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The Department provides students with theoretical and methodological tools and substantive insights which can assist them in understanding social life, social organization, and action. Our programs are designed to provide students with a broad intellectual and sociological background which will help prepare them for a variety of careers and for advanced study at graduate school. Having relatively few requirements within the Major, we allow students substantial flexibility in meeting individual intellectual pursuits.

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Why Study Sociology?

Sociology teaches us to think critically and creatively in the study of the world around us. It challenges us to think beyond taken-for-granted assumptions towards a more contextual and deeper understandings. In this way, Sociology not only prepares you for a dynamic work place, but also for the challenges that confront us in the 21st century. Join us in a rigorous and imaginative program of study that will provide you the knowledge and skills to understand the world around you, and ultimately how you change it.

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Career Possibilities

Recent graduates of the program have embarked on many careers including: education; media, communications, public relations and journalism; policing and corrections; health, human and social services; a wide variety of careers in both the private and public sector, management and business; graduate degrees in Sociology, and related disciplines and in law and other professional schools.

Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries at Bishop's
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Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Through the help of government, alumni, current students, faculty and staff, the Bishop’s Foundation, corporations and private donors, over 53% of our students receive financial assistance through scholarships, awards, grants, bursaries and loans. Just because you aren’t top of your class, or super involved outside the classroom, or can’t run the fastest doesn’t mean you won’t be eligible. We have hundreds of scholarships and awards that have a wide variety of requirements…you never know what you might receive!

Courses & Programs

We offer a minor, major, or honours in Sociology as well as three programs that allow students to concentrate their studies. Students are encouraged to participate in the Experiential Learning program which is linked to their academic field of studies and involves course work and placement in an organization.

B.A. ProgramSociology Degrees: Honours, Major, Minors

Honours in Sociology (with or without the concentration)

  • Concentration in Criminology, Law & Social Policy

Major in Sociology (with or without the concentration)

  • Concentration in Criminology, Law & Social Policy

Minor in:

  • Sociology;
  • Criminology;
  • Gerontology
  • Gender, Diversity & Equity Studies;

Certificate in Gerontology
This program in Gerontology is presented from a multidisciplinary perspective. Its bio-psycho-social approach will provide persons currently working or planning to work with the elderly with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary to deal effectively with the needs of our aging population.

Certificate in Gender, Diversity & Equity Studies
This certificate has been developed to offer students the opportunity to explore gender in society, past and present, applying new concepts that have emerged in feminist scholarship over the past two decades.

Dr. Alex Miltsov

About your professors

The small size of our program and the dedication of our faculty allow us to provide personal attention to students and extensive access to faculty.


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