Internal Funding Competitions

Internal Funding Competitions

Graduate Students are important members of the Bishop’s University community, and we are committed to supporting the achievement of their academic goals and recognizing excellence. In collaboration with the Bishop’s University Foundation, the Graduate Studies Committee, and the Vice-Principal Academic and Research, we are proud to be able to offer the first ever edition of this award.

Graduate Entrance Scholarships – Thesis based

Eligibility and Guidelines

Bishop’s University’s GRADUATE ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS Program aims to support high-performing students wishing to pursue their training at Bishop’s in a thesis-based graduate program. The contribution of the Bishop’s University Foundation has allowed for the creation of this program to an amount of $10,000 per stipend, with $7,500 from the institution and $2,500 from the proposed thesis supervisor. The scholarship is admissible for renewal for a second year upon evaluation of the student’s progress. Deadline for submitting applications: May 19th, 2021, 4:00 p.m.

The stipends are reserved for students submitting an application to a thesis-based graduate program. Students are authorized to submit an application only once per graduate program. Students currently enrolled at Bishop’s University in a graduate program may be considered for the scholarship, as long as they have two or more sessions left to the proposed degree program, and they are converting from a course-based model to a thesis-based model. For example: students converting from the M.Ed. to M.A. program or students converting from a graduate course-based degree to a thesis-based M.Sc. are considered eligible. Students who will have completed no more than two semesters as of Fall 2021 are also eligible to apply.

To be eligible for an award, the student must have obtained, at the time of filing the application, a minimum grade of 80%, or who have achieved a first-class average, and whose achievements and works presented in the curriculum vitae are considered of an exceptional nature by the members of the Selection Committee. Unless otherwise advised by the members of the Selection Committee, only the academic grades related to the diploma used as the basis for admission to the graduate program will be considered. Students will be invited to explain how this funding would help them financially. Although not mandatory, we encourage applicants from minority groups and historically disadvantaged communities to self-identify.

At the start of the scholarship, the student:

  • must hold an undergraduate degree from a recognized university;
  • must be enrolled full-time in a thesis-based graduate degree program at Bishop’s University;
  • must be domiciled in Quebec;
  • must not hold a full scholarship from an external organization (e.g. NSERC, CIHR, FRQS, etc.)

Students who obtain an award must necessarily, if eligible, submit an application for a scholarship competition from an external granting agency. The conditions listed above must remain met for the entire duration of the scholarship.

Special circumstances:

  • Students who interrupted their graduate studies due to parental leave may benefit from an extension on their eligibility for up to one year.
  • Similarly, students can put the scholarship on hold for health reasons on presentation of a medical certificate specifying the duration of the leave.
  • In all cases of absence or interruption, the Office of Research and Graduate Studies must be informed and scholarship payments will be interrupted during this period.

Other sources of funding:

With the agreement of the thesis supervisor and, on the condition that the work does not interfere with academic activities, the student is authorized to hold paid employment for up to 100 hours per session.

Graduate Entrance Scholarships Application Form (PDF)

Thesis Supervisor

The thesis supervisor must be a member of Bishop’s University faculty. The supervisor must provide an evaluation form in support of the candidate. The supervisor agrees to provide a minimal contribution of $2,500 per year to the scholarship through their research funds.

Supervisor Evaluation Form (PDF)

Evaluation Criteria

Scoring Guide (40 points):

Academic Grades and Quality of the University Dossier (20 points)

  • Excellence of the academic record (unless otherwise advised by the members of the Selection Committee, only the academic grades related to the diploma used as the basis for admission to the graduate program are considered)
  • Grants, prizes and distinctions obtained
  • Publication, presentation list or other significant contributions (community work, volunteering, other contributions)

Research Project (10 points)

  • Quality of the research project
  • Potential impact of the research project
  • The research project must be deemed feasible by the committee responsible for evaluating the application file before the scholarship can be offered.

Letters of Recommendation (10 points)

Supporting Documents

Mandatory documents to attach to the application:

The application must be submitted electronically via email ( at the latest 4:00 p.m. on May 19th, 2021, and include the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Official transcripts issued by the Registrar’s Office for the diploma serving as the basis of admission;
  • Evidence, certificates, publisher notifications or confirmation emails required in the simplified CV;
  • Two (2) supporting letters of reference, one of which is from the thesis supervisor, submitted directly to the research office by email (include candidate’s name in subject email)
  • CV of the thesis supervisor

Student’s Commitment

By accepting the scholarship, the student agrees to:

  • comply with the general rules for graduate studies of their program and all the conditions and requirements described in this document. Students who do not comply with these rules will have their scholarship canceled;
  • liaise with the Office of Research and Graduate Studies to submit their application for scholarship competitions from external organizations (unless no program is available for the student);
  • acknowledge the scholarship in publications and during oral or poster presentations;
  • submit a report on their progress one year post-award,
  • write a thank you letter to the scholarship donor.

In addition to this award, Bishop’s University’s dedication to providing a vibrant and diverse educational experience will be supported by a more diverse overall funding package available to our graduate students in the coming years.