We offer a wide array of courses in all areas of Psychology including: personality, physiological psychology, cognition, motivation, child and adult development, social psychology and psychopathology. Additional requirements include the history of psychology, psychological statistics and the methodology of experimental psychology. Students interested in applied psychology may also take courses in clinical and health psychology, in addition to a practicum course that allows for supervised work experience outside the classroom. Newly renovated experimental facilities allow advanced students to perform their own research under the direct, individual supervision of a faculty member. Several professors in the Psychology department have received awards for teaching excellence.


The Department of Psychology offers two different Majors that lead to a B.A.: Psychology and Applied Psychology. We also offer a Neuroscience program that leads to a B.Sc.

Students are initially admitted into a Major program. Excellent students may then be admitted into Honours if they maintain a cumulative average over 80% and good standing (75%) in methodology and stats courses. The Honours program provides the opportunity for the students to conduct their own research under the direct, individual supervision of a faculty member. This is recommended for students planning to apply to graduate school.

Québec students entering one of the Psychology programs with a DEC and appropriate background can usually complete either the Major or Honours program in three years. Students entering from Grade 12 will normally require four years.

Major or Honours in Psychology

This is the most flexible and most popular of our programs. It covers the whole field of Psychology.

Major or Honours in Psychology – Applied concentration

This program also covers the whole of Psychology, but emphasizes the applied side (e.g. clinical and health psychology). It includes a Practicum course where one day a week is spent in a community setting (hospital, school, community center, etc.) that provides support for at risk populations. It is especially interesting for those interested in a career as a therapist, counsellor or social worker.

Major or Honours in Neuroscience (B.Sc.)

This program focuses on the physiological aspects of Psychology: the workings of the human brain and its relationship to human behaviour. It includes a number of physiological psychology, biology and biochemistry courses. The strong science component makes this program an excellent preparation towards graduate school or medicine.

Minor in Psychology

For students wishing to include knowledge of Psychology to their program. We have had students from almost all disciplines, including Biology, English, Sociology and Physics, adding a Psychology minor to their program.

Certificate in Human Psychology

This program is especially attractive to mature students. It has particular relevance for teachers, health and social workers, and managers.

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