SAAS for Returning Students

SAAS for Returning Students

Step 1 – Submit a Semester Request via Accommodate

Returning students need to submit a Semester Request (a request for accommodations for semesters after your initial request was approved) via the Accommodate platform at the beginning of every semester. You can submit right away, even before your course registration is finalized.

You can do so by logging onto the Accommodate Portal.

Step 2  – Meet with SAAS Coordinator (if necessary)

If nothing has changed with your situation, and you wish to have the same accommodations, you will receive your accommodation letter by the add/drop date. Your professors are also sent an accommodation letter at that time.

If you would like to discuss something with your coordinator, you can schedule an appointment with them via the Accommodate Portal.

Step 3 – Keep SAAS updated on your situation!

It is important to keep SAAS updated with any changes in your situation. You can do so by communicating directly with your Coordinator.

Check out the SAAS myBU page for up-to-date information.