Bishop’s University Academic Honours Society

Bishop’s University Academic Honours Society

Logo of BUAHS

Overall Mission Statement

The Bishop’s University Academic Honours Society celebrates the academic achievements of students who have risen to the top 15 percent of their respective divisions. By targeting these hardworking individuals and uniting them in a collective, the society offers opportunities for those like-minded folks to interact and grow with one another. As a means to provide networking opportunities, the society organizes a variety of events throughout the year, such as a wine and cheese evening, a potluck with Bishop’s VP Academic, Tea with the Principal and much more. Moreover, as a result of the similarities between the members – their motivation and ambition towards their respective academic journeys, for instance – the society extends targeted resources for its involved students; these include both informal meetings and official seminars regarding, for example, the scholarships and funds available for such dedicated minds. Based on a three-pillar model – Academic, Leadership and Service – the Bishop’s Academic Honours Society stands as a supportive body, whose values of community, conscientiousness and achievement celebrates and links the hardworking individuals hidden in the beautiful fibers that make-up Bishop’s University.

Three-Pillars Explained

The Bishop’s University Academic Honours Society – now built from the foundations of The Golden Key Society – is based upon a three-pillar model: Academic, Leadership and Community Service.


The BUAHS, by definition, is comprised of the top-ranking students in their divisions. At the beginning of each academic year, the students whose academic averages land in the top 15 percent of their divisionary groups are personally invited to join the society. As such, the BUAHS reflects and celebrates, first and foremost, the students thriving in their academic fields.

As a means of encouraging these students and aiding them in their future academic journeys, several events are hosted each year by the BUAHS, such as the Donald Lecture Series Meet & Greets, the Graduate Scholarship Workshops and much more.


As a result of their academic dedication and hard work on and off campus, BUAHS members are often considered natural-born leaders within their community. For instance, several past members have attended leadership retreats, lectures and events together in the past few years, building upon their skills as a group.

However, leadership as a skill requires lifelong tuning and strong networks for future growth. As such, the society organizes and promotes a variety of opportunities for students to expand upon their abilities and meet with diverse voices who can help broaden their connections. These include Tea with Principal Goldbloom, Student Panels on University Thriving and Live Talks with Senior Members of the BUAHS.

Community Service and Engagement

As a member of the BUAHS, it is important to share our knowledge, time and dedication to our community. As a means to help members of the society reach out to the community in a timely, effective and organized manner, BUAHS has compiled a list of organizations and groups willing to receive student help. From tutoring services to food drives, the choices are varied and offer different levels of engagement depending on the member’s responsibilities and time restraints. The BUAHS, thus, wishes to support and encourage its members to become active members in the community.

COVID-19: Changes Brought Forth to the BUAHS

In light of the recent restrictions placed by Health Canada, some changes were implemented within the Bishop’s University Academic Honours Society for the 2020-2021 academic year:

  1. No in-person events.
    As a result of the global pandemic, gatherings are not recommended on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year. As such, all events organized and hosted by the BUAHS will take place virtually using Microsoft Teams. Although we will not be seeing each other face-to-face, this format does allow for the inclusion of members from all over the world and encourages the participation of special guests.
  2. The entrance fee is wavered.
    Due to the lack of in-person events, the annual entrance fee of $25 per member is wavered for the 2020-2021 academic year. This is an opportunity for all BUAHS members to experience the great variety of resources and events prepared and organized by the society without any expenses.

Despite the changes outlined above, COVID-19 did not stop the BUAHS from organizing a variety of networking opportunities online for members to meet and discuss with special guests, important figureheads from Bishop’s (as well as other universities), alumni and other outstanding students from the community.