SAAS for New Students

SAAS for New Students

When to contact the Student Accessibility & Accommodation Services

Bishop’s encourages all students living with disabilities to register with our services.

New students are encouraged to reach out to us at the time of their acceptance by contacting Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services (SAAS) as soon as they receive the offer of admission.

If there are any questions or concerns during the initial application process about the University’s ability to reasonably accommodate you and your disability, we encourage you to contact the Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services.

Registering for services

Step 1 – Complete online registration form:

The Student Accessibility and Accommodations Department now uses a confidential digital platform called Accommodate, to allow students to register, submit documentation and make requests for changes or additions to their requested accommodations.

SAAS Registration Form

To open your file, SAAS will need medical documentation confirming the nature of your disability. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • A copy of a recent psychological, psychoeducational or neuropsychological assessment or diagnostic report (ideally completed within the last 5 years) which includes recommended accommodations (for any questions, please contact
  • Any previous Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan from another academic institution.
  • Any pertinent letters from previous institutions or clinical practitioners.
  • Disability Verification Form (PDF), completed by a medical or registered clinical professional.

* Please note that not ALL of these documents are necessary but a variety of options can be used.

Documentation can be securely uploaded directly to the Accommodate registration form.

You can also mail documentation to:

Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services
2600 rue College
Sherbrooke, Quebec
J1M 1Z7

If sending documentation by mail, we encourage you to send copies instead of the originals.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact us at

Step 2  – Meet with SAAS Coordinator

Once the online registration form has been filled out, a coordinator will be in touch with you to schedule an intake appointment. You will be contacted via your Bishop’s University email address, so please be sure to check your account.

For any questions, please contact

Step 3 – Keep SAAS updated on your situation!

If there are any changes in your situation or you have any questions or concerns about your Accommodation Plan, it is important to let us know ASAP so we can ensure timely implementation should any changes be necessary.