Ministry of Economy and Innovation grants $58,240 for scientific workshops in Eastern Township’s schools

Ministry of Economy and Innovation grants $58,240 for scientific workshops in Eastern Township’s schools

Dr. Estelle Chamoux

As part of the NovaScience program of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, a $58,240 grant will support the Inspecteur Génético project, an initiative of Dr. Estelle Chamoux from the Department of Biology at Bishop’s University.

Inspecteur Génético is a series of scientific workshops aimed at offering young people at the primary and secondary level an experience of scientific exploration, followed by support that can lead to the presentation of a Science Fair project, an observation experience in the laboratory, setting up a science club, or developing any other related scientific project.

The workshops, which will tour schools in the region, take the form of investigations from which young people will learn to use scientific tools and exercise their capacity for deduction.


Stimulate young people’s interest in science

These workshops are primarily aimed at addressing the lack of exposure to the four STEM disciplines – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – (STEM) among young people. In Estrie, approximately 10,000 students face socio-economic, cultural, and linguistic barriers making access to higher education in STEM difficult, while the region is full of opportunities. Sensitive to these issues, Dr. Estelle Chamoux, instigator of the project, therefore wishes to propose a springboard activity: “It seems important to me to offer all young people opportunities to project themselves into scientific careers. The teachers whose classes I have visited for workshops are unanimous: young people love it, but the offer is limited. With this funding, we can develop the offer of workshops. I invite schools and teachers to contact us,” says Dr. Estelle Chamoux, PhD.

The creation of such workshops is at the heart Bishop’s University’s mission, which aims to invest in the intellectual and social development of its community, by offering study programs as well as extracurricular activities that promote curiosity and interest in lifelong learning.

Inspecteur Génético will expose young people to STEM while providing a direct link with the Estrie research and innovation community. Part of the funding granted will be used to offer scholarships to young people who demonstrate a particular interest in STEM and need financial assistance to carry out their project or who face socio-economic barriers hindering their ambitions.

Presented by a group of facilitators trained in science communication, the Inspecteur Génético workshops will begin their tour in schools in the region in the fall of 2022.


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