Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat

The person receiving the call or threat should try to obtain as much information as possible. Remain calm. Keep the caller talking. Ask questions re: PLACE, TIME, REASON, GROUP TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.

Contact Security at ext. 711 or 819-822-9711.

Security will contact the following:

  • The Dean of Student Affairs, or if unavailable;
  • The Principal, or if unavailable;
  • The Vice-Principal – Administration.

Upon the arrival of Security and the Police, the individual will relay all pertinent information received during the call. An initial decision will be made as to whether to evacuate the campus or conduct a search.

When a precise location has been identified, there may be an evacuation.

Please follow all instructions of Security and the Police.

Search Procedure

The search must be executed in cooperation with the Police (i.e. search of garbage cans, washrooms, etc.).

The Police and Security Staff  WILL NOT request other individuals to take part in the search. They will coordinate their activities by order of importance.

Never touch a suspicious package or object found during a search. INFORM THE POLICE WHO ARE AT THE SCENE.

When residences are involved, ensure that the Residence Assistants remain with the students.

If evacuation is necessary, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. NON-RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS – Beginning with the top floor, Security personnel will inform each person in charge of the class or department that an evacuation is necessary. Each person in charge must direct his/her group to a specific location as indicated by Security, or simply announce that the class has been cancelled and that everyone must leave the campus.
  2. RESIDENCES – The Residence Assistants/or Summer Conference Assistants will be informed of the situation and the procedures to follow, i.e. same scenario as for non-residential buildings (see above).
  3. Another verification will be conducted by Security, in order to ensure that there is no one left in the building and that all exterior doors have been locked.