Research Priority Areas

Research Priority Areas

Bishop’s University has adopted a Strategic Research Plan in order to develop and promote its research profile. While the University is committed to strengthening all areas of research and creativity, it recognizes that institutions built on a smaller scale must develop and support specific areas of excellence if they wish to have an impact on the national and international research stage. In this respect, Bishop’s has created four research clusters bringing together researchers from different disciplines, working on a common theme.

Stellar Astrophysics and Relativity (STAR) Research Cluster

Stellar Astrophysics and Relativity (STAR) Research ClusterThis cluster specializes in the study of gravitational fields applied to cosmology and the study of compact objects in various astronomical contexts, with a focus on topics relating to high-energy astrophysics and binary stellar systems. This field has been a traditional strength at Bishop’s; indeed, one cluster member (Dr. Lorne Nelson) held a Tier I Canada Research Chair (CRC) for seven years and the other researchers, like its current coordinator Dr. Valerio Faraoni, are also senior professors and externally funded. World class research infrastructure is already in place.

Multi-scale Climate and Environmental Change (MUSCLE) Research Cluster

Multi-scale Climate and Environmental Change (MUSCLE) Research ClusterThis cluster studies the mechanisms driving climate and environmental changes at small, intermediate and large scales, and also addresses questions related to climate change impacts on land, water, biodiversity and society, as well as vulnerability assessment, mitigation and adaptation measures. Under the coordination of Dr. Elisabeth Levac, the cluster includes professors from the Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. A new cutting-edge laboratory has recently been built and equipped at a cost of approximately $800,000 with the help of the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Government of Quebec and other partners.

Social and Cultural Identities (CROSSING BORDERS) Research Cluster

Social and Cultural Identities (CROSSING BORDERS) Research ClusterThis cluster studies socially constructed categories and boundaries that mark differences among nationalities, ethno-linguistic communities, genders and social classes—particularly how these boundaries are constructed, challenged and transcended (with relevance to our immediate community where possible). The research axes are indigeneity and race, gender, transformative praxis, and transnational identities. The group includes several researchers in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education. The Cluster is led by Dr. Bruce Gilbert, professor of Philosophy and Liberal Arts.

Canada Research Chairs

Matthew Peros: Canada Research Chair in Climate and Environmental Change

Jason Rowe: Canada Research Chair in Exoplanet Astrophysics

Heather Lawford: Canada Research Chair on Youth Development