Registration Instructions

Registration Instructions

Registration for all Spring/Summer semesters will be open March 17th, 2021 at 9:00 AM.

Semester (1st day – end of exams) Add/drop deadline Course Withdrawal deadline
Spring 1 (May 10-June 22) May 14 June 7
Spring 1 Intensive (May 10-May 28) May 12 May 26
Summer (May 10-Aug 13) May 21 July 16
Spring 2 Intensive (May 31-June 18) June 2 June 16
Spring 2 (July 5-Aug 17) July 9 July 30

Please note that some courses are being offered online (room will be listed as ONL) while some are in person (you will see a room assigned). See the Spring/Summer Timetable.


Any registration restrictions such as fees owing or documents required must be settled a minimum of 48 hours before access to online registration will be granted.

School fees are due May 21, 2021. We recommend that you use the calculator online to determine your fees. Your accurate balance will show in the self-service under the Finances detail tab once you are fully registered. Some courses or schedules require approval and the fees will only appear once approved.

Registration Instructions

Interested in studying French as a Second Language next semester?
Please take our French Placement Test on Moodle, within the two-week period before registration opens, to know which course(s) to register for according to your level.

Troubles registering?
Please email with your name, student number & the course(s) in which you’re trying to register.

Troubles accessing Self-Service?
Please email

Step 1 – Academic advising

Step 1 – Academic advising

Students do not require advising in order to register. However, students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with their Departmental Chairperson during their first semester to discuss their options and progress.  Students who have accepted an offer of admission and returning students are eligible to register for courses online through myBU as soon as the registration period opens.

In advance of registering online, be sure to:

Note that:

  • Students can register for the upcoming semester only.
  • Registration priority is given to those students closest to completing their degree.
  • Failure to register online during the official registration period may result in an inconvenient schedule and/or the inability to take mandatory courses in their required sequence.
  • International Students must possess a valid CAQ and Study Permit prior to commencing their studies. Copies of both of these documents must be provided to the Admissions Office as soon as possible but not later than the add/drop deadline of your first semester.

You should plan your course selections in consultation with your division and department’s sections of the Academic Calendar. If you have questions regarding course selection, program requirements, schedule conflicts, and/or program changes, please speak with your departmental Chairperson.

Step 2 – Plan your timetable

Step 2 – Plan your timetable

To facilitate the process and prepare a conflict-free schedule, we recommend you use a printed copy of the timetable grid worksheet and the PDF timetable.  You can view a campus map in order to determine where courses are being offered.

Time Conflict:
You will not be permitted to register for courses where any of the class hours (including labs) conflict with another course.

Course load:
A normal course load is 15 course credits.

Language courses:
Students trying to register in language courses may require prerequisite courses or permission from the instructor. Please contact the Chair of the department.

You will not be permitted to register for a course that has a prerequisite unless you have completed that prerequisite. Exchange or visiting students who wish to register for courses where the prerequisite was completed elsewhere must get permission from their Chairperson.

Step 3 – Important dates

Step 3 – Important dates

You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the sessional dates and abiding by all published deadlines.

Note: Not attending class or informing the professor of an intent to withdraw, does not constitute an official withdrawal, nor does it entitle a student to a refund of fees. Without formally dropping the course by the add/drop deadline, non-attendance of a class will result in a failing grade and paying of fees. Contact the Records Office ( for information on the correct add/drop or WP procedure.

Step 4 – Definitions

Step 4 – Definitions

Self-Service: Self-service refers to the password-protected site that gives you access to your course schedule, registration, payment of fees, etc.

Degree: A degree refers to the designation you earn after a completing university studies, for example, a Bachelor’s (BA, BBA, BSc, BEd, etc.) or Master’s degree (MA, MEd, MSc).

Honours: An honours program consists of 60 or more credits in a discipline and a minimum cumulative average is normally required to enter and remain in the program. Honours are highly concentrated programs that are primarily for those planning to pursue graduate studies. Honours programs often require the completion of an independent final project or thesis.

Major: A major is a sequence of courses totalling 42 or more credits in a particular discipline. A major is a more general degree and allows for the greatest exploration outside of the chosen program.

Minor: A minor is a sequence of courses totalling 24 or more credits that provides a basic introduction to the methodology and key concepts of a subject. Students are not required to take a minor.

