Website revamp deployment on June 2

Website revamp deployment on June 2

Dear members of the Bishop’s community.

Bishop’s University’s website ( is getting a revamp!

Following consultation with the community over the last year, and having worked with local firm Beauvoir, we’re proud to introduce a new look, which we hope you’ll agree will make our website more attractive and easier to navigate.

We expect the revamp to be online in the first half of the week of May 31st. We are working closely with ITS and Beauvoir to make the switch as seamless as possible.

We invite you to explore the homepage’s new design, including the new unified featured content section, as well as the new “Megamenu,” which is intended to improve ease of navigation.

The Bishop’s website contains over 1,200 different pages. We will be gradually converting the website sections to the new look and feel over the coming months.

Until we get in touch with you to set a date to migrate your content to the new design, it’s a good time to start considering whether you’d like to update some of your respective pages’ content.

While we are making every effort to make the transition as smooth as possible, please don’t hesitate to flag issues through the new Website Work Request form (


The Communications Office team