LEAP Stamp of Approval

LEAP Stamp of Approval

LEAP Stamp of Approval High Resolution

The LEAP stamp is a tool that can help our community identify and promote the activities recognized by the LEAP program.

  • You can find the LEAP stamp image on promotional materials of approved activities. This confirms that it can be added to your record! However, the best way to find out if an activity is LEAP Approved is by exploring the LEAP Activities Directory.
  • The stamp is available to staff, faculty and students to be used on promotional materials.
  • The use of the stamp by different groups on campus is completely optional.

Expected benefits of having a LEAP stamp on promotional materials:

  • Clubs, groups and organizations on-campus can use the stamp when promoting their eligible activity or when recruiting participants and volunteers.
  • Off-campus organizations should contact the LEAP Coordinator to obtain approval before using the stamp on their promotional materials.
  • Students can easily identify the activities currently recognized by the LEAP program when they see the stamp on ads and might feel more encouraged to participate in the activity.
  • The use of the stamp represents a liaison/collaboration between our institution and different groups on and off-campus.
  • By having the LEAP stamp on their ads, the organizations (on/off campus) will help us advertise and promote the program in the community!
  • Groups or organizations not currently recognized by the LEAP might feel encouraged to become LEAP Approved and be part of this growing program.

For any questions about the use of the LEAP stamp please contact the LEAP Coordinator.

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