Meet the Administrative and Executive Teams of the BUAHS

Meet the Administrative and Executive Teams of the BUAHS

Dr. Miles Turnbull – VP Academics

Dr. Miles Turnbull

At Bishop’s, we are proud to support and celebrate academic excellence and superior academic performance. I’m both humbled and proud to have the opportunity to serve one of the Faculty advisors for the Bishop’s University Honors Society. Together with your outstanding Executive team, I am optimistic that Bishop’s can create an exciting and inspiring platform to honor and serve the needs of goal-oriented achievers on our wonderful campus. During this COVID year, our campus will be both in-person and virtual. I look forward to working and learning with and from you.

Miles Turnbull, Vice-Principal Academic & Research, Professor in Education

Reena Atanasiadis – Dean of WSB

Reena Atanasiadis

I am delighted to support our students, who are already excelling academically, in finding ways to promote their research and academic accomplishments. Members of the BU Academic Honors Society receive support when applying for prestigious scholarships (Rhodes, Gates, McCall MacBain, etc.) or grants. Curated seminars, workshops and networking events allow for continued development of our students’ leadership and personal growth. “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” ―Confucius

Danika Lambert – Co-lead of the BUAHS

Danika Lambert

Danika is a fourth-year applied psychology major from Sherbrooke, QC. She initially joined the Honours Society in her third year, and eager to be more involved, she joined the executive team as treasurer. This year, she has decided to take on a bigger commitment as co-lead of the society. Being in her last year at BU, Danika is aiming to go to grad school in a PsyD program, in the hopes of becoming a psychologist.

Veronica Mongiardo – Co-lead of the BUAHS

Veronica Mongiardo

Veronica is a third-year student completing a Double Major in Secondary Education and English, with an Honours in Literature and a Minor in Sociology. As a recipient of the Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship and two Undergraduate Prizes (from the English Department in 2018-2019 & the Education Department in 2019-2020), Veronica has placed an enormous significance on her academic success and achievements. She has taken up several positions on campus, such as a research assistantship with Dr. Linda Morra, a Tomlinson internship with the Research and Graduate Studies Office, a teacher’s assistantship with Professor Marlene Canuel, and an editing position for The Mitre’s 2020-2021 edition. Veronica is currently working to complete her B.E.S.T Project Fund – awarded in 2020 – which involves her travel to Northern Quebec (Nunavik) to receive and transcribe stories from Inuit men and women, which will later be collected in a text titled Voices of the North. After the completion of her undergraduate degree, Veronica wishes to continue her studies in graduate school, pursuing a career in Canadian Literature in the hopes of researching how the literary works originating from this country – by authors from various diasporas and ethnicities – echo, as well as etch, the sociological, historical and cultural realities from which they erupt.

Shayne MacDonald – VP of Alumni Relations

Shayne MacDonald

Shayne is a third-year student from Montreal pursuing a B.A. with a double major in Management and Sports Studies. When he graduates at the end of this year, he hopes to pursue his master’s degree, but if not, he will enter the field of Sports Management. Outside of school, his major interest is of course anything related to sports.