English Language Studies

No matter what you are thinking about in terms of academics or career, you’ve got to be able to communicate–to put concepts accurately into words. Whether you’re writing a resume, a report, a critique, an essay, a proposal, or an application, whether you’re reasoning, analysing, or arguing, you must be able to understand and be understood.

With this in mind the English Language Section of the Modern Languages Department has designed its courses and programmes to serve students of all languages and backgrounds.

Why study English Language at Bishop’s?

Want to Improve Your Written and Oral Expression? No matter what your discipline, no matter what your current abilities in speaking and writing, we can make you better!

The Rhetorical Tradition? Our courses in Advanced Composition and Speech not only give you the opportunity to improve your communicative skills, but also provide a larger historical perspective. You’ll see how rhetorical theory has evolved through the ages, and how current theorists view the act of communication.

All the teachers involved in Language and Composition take pride in engaging their students. Small classes–10-25 students–ensure that teachers know their students and actively collaborate with them in developing their abilities to communicate. All English Language courses and programs at Bishop’s rely on an eclectic methodology–a mix of formal instruction and communication activities. The accent is always placed upon students’ needs and authentic communication. Students are encouraged to apply their language skills in various extra-curricular activities.

Did you know ?

  • You can combine an English Language concentration with one in Spanish, German, Italian, or French to obtain a Major in Modern Languages. (See Academic Calendar)
  • A combination of courses in grammar, phonetics, text analysis, the literature and history of English (through the English Department) will provide an in-depth awareness of the many aspects of the English Language. The right choices can open up many avenues in terms of travel, work, study, and teaching.

Where can this lead me?

Contemplating a Career in Teaching?  Our courses in Effective Writing, Advanced Composition, and Speech are recommended for education students. These courses permit you to hone your communication skills–skills that will serve you well in any educational context.

Our graduates are involved in many careers in the fields of:

  • Management and Business
  • Public and International Service
  • Translation
  • Human Resources

Courses & Programs

Are You a Second-Language Student? …coming to an English university to pursue a specialization in Humanities? Sciences? Social Sciences? Business? We offer a wide range of courses and programs to help you to adapt. Courses in reading, grammar, oral discourse, and writing will prepare you to become an active participant in your academic milieu. You can even combine your concentration with a Minor in English Language Studies.

Need a Quick Second-Language Fix? The English Language Section of the Department of Modern Languages, in collaboration with the Office of Continuing Education, offers Intensive ESL Programs during the regular fall-winter sessions, and at various times in the summer. (Refer to the Continuing Education Website for more information.)


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Bishop’s is a great University to go to learn English as a Second Language because you have small classes with a mix of different cultures which give the pleasant feeling of being somewhere else. It’s like travelling the world without leaving “le seuil de votre maison”.. The teachers are approachable and friendly. They are true professionals that are there for the students..The atmosphere in ESL classrooms is one of warmth and friendliness.. There is a sense of belonging, of acceptance, of comprehending, of being together, students and teachers alike.An international unity in the warmth of the university community.Leonie Aissaouie Major in Modern Languages Intensive English as a Second Language Programme