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What types of activities are recognized by the program?

There are a multitude of activities and positions that are eligible for recognition, including leadership positions, extracurricular activities (clubs/groups memberships), volunteering on and off-campus, and participation in professional development opportunities (attendance to workshops or conferences that are not for academic credits).

The program constantly evolves with the addition of new activities and initiatives!

View the current opportunities listed in the database: ENGAGE Activities Directory.

Types of Activities

By type of involvement:

1.  Leadership Roles

Includes positions of leadership within different groups, clubs or organizations on campus.
Each group/organization sets specific requirements to obtain ENGAGE recognition.

E.g. Club Representatives, Co-Leads, Chairs, Presidents, Coordinators, Team Captains, etc.

2.  Extracurricular Activities

Includes SRC Club memberships, Varsity Athletics, participation in university committees, event planning committees and other recognized groups on-campus. Each group/organization sets the specific requirements to obtain ENGAGE recognition.

3.  Community Engagement: Volunteering on/off-campus

Includes volunteer work on-campus or off-campus in Lennoxville and Sherbrooke.

See section: Community Engagement.

4.  Training and Development

Includes participation in workshops, seminars, conferences, competitions, and other activities that are not for academic credits.

5.  Awards and Recognition

Includes formal non-academic awards and recognition given by the University, or another on-campus organization, such as the SRC.

E.g. Golden Mitre, Leadership Awards, Residence Life Awards, Purple Letter Award, Athletic Awards, etc.


In the ENGAGE Activities Directory, the current activities are grouped as follows:

Categories by group, department, or organization:

  1. Academic Department
    Includes: All Academic Departments (for activities that are not for academic credits).
  2. Athletics and Recreation
    Includes: Varsity Teams
  3. Awards and Recognition
    Includes: Formal Non-Academic Awards/Recognition by the University.
  4. Campus Services
    Includes: University Departments (Recruitment, Security, Residences, etc.).
  5. Community Engagement
    Includes: Volunteering off-campus/community service.
  6. Events
    Includes: Members of planning committees for various events on campus.
  7. Training and Development
    Includes: Participation in workshops, seminars, conferences, competitions, and other activities that are not for academic credits.
  8. Other Groups/Organizations
    Includes: Non-SRC Clubs membership.
  9. Student Clubs (SRC)
    Includes: Registered SRC Clubs membership.
  10. Student Governance (SRC)
    Includes: Roles within the SRC/Student Government.
  11. University Governance
    Includes: Participation in University committees.

What types of activities are not accepted?

  • Activities from previous academic years will not be accepted. Activities are only accepted for the CURRENT academic year. (Except if you were previously enrolled in the LEAP program).
  • Activities submitted after the deadline.
  • Activities linked directly or indirectly to academic credit are not accepted.
    Example: an academic/course project or event that requires the participation of volunteers for it to be successful. The student organizer and the volunteers cannot get ENGAGE recognition when such activity, project or event is for academic credit or class participation points.
  • Volunteer work outside the Lennoxville or Sherbrooke communities or international volunteer work.
  • Paid employment.
  • Activities that cannot be validated will have to be declined.