Hispanic Studies

Spanish has been taught at Bishop’s since 1982. During these years, the curriculum has been constantly growing. All courses are taught in Spanish and fall into language, civilization and culture, linguistics, and literature. Third year courses on Spain and Spanish America alternate on a year-to-year rotation.

Did you know ?

  • Bishop’s students can participate in exchange programs with universities in Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and other Spanish-speaking countries. Scholarships are available to help offset travel costs.
  • Bishop’s is one of the three official Spanish language exam Centres in Quebec.
  • Although professors use a variety of materials in their classes, you can immerse yourself further in the language by going to the Library for DVDs, audiotapes, videos, movies, CDs and CD-ROMs, or for reading materials.

Why study Hispanic Studies at Bishop’s?

Because of the energy and passion of the teachers in showing us the different aspects of Hispanic culture and literature and in promoting its rich variety, I ended up absolutely fascinated and decided that I wanted more of this… What you get from the program is not only a language, but also a totally new vision on life and values. Your understanding of the world will never be the same once you approach Hispanic Studies…at Bishop’s !!!Giancarlo Fantecchi, B.A. Hispanic Studies, class of 2011<br>Graduate student in Spanish, Université de Montréal

See our student testimonials for more alumni reflections on our program, international exchange experiences, and what they are doing with their degrees in Hispanic Studies

Where can this lead me?

Our graduates moved on to exciting careers in the following areas:

  • Graduate School
  • Management and Business
  • Public and International Service
  • Communications, Media and Journalism
  • Translation
  • Tourism
  • Human Ressources
  • Teaching and Education


Important Information:

Courses & Programs

  • Honours Major in Hispanic Studies (60 Credits)
  • Major in Hispanic Studies (42 credits)
  • Double Major French/Spanish and Education (24 credits in Hispanic Studies)
  • Major in Modern Languages (30 credits in Hispanic Studies)
  • Minor in Hispanic Studies (24 credits)
  • Certificate in Hispanic Studies (30 credits)
  • Certificate in Modern Languages (12-18 credits in Hispanic Studies)
  • Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language

The Diplomas of Spanish as a foreign language (DELE), supervised by the Ministry of Education of Spain and the Instituto Cervantes, offer an official accreditation on the degree of mastery of the Spanish language for citizens of countries where Spanish is not the official language. The exams test three levels of mastery of the Spanish language: Certificado inicial, Diploma básico, Diploma superior. They are recognized not only by official institutions of Spanish speaking countries, but also, increasingly by corporations, universities and other educational institutions all over the world.

Bishop’s is one of the three official Spanish language exam Centres in Quebec. Examinations are held once a year in May.


Academic Calendar

Admission Process

Exchange Programs

Different universities that are part of the CREPUQ agreements, mainly in Mexico and Spain, are receiving students for a semester or a full year. Furthermore, Bishop’s has a bilateral agreement with Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio, and Fondación Estema in Spain. For more information, please visit the Student Exchange and Study Abroad Programs web page.