2020 Student Research Poster Competition

2020 Student Research Poster Competition

NOTE: The poster competition, planned for March 23-27th, is postponed until further notice. We are reviewing the modalities of the competition in terms of academic requirements for students. Please continue checking your emails for further information.

Bishop’s is hosting its annual Student Research Poster competition and is inviting both graduate and undergraduate students to participate. Occurring in the Centennial Lobby from March 23rd to 27th, 2020, the competition allows students to showcase research and activities they’ve recently conducted. Students who’ve led or participated in research as Honour’s students, as Master’s students (co-supervised by a Bishop’s professor), as research assistants, in independent studies, in a B.E.S.T. or McConnell projects or in summer USRA/FRQSC research assistantships are invited to register.

The deadline to submit to the competition is Monday, March 9th, 2020.

Applicants should respect to the following guidelines:

  • Poster must contain the student’s name, the title of the project, the department and the name of the supervisor/professor.
  • Poster must contain the projects basic information, such as hypothesis, objectives, research questions, methodology, results, conclusions, references, etc.
  • Poster size must be 36 x 48 inches.
  • Posters must be clear and easy to follow for individuals of all disciplines and fields of study.
  • Electronic files (PDF format) must be sent for printing to the Print Shop by Friday, March 13th at noon.

The University will cover the printing costs for ONE copy of your poster should you use our printing services. Other venues also offer printing services in Sherbrooke (Laser Pro, Copiexpert Plus, Imacom, Imagerie Digitale, etc.), but you would have to cover the costs of printing.

Should you miss the deadline, you will be expected to cover half of the printing fee.

The project and its poster will be graded based on the significance of the research question, the rationale behind the project’s objectives, the presentation of the results and conclusion, the layout of the poster and the quality of the writing.

Registration Form – NOW CLOSED