Suspicious Letter or Parcel

Suspicious Letter or Parcel

If any dangerous condition or situation is observed, report the problem immediately to the Buildings & Grounds Department.

Suspicious Letter or Parcel

Everyone needs to mobilize common sense in dealing with this unfamiliar situation.

The information below describes how to identify suspicious mail and the procedures to follow:

What constitutes a suspicious letter or parcel?

Some typical characteristics which ought to trigger suspicion include letters or parcels that:

  • Have any powdery substance on the outside.
  • Are unexpected or from someone unfamiliar to you.
  • Have excessive postage, handwritten or poorly typed address, incorrect titles or titles with no name, or misspellings of common words.
  • Are addressed to someone no longer with your organization or are otherwise outdated.
  • Have no return address, or have one that can’t be verified as legitimate.
  • Are of unusual weight, given their size, or are lopsided or oddly shaped.
  • Have an unusual amount of tape.
  • Are marked with restrictive endorsements, such as “Personal” or “Confidential”.
  • Have strange odours or stains.

What should I do if I receive an Anthrax threat by mail?

Do not handle the mail piece or package suspected of contamination. Make sure that damaged or suspicious packages are isolated and the immediate area cordoned off. If possible try to shut off any fans or air ventilation units. Call Security, ext. 711 or 819-822-9711. Give your name, the location and a brief description of the situation. Security will notify local law enforcement authorities. Ensure that all persons who have touched the mail piece wash their hands with soap and water. Have those who came into contact with the mail piece stay nearby to receive additional instructions from Security. List all persons who have touched the letter and/or envelope. Include contact information and have this information available for the authorities. Place all items worn when in contact with the suspected mail piece in plastic bags and have them available for law enforcement agents. As soon as practical, shower with soap and water.