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Thank you for being involved in the ENGAGE program as Validator!

Each activity has an assigned validator that oversees, coordinates and/or facilitates a particular activity (group, club, event, committee, etc.) and can verify the authenticity of a student’s request.

Validators are the individuals responsible for approving or declining student entries using the ENGAGE platform. Faculty, staff, SRC Executives and community organization supervisors can act as validators.

Your role as validator

  • Complete the Register an ENGAGE activity form.
  • Add positions for your group to the ENGAGE website – video instructions.
  • Inform students about the eligibility of the activity you oversee as part of the ENGAGE program. This will likely increase their commitment to the activity! You may also want to use this opportunity to tell them exactly what ENGAGE is.
  • Have all of your members register for ENGAGE.
  • Communicate the criteria/requirements for students to get ENGAGE recognition for the activity you organize, coordinate or oversee.
  • Keep track of the students’ involvement in the activity you oversee.
  • Validate (or decline, if applicable) student entries once the activity is completed; usually at the end of each semester.
  • Finish validations for all activities by early May. The ENGAGE Team will send friendly reminders to all validators regarding deadlines. Requests that are left pending after the month of May will be declined when we convert to the next academic year.

How does it work?

  • Students are encouraged to add activities as soon as they get involved, which is usually at the beginning of each semester.
  • Every time students add an activity to their profile, the assigned validator will get an email notification.
  • Validators should only approve activities once they are completed, which is normally at the end of the fall/winter semesters. This means that a student entry can appear as “pending” for a whole semester and sometimes more.
  • The role of a validator is to approve (or decline if applicable) the students’ requests for active involvement in specific activities. If a validator needs to decline an activity, a brief reason should be entered for the specific field provided.

More details on the How does it work? web page.

Type of Recognized ActivityMinimum Requirement
On-campus club, society, committee, association  15 hours of participation per activity  
On-campus team member  Determined by team coach
On-campus community events  ½ day of volunteer service
On-campus training and development  ½ day participation
Off-campus volunteering  15 hours of participation per activity
University Awards & RecognitionDocumentation

How to validate your activities

Simply access the ENGAGE platform using your current BU username and password (the same you use on myBU or to login to a Bishop’s computer) and follow the easy steps to validate student entries.

For assistance, please contact the ENGAGE Team at engage@ubishops.ca.