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Get Involved. Track your Involvement. Be Recognized.

Follow the next simple steps and create your profile now!

Step 1: Get involved!

Get involved in the activity of your choice.

Visit the ENGAGE Activities Directory to see all the activities and roles currently listed in our database.

If your activity is not listed in the database, please see the section Request to have a new activity recognized.

See more information regarding How to get involved.

Step 2: Track your involvement

As soon as you have signed up to an activity you should access the ENGAGE website and add it to your profile*. Simply access the ENGAGE website using your current BU username and password (the same you use on myBU or to login to a Bishop’s computer).

*NOTE: The activity you want to add to your profile must already be listed on the ENGAGE Activities Directory.

As soon as you have signed up to an activity you can add the activity to your profile:

  • Click on the blue button Add a Position to My Record.
  • Type the activity name in the search field.  *NOTE: The activity you want to add to your profile must already be listed in the ENGAGE Activities Directory.
  • You will see a drop-down list. Select your activity and position.
  • Click on Add Position to my Co-curricular Record.
  • Click on SAVE – DONE! Your activity will appear as Pending.
  • You can add a note or comment into the NOTES field if needed. Make sure to SAVE your note.
  • The assigned Validator will get an automatic e-mail notification and will approve (or decline) once the activity is completed, usually at the end of the semester.
  • If you add the wrong activity by mistake, you can simply remove it by clicking on Remove Position from Student Record (click on the blue button/right corner).
  • VIEW your profile: to view your profile, click on the tab View my ENGAGE Record.
  • You can also view your activities with their current status by clicking on ENGAGE Record (left side menu).

Remember to update your profile throughout the academic year to ensure that all activities are verified and validated in a timely manner.

You must add your activities on a semester basis. Activities are not retroactive (unless you were previously enrolled in LEAP), which means that activities are only accepted for the CURRENT semester and academic year. Requests for previous academic years will not be processed.

Deadlines for students to add activities to their profile:

  • Fall semester: December 1, 2023
  • Winter semester: April 2, 2024

View the complete schedule and deadlines.

Step 3: Stay involved and obtain ENGAGE recognition

If you are part of a group, club or organization on campus, you can stay involved by fulfilling your commitment according to your role within the specific group. Usually, the group leader will inform the group/club members about the criteria to get ENGAGE recognition (e.g. attendance to ‘x’ number of meetings, number of hours, participation in events/fundraisers, active involvement, etc).

Activities will be validated at the end of each semester by the assigned validator. Faculty, staff, SRC Executives, and supervisors at community organizations can act as validators.

Once your activity is validated, it will appear as APPROVED on your online profile and will appear on your printed certificate upon graduation.

Deadlines for validators to approve or decline student entries:

Fall semester: December 22, 2023

Winter semester: May 10, 2024

Step 4: Obtain your ENGAGE Certificate

Your ENGAGE Certificate will be mailed to your home address after Convocation.

If you need to obtain an original certificate before your graduation, simply request a copy by emailing engage@ubishops.ca. The activities approved to that point will appear on your certificate.

Step 5: How to use your ENGAGE Certificate

This valuable tool can be used to enhance your:

  • cover letter and resume;
  • LinkedIn profile;
  • graduate school application;
  • bursary and scholarship applications.