What is consent? 

Without consent for sexual activity, any sexual contact is sexual assault. Consent is enthusiastic and ongoing. It is given with a clear “yes”, affirmative words, and positive body language. People can change their minds and withdraw consent at any time. It is important for partners to communicate and pay attention to each other’s body language. Based on the Canadian legal definition, consent cannot be given in a situation that involves an abuse of trust, power, or authority. Anyone who is unconscious cannot legally give consent (Department of Justice, 2021). Anyone who is under the age of consent cannot give consent (Department of Justice, 2017). 

Do people lie about being sexually assaulted? 

People rarely make false reports about sexual assault. 

Is there a difference between sexual assault and rape? 

Rape is unwanted sexual intercourse. Under the law, sexual assault is any unwanted act of a sexual nature, including rape and any other unwanted fondling or touching.  

Should I report to the University or to the Police? 

If you wish to proceed with a police investigation which may lead to criminal charges you would need to make a report to the police. Bishop’s can guide and accompany you to the police station if you wish. If you wish to disclose to Bishop’s, we will proceed with an investigation which may lead to accommodations for the survivor and/or expulsion of the accused.  

Can I make an anonymous report? 

Yes, you can make an anonymous report through REES Bishop’s partner to provide online reporting for sexual violence on campus. 

Does the University look for repeat offenders? 

Yes. Through REES we have a Repeat Perpetrator Identification program.   

Does the University suspend/expel those accused of sexual assault? 

The University must proceed with an investigation before acting against an accused. While the investigation is ongoing, we can make accommodations for the victim. At the conclusion of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken depending on the verdict.  

Can people with disabilities be sexually assaulted? 

People with disabilities can be sexually assaulted and are assaulted at a higher rate than many other communities.