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The objective of the award is to recognize the outstanding researchers and creators whose work has made a significant impact on their disciplines or fields. The award can be for work done in a single year or over a number of years. The award is designed to recognize someone all emerging scholars who have not yet had the opportunity to establish an extensive record of research achievement, but are in the process of building one. Visit the Awards and Prizes web page to see our past winners!

The Senate Research Committee is responsible for the adjudication of the award. A prize of $1000 will be awarded to the winner.

The nominee must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • have completed his or her highest degree no more than five years before the deadline; or
  • have held a tenured or tenure-track university appointment or a permanent librarian position or one leading to permanence for less than five years; or
  • have held a university appointment, but never a tenure-track position; or
  • have had his or her career significantly interrupted or delayed for health or family reasons within the past six years; or
  • have recently focussed on research or creative activities after a significant period of inactivity.

Procedures for Nominations:

  • a two-page research statement provided by the nominee explaining in lay language his/her body of work and the impact it has had within the discipline or field;
  • an up-to-date CV listing publications, grants and other research and creative activities;
  • two letters of reference: one from someone at Bishop’s who could comment on the impact of the nominee’s work at Bishop’s and one from outside the university.
  • samples of work may be submitted.

Nomination packages should be submitted electronically before: May 31, 2023, 4:00 PM EST.