Active Shooter / Violent Acts

Active Shooter / Violent Acts

Emergency Preparedness Guidelines

Section 12.10
Revision 2.0


This Specific Response Plan aims at preparing Bishop’s personnel and/or students in the event a case of violence and/or shooting and/or abduction arises.

If such situation arises, Security takes charge of the event until Sherbrooke Police Department arrives to take charge thereafter.

12.10.1 WITNESS OF THE INCIDENT    Violence and/or abduction

A person who witnesses a case of violence and/or abduction on Bishop’s property must:

  1. Not get implicated.
  2. Try to observe as much details about the suspect(s) (male/female, nationality, clothing, etc.) as possible while remaining at a safe distance.
  3. Inform Security by dialling 711 on any internal phone on Campus or 819-822-9711 from external phones or cellular phones and provide the observed details.
  4. Remain in a safe location, keep others from approaching the area and wait for Security to arrive.    Hostile shooter

A person who witnesses a case of shooting on Bishop’s property must:

  1. Not get implicated and take shelter in a safe place.
  2. Inform Security by dialling 711 on any internal phone on Campus or 819-822-9711 from external phones or cellular phones and provide as much information as possible such as:
    • What is happening?
    • Where is it happening?
    • Who is involved? (description of suspect(s) and clothing)
    • Where is he/she heading?
    • Does he/she have a weapon? What kind?
    • Your name and location.
  3. If you are in a building or classroom where you cannot get out safely (because the suspect is in the area), lock the door and barricade yourself in the room as per Section 12.10.5 (Confinement) until help arrives.
  4. If you can evacuate safely, go to the nearest outdoor meeting place as per Section 12.10.6(Evacuation).

12.10.2    SECURITY

  1. Receives the information regarding the event.
  2. Calls 911 and request the assistance of the Sherbrooke Police Department and the ambulance service.
  3. Transmits information on the emergency radio frequency to inform every radio users about the ongoing event and to prompt them to activate proper evacuation and/or confinement procedures.
  4. Takes charge until the arrival of the Sherbrooke Police Department.
  5. Establishes safety perimeters.
  6. Does not interfere directly with the suspect(s) if the situation poses any risk to the officer’s safety.
  7. Briefs the police commanding officer when he arrives on site.
  8. Assists the police department as requested within his/her own competency.


Bishop’s personnel and teachers must act in ways to maximize students safety along with their own safety if a case of violence, shooting and/or abduction arises on Campus.

They are expected to help enforce safety procedures as the event is ongoing and to direct students within the confinement procedure (Section 12.10.5) or within the evacuation procedure (Section 12.10.6).

12.10.4    STUDENTS

  1. Must not get implicated with the suspect(s).
  2. Must follow directives from teachers and Bishop’s official.
  3. If no teacher nor Bishop’s official is present, must stay in a safe location and if applicable, follow the confinement procedure (Section 12.10.5) or the evacuation procedure (Section 12.10.6).

12.10.5    CONFINEMENT

If a hostile shooter is suspected to be on Campus and if the suspect(s) is not located or confined in a precise part of a building, all adjacent buildings should be closed and locked.

If the suspect is in a building, everyone in that building who cannot evacuate safely must take shelter in a room whose door must be locked and barricade until help arrives.



12.10.6    EVACUATION

If the evacuation of a building is safe and becomes necessary, procedure is as follows:

  • Each teacher should establish visual contact with the other teachers in the corridor.
  • Listen to what is happening in your area.
  • Send someone responsible to check out stairwells.
  • Listen to what is happening in stairwells.
  • Go to the location where things are most calm.
  • Walk calmly.
  • When evacuating, always keep hands raised and visible.
  • Go to outdoor meeting places as shown on next page.




  • Following an emergency involving violence and/or shooting and/or abduction, a thorough search of all suspected buildings must be done by the police department.
  • It is the police department who will give the official “ALL CLEAR” before Security can allow re-entry of the premises.