Leadership in Action: Project Incubator

Leadership in Action: Project Incubator

Leadership in Action: Project Incubator logoIf you are passionate about making a difference on campus or beyond and have a project you want to pursue but aren’t sure how, register for this opportunity to connect with and learn from others about putting your ideas into action.


When: October 2, 2021 (8:30-5:00)

Where: Centennial Lobby, Bishop’s Campus

What is included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner; resources to make dreams happen!

Goal-setting, proposal-writing, communications and financing/budgeting are all topics that will be covered.

Who should attend: This event is for ANYONE who has an idea of how they want to make a difference, build connections and develop their leadership skills, but needs help getting their ideas off the ground. *Please note: if you are a group of people, you can send up to two people to this event to work for the day on the project development.

Learning Objectives: Participants will

  1. leave with a clear understanding of what steps they need to take to put their vision/project into action;
  2. gain knowledge about how to start a project;
  3. learn about resources available on campus;
  4. develop projects that take into consideration various student stakeholders, including but not limited to equitable, diverse and inclusive programming and content;
  5. connect with peers and share knowledge and experience to build and grow.

For more information: Katie Bibbs (kbibbs@ubishops.ca).

Registration now closed!