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Criteria for activities to be eligible for ENGAGE:

  • The activity must provide students with an opportunity to actively engage in supporting the university and/or the local community in Lennoxville/Sherbrooke.
  • The activity must be linked to one or more of the four learning aims of BU’s Curricular Approach: Personal Growth, Curiosity, Equity, and Community Engagement.
  • The activity must occur during a student’s academic year, but may continue into regular breaks (i.e., summer months)

Criteria for group leaders to make validations for participants:

Type of Recognized ActivityMinimum Requirement
On-campus club, society, committee, association  15 hours of participation per activity  
On-campus team member  Determined by team coach
On-campus community events  ½ day of volunteer service
On-campus training and development  ½ day participation
Off-campus volunteering  15 hours of participation per activity
University Awards & RecognitionDocumentation

What types of activities are not accepted?

  • Activities from previous academic years will not be accepted. Activities are only accepted for the CURRENT academic year. (Except for students who were previously enrolled in the LEAP program. Please contact engage@ubishops.ca.).
  • Activities submitted after the deadline.
  • Activities linked directly or indirectly to academic credit are not accepted.
    Example: an academic/course project or event that requires the participation of volunteers for it to be successful. The student organizer and the volunteers cannot get ENGAGE recognition when such an activity, project, or event is for academic credit or class participation points.
  • Volunteer work outside the Lennoxville or Sherbrooke communities or international volunteer work.
  • Paid employment.
  • Activities that cannot be validated will have to be declined.

Steps to Obtain ENGAGE Recognition

1. Explore the ENGAGE Activities Directory to see if your activity and role/position is already listed in our database.

2. If your activity is not listed in the database, please see the information in step 3.

3. Complete a Request to Have a New Activity Recognized form.


Please note that new requests for positions, not currently listed in the ENGAGE program, will be accepted during the following time periods:

Fall Semester: from September 10 to November 2, 2023

Winter Semester: from January 7 to March 2, 2024