The Arbour Foundation is committed to financing and backing deserving students who possess a series of praise-worthy intellectual and moral qualities, whilst also giving consideration to difficulties which may have been overcome by applicants. The Arbour Foundation is committed to defending the Enlightenment values and principles exemplified by the sharing of knowledge, the elevation of reason, the promotion of science and humanism.

We believe that the principles underpinning the Enlightenment are axiomatic and are pillars for quality education, transcending both time and borders. The Arbour Foundation encourages universities to defend these principles. The Arbour Foundation also encourages students in their discovery of the Enlightenment principles underpinning the Enlightenment by carefully considering and reflecting on the Foundation’s statement of values.

Please consult the official website of Fondation Arbour for the complete guidelines.

Internal deadline: May 10, 2024 at noon.

The value of the master’s Arbour scholarship is $20,000. Scholarships are disbursed by the university in two equal instalments – one in the fall semester and the second in the winter semester – upon presentation of a full-time registration proof. Master’s Arbour scholarships are renewable once.

The Foundation only recognizes programs from one of the following domains – engineering, computer science, administration – in accordance to its mission.

Bishop’s University has been allocated a quota of six candidates to select internally, of which two may be international students.

To be eligible, ​students​ must:

  • have completed at least two full-time semesters in a Québec university in the past 12 months* prior to their file being transferred to the Foundation. Since the competition takes place in the summer, students must have been registered full-time in the fall and winter sessions preceding the summer semester. These two semesters may have been completed in a program of study other than the one for which they apply;
  • be enrolled full-time in a master’s program in the fall and winter semesters following the competition to receive the scholarship (either thesis or course based);
  • Have an average grade of at least 75% (university level);

Students are eligible to receive a scholarship if they have at least two full semesters remaining in their program at the time of the first scholarship instalment (one fall and one winter semester).

Application packages, to be sent by email, must include:

  • The completed application form for the Arbour scholarship including consent for the privacy policy (downloaded from the Foundation’s website and completed in a web browser or with Acrobat Reader – pay attention to the maximum number of words indicated);
  • The following supporting documents:
    • Proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent residency or study permit
    • All official university transcripts in French, English or Spanish
    • Letter of support from an academic sponsor (details in the Letters of support section)​
    • Letter of support from a non-academic sponsor, with no family ties to the candidate
    • CV
    • List of publications (if applicable)

Moreover, please note that applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Academic performance (min 75%): 50 %
Valid and recognized financial need*: 20 %
Social involvement / leadership: 20 %
Research skills and/or ability to apply prior learning and skills: 10 %

*Financial need is a key criterion for the Arbour Foundation. The Foundation recognizes that each case is unique and is committed to evaluating each scholarship application taking into account each student’s particular situation. However, it is important to note that any student receiving an external source of funding (other scholarships or family assistance for example) in excess of $30,000 for the year of study for which he/she is applying for an Arbour scholarship will not be awarded a scholarship.

If you have questions regarding this competition, please contact the Graduate Studies Coordinator (