Add/drop deadline: Last day to add/drop a course for the semester with no financial penalty.

Withdraw with permission (WP) deadline: Last day to withdraw with permission (WP) from a course. This is approximately seven weeks after the beginning of the semester. Fees are not refunded, and the student’s part-time or full-time status is not affected. The notation WP will appear on the student’s transcript adjacent to the course.

Step 5 – Registration

Step 5 – Registration

While your Dean, departmental Chairperson, faculty, and staff are always available to give advice and guidance, you are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of your course selection and registration, and for abiding by the University’s policies and deadlines.

  1. Login to myBU Self-Service.
    1. New students will have received their login information via email.
    2. If you experience difficulty logging in to myBU, please contact the Admissions Office (819-822-9600 ext. 2680)  to verify your login information
  2. Verify your mailing address. You are responsible for providing the University a valid mailing address.
  3. Register for courses:
    1. How to register for a course?
    2. How to register for a course which requires permission by instructor?
    3. Can I add myself to a waitlist?
    4. French Placement Test for those without High School French who want to take a French course for the first time at BU.
Step 6 – How to obtain help

Step 6 – How to obtain help

If you have academic questions contact your departmental Chairperson.  Registration questions may be directed to the Records Office ( and IT related issues should be forwarded to the Helpdesk (

Step 7 – Verify your schedule

Step 7 – Verify your schedule

You may view your course schedule in myBU.

Step 8 – Payment of fees

Step 8 – Payment of fees

Tuition and Fees website

See the Tuition and Fees web page to know when school fees are due.

Your accurate balance will show in the self-service under the Finances detail tab once you are fully registered. Some courses or schedules require approval and the fees will only appear once approved.

All students registering at Bishop’s University are required to prepay their school fees before the start of each semester. You will be able to view your total fees owing in Self-Service once you have completed online registration.

*A late payment fee of $65 is applicable to payments or promissory notes submitted after the stated deadlines.

Payment methods

Fee payments must be made by one of the following methods:

  • Online banking with the following banks: BMO, Desjardins, CIBC, National Bank, RBC, Scotia Bank and TD (preferred payment method for Canadian students);
  • Online international payment via Flywire (preferred payment method for international students). See more information on the International and Exchange Students web page.;
  • Cheque payable to Bishop’s University;
    • Indicate your student ID number on the cheque
    • US cheques are accepted
  • Cash or Interac in person only (McGreer, 2nd floor).

Bishop’s University is proud to be Quebec’s first university to join the Program as a Participating Institution. With this exciting new partnership, students can now convert Aeroplan®Miles into funds to cover their tuition and school fees.

Students can also convert the Aeroplan® Miles of family members and friends to help pay for school. For every 35,000 Aeroplan® Miles, a $250 credit is issued to a student named by the donor.

For more information and to set up an account, please visit:

Tuition and School Fee Payments

Canadian students must:

  • Pay school fees in full by the deadline; OR
  • Submit the online Promissory Note by the deadline in order to pay with a government loan.

If you are being billed international tuition rates, we have not received your Canadian birth certificate. Submit a copy to as soon as possible.

International, non-exchange students must:

  • Pay school fees in full by the deadline.

If you are applying for USA student aid, contact Ms. Jamie Berwick ( or 1-819-822-9600, ext. 2205) for detailed, individualized information.

Exchange students coming to Bishop’s are NOT required to pay tuition and compulsory fees at Bishop’s. You must, however, pay for your residence, meals, books, supplies and compulsory health insurance.

Tuition and School Fee Calculation

Once you have completed the online registration process, you will be able to view the total amount due for your first semester tuition and compulsory fees:

  1. Visit Self-Service in myBU;
  2. Click on the Finances tab;
  3. Click on Balance.

If you are unable to complete your course registration by the payment deadline, use the online fee calculator to determine the total amount due.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

If you have been awarded an entrance scholarship, a bursary or other financial award from Bishop’s, you should manually deduct half of the total amount awarded (the award is split over two semesters) from the Total Charges line on your account statement.

Tuition and School Fee Refunds

Withdrawal before course
add/drop deadline
100% refund less $50 administrative fee
Withdrawal after course add/drop deadline for medical reasons (with appropriate medical documentation) 50% pro-rated refund of tuition fees
Withdrawal after course add/drop deadline for non-medical reasons No refund