Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities

Students at Bishop’s University are given many opportunities to participate in research activities. This section outlines the various opportunities that are offered to Bishop’s University students who wish to get involved in academic research. See below to learn more about research assistantships, research internships and funding opportunities, obtaining support in the graduate scholarship application process and participating in various research-related events held on campus throughout the year.

Research Assistantships

Undergraduate students at Bishop’s University may have the opportunity to work as research assistants on research projects led by faculty members. In fact, in 2017-2018, undergraduate students made up 65% of all research personnel hired at Bishop’s! Working as research assistants provides students with a unique opportunity to discover the world of research early on in their academic careers, and is a helpful stepping stone for moving on to graduate studies and applying for graduate scholarships.

Research personnel, 2017-2018

Research personnel 2017-2018

At Bishop’s University, there are plenty of opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in research. After my first semester here, I got recruited to work as a research assistant, and I have been doing research ever since. Not only did this experience help me a great deal to narrow down my career interests, but the connections and networking that comes with research gave me the tools to pursue those ambitions. Being involved in research also comes with a lot of benefits. I mean, why have a student job over the summer when you can do research? Indeed, there are bursaries available for Bishop’s students such as the FRQSC and USRA that allow you to conduct research over the summer. Furthermore, research brings you places, literally: I have had the chance to travel, expenses paid, to Boston and San Francisco to attend international conferences. I can say with confidence that being a research assistant is the most enriching part of my university experience.Julie Leboeuf, 4th year Applied Psychology student and research lab coordinator

Research Internships and Funding Opportunities

Undergraduate students may apply to various funding programs that allow them to undertake research internships over the summer semester. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada’s Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA), for example, is a funding opportunity that allows students in science and engineering to gain research experience that complements their studies. Similarly, the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture offers the opportunity to apply for an Undergraduate Introduction to Research Scholarship to undertake summer research internships in the social sciences and humanities. Finally, the Mitacs Globalink Program provides funding to students wishing to undertake a 12-week research internship in one of Mitacs’s partner countries.

Support in Graduate Scholarship Application Process

Thinking of applying for a graduate scholarship? It’s a good idea to get a head start and begin planning fairly early. The Research Office provides twice-yearly information sessions to students who are interested in applying – see below to find out when the next one will be held. Please note that these sessions are not exclusively destined to students in their final year. In fact, all students are encouraged to attend to learn about strategies that can be implemented throughout their entire time at Bishop’s to increase their chances of receiving a graduate scholarship. When you are ready to apply, please do not hesitate to contact Julie Frédette at if you wish to receive one-on-one guidance and advice.

Student Scholarship Application Presentation: coming in Fall 2019.

Graduate Scholarships Presentation (PDF)

Scholarship Application Deadlines