Recruiting Bishop’s students

Recruiting Bishop’s students

Information for employers

On this page you will find information on:

Posting a job opportunity
Host an Information Session
Promoting career-related activities (career fairs, work placements, competitions, etc.)

Job Board – Outcome Campus Connect

Employers are welcome to submit their opening through Outcome Campus Connect. This is a free service.

Bishop’s University will NOT accept the following:

  • Commissions-only positions
  • Jobs that offer free board and travel (and other benefits) without salary
  • Business opportunities
  • Jobs asking for upfront fees or any other fees
  • Sales positions (paid salary) are acceptable if pertaining to BU related studies
  • Illegal activities

What is Outcome Campus Connect?

Partnering with the network enables you to post experiential learning, skill development, and job opportunities that reach student talent at the post-secondary institutions, and in the specific fields of study of your choice (with the click of a button). It is a streamlined and holistic way to easily build your early talent recruitment pipeline or hire with immediacy. Outcome Campus Connect puts the right opportunities, in front of the right students – every time.

Although the platform can advertise opportunities throughout Canada, you will be able to select Bishop’s University to better target your demographic.

Access the Outcome Campus Connect platform

If it’s your first time using Outcome Campus Connect, follow these instructions to sign-up (PDF)

Recruitment or Information Sessions

We offer the possibility of doing an information session or recruitment booth to companies or universities that can’t attend our formal career events. To facilitate the planning and success of your info session, please take into consideration the following suggestions.

  • Possible dates for your session (we will assess with you the best time based on the academic calendar)
  • If you promote a specific position title with a description
  • Name and bio of the speaker(s)
  • Company logo
  • We suggest that you contact us as early as possible to increase the success of your event, and if you have former Bishop’s students in your staff, to involve them in the event.

Disclaimer: Bishop’s cannot ensure attendance; information sessions cannot be a mandatory activity. Our role is to promote through different channels and making sure the information is shared.

Service fee non-profit: 75$ per visit

Service fee other: 100$ per visit

To learn more about this service, please read the information on the Company or University Visit web page.

Send your request to

Promoting career-related activities

The Career and Transition Services is happy to facilitate the promotion of career-related events.

These events need to be organized by a Canadian organization, and they need to be educational (hackathon, applied research projects) or informational—hold through your institution.

These will be promoted through our Instagram page. Only requests with the following information will be posted:

  • Time and date of the event
  • Short summary of the event
  • Graphic or logo of the organization
  • RSVP

Send your request to