activity.

We engage our students in their own intellectual and social development by offering programs of study and extracurricular activities that foster curiosity and a life-long interest in and commitment to learning.

We encourage both breadth and depth in our students’ academic programs, to equip them to explore and solve complex problems.

We provide a small number of niche research and professional graduate programs, and we recognize that interaction with graduate students can also enhance the undergraduate experience.

We are committed to maintaining our intimate size and residential nature in order to foster the social development of our students, encourage the creation of lasting friendships and engender a true sense of community.

We invite our students, who come from Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, and around the world, to practice the respectful and informed dialogue that sustains democracy, to exercise the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship and to realize their potential for leadership.



Bishop’s highest priority is to support each of its students in achieving their full potential. As a small, residential, predominantly undergraduate, academically rigorous liberal arts institution supported by engaged alumni, Bishop’s is able to provide its students the best possible student experience. Our academic excellence, cross-disciplinary learning environment, rich co-curricular and extracurricular offerings and outstanding student support services equip Bishop’s to provide a rare and exceptional experience for its students.


We are a diverse, vibrant, inclusive and collaborative intellectual community of people dedicated to excellence and sustainability. With students from every Canadian province and territory and more than 60 countries, the world meets on our campus. Our small size, attractive natural and built environment in a bilingual community in Quebec provide opportunities for a high degree of engagement and close relationships among faculty, students, staff, alumni and the local community. We adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct in all activities and relationships.


We value outstanding teaching, research and creative expression, and the pursuit of excellence in all that we undertake. We aim to instill the aspiration and determination to excel in our students and in all other members of our community.


We value the natural beauty of our surroundings and the exceptional architectural quality of our built environment.

Bishop’s University is located on the traditional territory of the Abenaki people, the original stewards of the land. We are committed to protecting our natural and built environment so that subsequent generations of Bishop’s students and the wider community of the Eastern Townships will be able to enjoy them.

We promote sustainability as an overarching principle for all our activities and strategic priorities. Our holistic approach includes a concern for our environment, and a commitment to sustaining our institution through viable financial, cultural and social practices. We seek to integrate principles of sustainability into our academic programs and our individual and institutional activities.

Our Priorities

  1. Elevate the quality of our academic programs and our liberal education model by promoting innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  2. Expand experiential learning.
  3. Enhance the quality, quantity, stature and reputation of research.
  4. Enhance the student experience.
  5. Enhance the strength, vibrancy, diversity and inclusivity of the Bishop’s community.
  6. Preserve and enhance the natural and built environment.
  7. Ensure financial sustainability.
  8. Enhance our internal and external communications.

Milestones and Achievements

Joint Board and Senate Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Priority 5. Enhance the strength, vibrancy, diversity and inclusivity of the Bishop’s community.

Appointments of Associate Vice-Principal Academic and Dean of Science
Priority 1. Elevate the quality of our academic programs and our liberal education model by promoting innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

BU Singers Share 2019 Prix Opus for Concert of the Year – Regions
Priority 4. Enhance the student experience.
Objective 4.3 Enhance the creative and performing arts as a core element of a creative campus.

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