Worth 1000 Words: Research Photo Contest

Worth 1000 Words: Research Photo Contest

Etouffer la menace, photo by Martine Blais and Danny Rioux
“Étouffer la menace”, Martine Blais and Danny Rioux, Natural Resources Canada, Acfas, La preuve par l’image, 2019

Let’s start a conversation about the research happening at Bishop’s University in a new and exciting way!

This photography contest welcomes images that feature research activities in all fields and disciplines. Any individual or group, student or faculty, conducting research at Bishop’s University is invited to submit.

Purpose of the Contest

  • Feature stunning images that represent the research being conducted at Bishop’s University.
  • Spark the broader public’s interest in research and in the knowledge it generates.
  • Create a set of research-related images that represent research at this institution to be used for promotional and knowledge mobilization purposes.

Who Can Submit

“Participants” can be individuals or groups. The “participants” must be a principal investigator or a co-investigator in a research project. “Participants” must be the ones who are mandated to present the research, but they may collaborate with colleagues, students, and/or amateur photographers to create the images.

A “participant” may be:

  • A Bishop’s University undergraduate or graduate student, or a postdoctoral fellow in any field or discipline;
  • A Bishop’s University faculty member (full-time, contract and sessional) who is principal investigator or co-investigator in a research project;

Contest Rules

To submit an image, please fill out the form below. The image must be submitted via WeTransfer. Please copy and paste the WeTransfer URL in the designated space in the form below.

Images must be accompanied by:

  • A catchy title;
  • A presentation text outlining the research in laymen’s terms (600-900 characters including spaces, describing what can be seen in the image, the research project and its significance). THE PRESENTATION TEXT MAY BE SUBMITTED IN ENGLISH OR IN FRENCH!
  • A description of the technique/technology used to produce the image (300 characters including spaces);
  • All images must stem from the participants’ respective research projects and have a direct link to the projects;
  • Images may represent all fields of research: natural sciences and engineering, social sciences, humanities, health sciences, education. NOTE: Images may feature research in Fine Arts, but must not be a product of a Fine Arts, of research-creation or of media studies.

Eligible images:

  • Photography with natural or enhanced lighting or using optical or electronic instruments;
  • Drawings and sketches;
  • Graphs;
  • Models;
  • Images may be enhanced or altered, but their meaning must not be altered. The use of colouring or graphic design using software such as Photoshop is permitted if it serves to highlight or clarify the image content, but must not be used to create content;
  • Image size must  not exceed 99 megabytes and must not be submitted in zipped or compressed formats;
  • Images may be submitted in png, tff or jpg formats.

Evaluation Criteria

Images submitted in this competition will be evaluated by a multidisciplinary committee consisting of faculty members and librarians. Up to three cash prizes will be awarded. Members of the jury will evaluate submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Visual quality of the image: esthetic, narrative and emotional qualities.
  • Research represented by the image: the image’s ability to illustrate a research project and the story that can be told about the research using the image as a starting point.

Submit an Image

Please fill out the following form to submit your image. All images must be submitted no later than Friday, November 15th at 4:00 p.m.